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Uncial Calligraphy Basics : Uncial Calligraphy: Letter E

Uncial Calligraphy Basics : Uncial Calligraphy: Letter E

The letter E, and again, I’ll show you two
variations on the E. And, you know, the more manuscripts you look at, and this is where
these alphabets are derived from manuscripts, the more variations you’ll see because people
write with their own idiosyncratic styles. So, the first E, we’re going to start with
the same stroke as the C, or the O, or the A, again that round stroke. The second stroke
is going to be a cap, much like the cap on the C. And the third stroke is going to be
a crossbar. So, here we have one, two, three. Now, you want to be careful to keep that about
a third of the way up the vertical space of the letter, so it’s not half way. Now, the
second E, is going to start with a curve and a cap stroke, just like the C, we’ll call
that a cap stroke. But now this E has a middle stroke that is right smack in the middle,
so we’re going to say that one has different proportions from the first one I showed you.
So, one, two, three.

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