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Uncial Hand Calligraphy Tips : Beginning Calligraphy Tips

Uncial Hand Calligraphy Tips : Beginning Calligraphy Tips

And just in case you’ve forgotten, I’m going
to show you a couple of alternate letters to the ones that we did in the first series.
So we can have an a that’s round, so I’m writing that, one; two; three, or we can have an a
that has a leaf shape, so there’s a diagonal stroke, one and two. So there are two a’s.
Here’s another g. There’s the g that has the little pulled stroke. But there’s also the
g that resembles the a. So make that, two; three and remember we’re keeping this to send
their small so that the letters are compact. And finally, there’s an e. We can have an
e that has what’s called a “closed ear”, of this part the ear. And if we’re going to make
this e, we’ll keep it in the upper third of the space of the letter. I’ll draw the other
e to show you. Doing a bit more, one; two; three. So now we’ll start with some new letters.

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