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Uni-ball Signo Lineup

Uni-ball Signo Lineup

JetPens presents the Uni-ball Signo. The Uni-ball Signo is a family of gel pens available in a wide range of colors, tip sizes, and form factors. It is praised for its writing characteristics that stem from its specially formulated, highly viscous ink. Signo pens are smooth and consistent, without any feathering or bleed-through. They use pigmented ink, which contains tiny color particles that are absorbed and trapped by the paper, making it resistant to water, fading, and even tampering from identity thieves. This makes Signo pens ideal for journaling, signatures, and anything else that you want to last a long time. Let’s explore the wide range of pens that make up the Signo family in both the writing and crafting categories. SIGNO PENS FOR WRITING: THE UM-151 The Signo UM-151,
known outside of Japan as the Signo DX, is the flagship of the Signo gel pen lineup. With three tip sizes and a wide range of ink colors to choose from, the UM-151 is great for writing and
drawing. THE UM-100 The UM-100 is the most basic member of the Signo family. Standard colors are available with a 0.5 mm tip. Brightly colored and metallic inks are available in larger tip sizes. THE RT UM-138 For those who prefer retractable pens,
there is the Signo RT, which is available in a variety of colors but only with a 0.38 millimeter tip. THE RT1 UMN-155 An updated version of the Signo RT, the Signo RT1 features a new body style, a 0.28 millimeter tip size option, and an innovative “edgeless tip” refill design. Conventional pen refills have sharp corners that can drag on the paper, making the pen feel scratchy. The refills for the RT1 have rounded corners, allowing the pen to glide smoothly across the page. The RT1 also features a longer grip section, making it comfortable to use no matter how you hold it. THE SIGNO 207 The Signo 207 offers a slightly larger, 0.7 mm tip size, as well as a thicker, comfortably-textured grip section. The BLX line of Signo 207 pens features a variety of subtle, off-black colors that provide an interesting alternative to more conventional ink colors. SIGNO PENS FOR CRAFTING: THE SIGNO BROAD UM-153 The Signo Broad UM-153 features a bold, 1.0 millimeter tip. In addition to five basic colors, the Signo Bold is also available with opaque white,
gold, and silver inks that show up well on dark paper. The white Signo Broad pen is particularly loved by artists for its versatility. THE SIGNO ANGELIC UM-120AC Perfect for scrapbookers, the Signo Angelic pens come in a variety of soft and cheerful colors that show up well on dark paper and
photos as well as regular paper. THE SIGNO SPARKLING GLITTER UM-120SP For glitter pen enthusiasts, there are the Signo Sparkling Glitter pens. Unlike some other glitter pens, both the ink and glitter of Sparkling Glitter pens are colored. Combined with a broad 1.0 millimeter tip, this makes them some of the sparkliest, most colorful glitter pens around. THE SIGNO NOBLE METAL METALLIC UM-120NM If you aren’t a fan of glitter, there are
the Signo Noble Metal Metallic pens. These pens have a dual personality. They are bright and eye-catching on white paper, while on dark paper they take on a more muted accent. Discover the versatility of Uni-ball Signo
gel pens at

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