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UAE – DUBAI – EXPO 2020 – اكسبو ٢٠٢٠ (Translated English/Arabic)

Can you hold your breath for two minutes and dive fifty feet! **Laughing** No i can’t either But my Dad can in fact he dives for fun… going deep down to try to find
pearls My grandfather tough him also diving for him wasn’t for fun it was work because in those days … pearls helped
grandfather to earn his money it must have been so scary I am Ali by the way… I’m ten and i live in the greatest city in the
world dubai in the United Arab Emirates OK’ I haven’t seen any other cities, but
when I look at my grandfather’s pictures is Dubai looks like another place Now come and see My Dubai At school my teacher asks us … why the Expo should come to our city? I said, because the UAE’s is already what one big incredible Expo in the last forty years, just look at we have done…we have built place that is clean healthy, safe and FUN, here everything moves accept when it doesn’t this is Burj Khalifa which is two thousand seven hundred
and sixty and half thousands feet high ** Music ** But you know we can’t take all the credit not at all, we’ve always worked with
people from other countries, the UAE is the place the east meets the west, thats why its been a trading post since ancient times it is also the perfect place to bring
together the world’s best brains like architects, scientists, engineers and programmers and get some awesome results just take a look at this this project enough in Abu Dhabi it’s like a
sci-fi movie but it’s happening right now, Most of the power for the whole city comes from the sun, so
that means that the carbon emission are tiny. and there is no pollution no waste no fumes no ….. i think this project should be part of
our Expo because Expo’s interduce incredible things to
seems the world like the telephone foreseen at an Expo Moon rock the Eiffel Tower and one of the most important
breakthroughs in the history of man ketchup 🙂 now we hope you decide it’s the UAE’s “United Arab Emirates” turn to amaze the world With the World Expo in Dubai in twenty twenty … why! people from two hundred nationalities
live here most people can reach Dubai, in just Eight hours and many in less than four Over, fifty million people came through Dubai last year, And … we know how to welcome them You have seen what the UAE can do when we connect with the world now here in Dubai we want to build our own stage the word most brilliant ideas Let us create a world Expo … you will never forget.

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