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Uncial Hand Calligraphy Tips : Uncial Calligraphy Tips: P

The letters P and Q relate to each other in
the fact that they consist of straight lines and round bowls. Bowl is the calligraphic
term for the part of the letter that’s round. I’m going to start with the P which is to
make a straight line that goes ever so slightly below the base line, maybe one pen width,
and then a curved stroke. The temptation is to push this stroke the rest of the way but
you have much more control if you pull that stroke. So, I’m going to say the P is constructed
one, two, three. Similarly, the Q is one, two, now here I’m going straight across, and
three. We want to keep these letters about approximately the same width. We want a look
that the P and the Q are related to each other in width and volume so the space inside the
letter stays the same. P and Q.

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