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Unboxing, Quick Review and Test- Art Supplies na binili ko sa LAZADA!!

Unboxing, Quick Review and Test- Art Supplies na binili ko sa LAZADA!!

So, wazzup guys! Welcome to my youtube channel! So today, We’re gonna unbox all the items that I’ve bought in LAZADA I ordered this in LAZADA on September 27, 2017 and it arrived last week. I thought of unboxing this today. because I told myself that I want to make an unboxing video If I’m not busy at school. And today is the only time. So, today! We’re gonna unbox it! We will first unbox this! So, let’s open this. This is the Stabilo Highlighter Boss 9pcs So, let’s open it and there’s a bubblewrap on it.. WOW! So, we will test it…LATER! LATER Let’s test it later… So the next item is… It is from the SM store but I bought this on LAZADA… so, let’s open it.. SHARPIE So, it has 12 colors wow let’s open this guys scissor so it is from SM store because it has a Tape…THE SM store wow! It is 429 pesos but I bought this in LAZADA maybe the price is smaller so, will test this, LATER wooo! There’s a receipt! The last item, we will unbox is this..The biggest one! so, there’s 4 items in it… so let’s open it..That’s why it’s big! Let’s try this later! DONG-A OIL PASTEL and the next woooh! This is my favorite! Calligraphy brush pen FABER CASTELL 48 classic colour pencils Hmmm .There’s a rubber band! Oh my gosh So, we will test this, later I have the item I already opened This mini tripod and it comes with cellphone mount the sad part is…It is broken.. I just put this in my bag, maybe it got squished. that’s why it got broken and I just fixed it with glue gun. but it can still be use But it’s not nice to see because of the glue gun so I have another….. By the way this is the box and there….It is not durable.. so, this is the next item this Selfie Ring Light it has 4 levels of lighting It says here…USB but there’s no USB port here! where?where?where? You can’t find anything here! it is empowered by battery..Triple A so there! There’s nothing interesting here 🙁 it says here..USB..But there’s NONE! 1st level, 2nd level 3rd level, 4th level….OFF The first item we will try is is the STABILO BOSS individual 9 pcs I wil leave the LINK in the DESCRIPTION box in case you love these items and you want this to buy in LAZADA it cost 368 pesos I will leave the link in the description box so, let’s try it this is the yellow… so next is green next is blue orange dark green pink lavender another pink i think it’s red orange so this is the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL 9pcs and it costs 368 pesos for this 9 amazing stabilo boss original so I will put the link in the description

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