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Uncial Calligraphy Basics : Uncial Calligraphy: Letter G

Uncial Calligraphy Basics : Uncial Calligraphy: Letter G

The letter G. We’re going to, again, look
at two different G’s. The first one, very similar to the beginning of the C and the
E, going to make that curving stroke. So just starting and fitting it into the space. The
second stroke is the cap. And the third stroke, I’m going to come down here, I’m going to
turn my pen just a little bit and I’m going to pull a dagger stroke it’s called. And,
we’re going to talk about those dagger strokes a bit more a little further along, because
they’re characteristic. What I’m doing is I’m twisting the pen as I pull it down. But
don’t worry if you don’t quite get that movement, you can also make a stroke like that with
a G. Another G, is to make a closed G, very much like the letter A and bring a tail down
here. There’s a G. So, either one will work. The letter G.

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  • tollesonmcguffie says:

    Good God, I want to clobber the camera person! We need to see what she's doing! Stop pulling away! Be still!

    She seems to be a good teacher, but the camera work is mind-bogglingly stupid.

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