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Use The Cricut To Create A Stencil and Hand Painted Sign

(upbeat music) – Hi, it’s Jessica, and today I wanna show you how to make a customized stencil using your Cricut machine and some vinyl. So if you’ve ever wanted
to make a wood sign, I’m gonna show you how to do
that using your Cricut machine. So let’s go over to the
software and get started. Okay, so we are gonna go over
to the Cricut software here, and I am in the store, and
I am gonna use this file, the Days Are Long, Years Are
Short, and it’s by Kori Clark. I have already purchased this, so I’m gonna go back
into my design layout, and I have measured my board here, and I’m gonna make a square
the same size as my board, and this is gonna help
with applying the vinyl, and also with weeding. I’ve got my square set at 11
inches by about 12 inches. I’m gonna zoom out, and
I am just gonna lay this, I’ve got this all sized to
where I want it as well. So I’m gonna lay it on top of my square. Where I want it, and then
I’m gonna select both. Whoops, I gotta zoom out a little more. ‘Kay, I’m gonna select over both, and attach these together. So when they cut it’ll cut all together. So now I’m gonna click Go. And it’s gonna be to a 12
by 24 mat, that’s fine. Okay, so I’m gonna load in my vinyl, and I am gonna cut this out. Okay, so we’ve got that all cut out. Gonna unload it, and we
are ready to weed it out. Now this is the part
where we change things up. We are gonna weed out opposite
of what you normally weed it. So, let’s scoot some
things out of the way. And I am just gonna peel this up, and remember we made our
box around our image. So we are gonna weed out
the outside parts of that. Trim this off so I can save
this bottom piece of vinyl. And with making stencils,
it doesn’t really matter what color of vinyl you’re using because you’re just gonna paint in the cavities and peel it off, so color doesn’t matter, use scraps. I today am using the
Oracal 631, but you can use whatever type of vinyl
you have lying around. You’re not going to have it
on your board long enough for, if you’re using a permanent adhesive, it’s not gonna be on your
board long enough to stick and make it permanent, so
use whatever scraps you have. So I’m just gonna go
around and trim this up. And this weeding box makes it nice because then when you go to
apply it to your project, it’s the same size as my board. It makes lining things up much easier, and it also gives me an
edge so when I’m painting I don’t have to be so
careful with my paint. Now this is the part where we’re going to weed opposite we normally would. So we’re gonna pull out the letters instead of leaving them there. Just gonna start weeding those out. And you wanna make sure you leave like the middles of your E,
you wanna leave those there, and make sure they don’t come up. Okay so we’ve got this all weeded out, we’ve just weeded out the parts where we want our paint to show through and left our vinyl to use as our stencil. I’m using 631, it really doesn’t matter what type of vinyl you
use, just use a scrap. Color totally doesn’t matter
’cause you’re gonna paint it and then peel it off. Let’s get our transfer tape here so we can apply it to our project, and I am using the paper transfer tape, but any transfer tape will work great. Trim that off, whoops. All right. Just go over this with
my application tool. Make sure it’s stuck all over, and then I’m gonna trim it out. Just trim off the excess transfer tape. All right. Now we are ready to
apply this to our wood. Get rid of this stuff. Okay, so I have painted my wood. The turquoise color I’m
using is Folk Art Dutch Aqua and it is such a pretty color, and then I also used the
gold Martha Stewart Metallic on the edges and that’s what
I’m gonna use for my stencil. We made our little
weeding box in our program the same size as our wood. So super easy to line up. So I’m just gonna peel
off our paper backing. Okay, and then we are
ready to apply this guy. Make sure he’s all lined up. So when you’ve painted your piece of wood, you wanna make sure, you
wanna paint it first, and make sure it’s had time to dry. So I would let it dry for
at least a couple hours, 24 would be best, but just
make sure it’s nice and dry before you put your vinyl on top of it. ‘Kay, now I’m gonna peel
off the transfer tape. You wanna make sure
you get all your little pieces that are supposed to be stuck down like the middle of your As and Es. Make sure those are sticking down or that’s gonna mess up your stencil. All right. So you can see where our turquoise is showing through the orange vinyl, and this is where we’re gonna paint. Okay, so I wanna show you a
trick for your transfer tape. I did this on Facebook Live the other day. You can use your piece
you just peeled off, I crumpled mine up before I remembered, but I’m gonna just take this
little piece of transfer tape, and instead of using like
a paper plate or something, I’m just gonna squeeze
my paint right onto that, and then when I’m all done I can just peel up the transfer tape
and throw it in the garbage. So when you’re painting, you wanna use really thin layers of paint. I’ve got my brush here, and I’m gonna dab a little off, and then I’m just gonna
use nice even strokes. And paint right over my vinyl. And you don’t wanna use too much paint or it’ll seep through, so if
you just do nice thin layers, you’ll get nice crisp lines. So we’ll just get this guy all painted. And it might take a couple layers. Just let them dry in between layers. So now we are on our last layer of paint. So I’m just gonna show
you how I get a thin, thin coating, you don’t wanna do too much. Just dab it in there. Okay our paint is all dry and we are ready to peel off our stencil and
reveal our final project. So I’m just gonna slowly peel this up. And if it tears it’s okay ’cause we can go back and get the rest. I am loving this gold, it is so pretty. And you can see our vinyl
just peels right up. Doesn’t peel up our paint
’cause we let it dry before we put it on. All right, I think I
got all the big stuff, now I need to go in and carefully pop out my middles with my knife. ‘Kay so I’m just gonna carefully stick my knife underneath
and pop up those middles. You could use a weeding tool
or a pen, whatever you have. ‘Kay we’ve got all our final
stencil material peeled off, and look how pretty. Turned out so good. Nice crisp lines, and super fun. So you can make your own custom stencil using your Cricut machine and
some scrap pieces of vinyl. If you guys like this
tutorial give us a thumbs up, subscribe to our channel if
you want more tips and tricks and we love reading your nice comments. Thanks guys. (upbeat music)

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