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Using Social Media to Become One of the World’s Most Known Calligraphy Artists

I wasn’t intending to turn it into anything I would profit from. I started posting on my Instagram account. I was just kind of
sharing what I was making. So it kind of just snowballed from there and if I hadn’t posted stuff
on there in the beginning I would’ve never gotten to where I am now. I’m Becca Cordis. I have a company called
Happy Ever Crafter and I do and teach modern calligraphy. Everyone needs a creative outlet and most people don’t realize
that they were lacking it until they try. To me calligraphy when I need
to explain it to somebody in just the simplest
terms is pretty writing. Broken down into strokes
and each of them built up makes your alphabet. I sort of have three different passions with all of this. The first one is just doing creative work and calligraphy in general for myself. The second one is teaching other people how they can do that
and helping people find their creative outlet. It’s just amazing that I
can pick up and do this from anywhere in the world. I just went on a six month world tour meeting my students around the world. And the third one is running a business and making myself better
at it every single day. Before I did calligraphy I
was doing project management for a big retail store here in Canada. I was kind of like in this weird place where I didn’t know if I was
gonna be able to just keep waking up and going to work everyday and my mom started
exploring being a painter. So she was doing that as a side passion when she was still working
and then she retired and became a full time artist. So that definitely inspired me. So I took a three hour workshop and I got completely obsessed with it and then I had people
in the city asking me if I could do lettering
for their local businesses. I call it vandalizing but
I write on their windows. I put little quotes on
their windows or their logo and so I started teaching
workshops in person. I’m always trying to
be myself and have fun while we’re doing it. So I just wanted to teach the basics and do it for free and give
it away and help people. There are other artists, there are other people that
I want to be as passionate about calligraphy and art as I am. As I was putting little snapshots of those in person workshops on my Instagram my online following started asking me if I could teach online
because they couldn’t come out to my personal workshops. Being an entrepreneur
and being your own boss can be terrifying and
it can be a ton of work. But I’m grateful that
people like learning from me and to get to do what I love everyday.

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