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Uni Posca Paint Pens – Try It? or Don’t Buy It? | Sophie’s World

Uni Posca Paint Pens – Try It? or Don’t Buy It? | Sophie’s World

hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
and welcome to another episode of try it don’t buy it today I have for you these
uni Posca paint pens these are a water-based pen but they are a paint pen
and they write on any surface I mean like literally any surface they write on
plastic they write on glass you do have to let it dry a little bit on the paint
and on excuse me on the glass and on the plastic but once it’s dry as you can see
it doesn’t rub off it’s really amazing stuff what I love about these is because
they are a water-based pen they don’t smell like there’s a lot of paint pens
that have a very heavy odor these don’t smell at all and they’re very very easy
to prime a lot of the paint pens take a long time to prime which means
getting them started so that they look like this as you can see this is all
primed and ready to go when they’re not primed they look like this and they’re
they’re white and you have to shake them really good and then break the point and
then get the paint to go down in there and usually that can take upwards of 3 4
minutes with some of the oil-based ones but with these uni Poscas it’s amazing
they’re about a minute which is if you do a lot of this stuff like I do that’s
a lot of time to get them primed and then the other thing that I love about
these pens is that once they are primed they last a long time I’ve been using
these for ceramics for rocks they’re great on rocks but they work awesome on
wood and because they don’t have an alcohol base they work on paper and they
work on like cardstock and they don’t bleed through so this is an amazing
product I have to tell you and I also what I really really like is I like
that they make this chunky version and this covers a large area so quickly here
I’ll show you it’s it’s amazing how quickly this will cover and you just do
a couple of swipes and see how smooth and clean that is when it goes on a lot
of paint pens they are smeary but these are smooth and
clean and they just go on like like buttah I mean they’re amazing
I love these pens so we’re gonna get to the end of my session here and I’m gonna
say try it don’t buy it and I know you know exactly what I’m gonna say right
you’ve already figured it out this is possibly one of the best products that I
have discovered and I discovered it about six months ago now it’s been on
the market I think since 2005 or something like that but it’s just coming
to me now that I’ve discovered them and I will never ever use a different paint
pen because these are amazing so on the try it don’t buy it I’m gonna say try it
because these are worth every penny for more episodes of try it don’t buy it
make sure you check us out here at where we say try it don’t buy it

13 Replies to “Uni Posca Paint Pens – Try It? or Don’t Buy It? | Sophie’s World”

  • Kate Williams says:

    I love Posca paint pens! I have been using them for years and they are so bright. ?

  • AG_Tardis_11 says:

    Since they work on paper, can you use them to write with? I'm always looking for ways to keep school interesting.

  • Rd l says:

    Been using them for 30years they rule

  • A. S says:

    What size pen would you suggest to create designs/pictures and writing on a small and medium size rock? Thanks!

  • Gemalpu says:

    hello, i'v just upload my second video. I use posca pens, like you. I'll very grateful if you see it 🙂

  • Gemalpu says:

    good video! i bought the same packs! i have just started on YouTube, and in my latest video I did a review of POSCA PENS, i'll very grateful if you take a look! 🙂 🙂

  • HundleysOnABirdDiet says:

    do they also work on plastic

  • EdRageHardy says:

    Been using this to paint my face for years now, they’re great!

  • Angie’sMixedmediaarts. 2019 says:

    Thx love these pens for my paintings??❤️

  • Devid Chia says:

    thanks for making this video happen, i am searching what basic marker should i have ??

  • Ma Fer! says:


  • Anilkumar Palakkad says:

    Can I use this to draw in a wall?????

  • Sandy Beebe says:

    Im jumping in with both feet. My current paint pens are old and the tips are shot ..with the exception of a few that held out and they are 2 liquitex chizel tip paint pens .My metallic elmers are all dried up..and the majority of my alcohol pens are all pretty much very inexpensive "look a likes "with the exception of a few which were gifts . I am not finding favor with these plastic fangs on the pointed tips of some markers im looking at .They just don't seem practical ,and they limit my use of the side of the tip .So I'm looking at a starvation diet this month so i can get something worth having that functions….Thanks for sharing this information .It helped a lot in making the determination of what markers would be best for what i am doing.

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