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[Unified Brahmic Script][ਮਹਾ_ਹੰਗੁਲ] Maha Hangul Cursive for Gurmukhi

[Unified Brahmic Script][ਮਹਾ_ਹੰਗੁਲ] Maha Hangul Cursive for Gurmukhi

Welcome to the introduction for the script of Punjabi, Maha hangul. This name comes from the Mahayana. Mahayana is one of the Buddhism branches. Mahayana is for the public. Hangul means great alphabet in Korean. I hope the Punjabi people apply a maha hangul. It makes their literary life more convenient. The Chinese accepted Indian Buddhism in the first century before the birth of Christ. Many Indian Buddhist delivered numerous civilisation achievements. Of those, linguistic works are the best one. India has the most excellent linguists, named Panini. Indian phonetics teaches that Chinese have a tone. Before then, the Chinese had no idea about the linguistics. After that, the Chinese have developed the linguistics. Advanced linguistics have spread to other countries. India linguistics have influenced many writing systems in the world. We can find it in many countries. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Thai, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Korea. Hangul is the best work comes from ancient Indian and ancient Chinese linguistics. Hangul has a design principle. It gives us a theoretical basis for the maha hangul writing system. Hangul has two cultural and historical traditions. It comes from the ancient Chinese and ancient Indian. All of these things give us the conclude Punjabi should take the Maha hangul. All Indian scripts and Maha hangul share identical genes. It comes from Brahmic scripts.

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