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Uncial Calligraphy Basics : Inks for Uncial Calligraphy

Uncial Calligraphy Basics : Inks for Uncial Calligraphy

With inks and writing fluids we have lots
of choices. If you go to an art store you’ll probably see lots of different kinds. The
thing that you want to look for, is to look for an ink that’s designed for pens not for
a painting or not for drawing. And, I recommend an ink, and I’ve got lots of inks here to
show you. Higgins makes a lot, Windsor Newton, there’s India ink which is used for drawing,
and Sumi ink which is particularly nice for calligraphy because it has a thick sort of
viscous texture. And when you put it into the pen it makes a nice, very black, dense
line. You can see I’m getting the thin strokes as well as the thick strokes from this pen.
So, with the inks you really have lots of choices. I recommend black ink simply because
you don’t get distracted by the density of the ink as you’re writing.

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