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Tyrsa and Yué Wu celebrate the Lunar New Year with Tilt Brush

Tyrsa and Yué Wu celebrate the Lunar New Year with Tilt Brush

I’ve always had an interest in Calligraphy
in a broad sense Whether it was Arabic or Chinese I haven’t had the chance to assimilate
this vast knowledge yet Historically there’s been 5 steps
in the evolution of ideograms From something that looked more
like a pictogram Which is an image linked to senses
and a sound Up to standardized writing that we find today But within the structure of an ideogram What’s interesting is that it all fits in a square Always from left to right, and top to bottom There’s a craft of broad and fine strokes Broad is when you push on the pencil Thinner when you draw gently There’s a tension The horizontal line is often described
as a bone Because it’s stretched Some contemporary artists like Xu Bing
who have distorted these to create characters that look like
Chinese ideograms but are composed of an alphabet readable
by westerners “Art For The People” looks like Chinese characters
but when you look closely you can decipher “a”, “r”, “t”
and so on In my work, in the very traditional typographer’s work,
which I draw inspiration from There’s also this craft of broad and fine strokes When you draw going down
it’s going to look broader And thinner going up That’s something you find in all these cursive fonts This is what holds and gives the energy We can feel the movements of the artist,
this flow that seems natural I’m really excited to get to work with you
on the Tilt Brush We’re going to be able to express our movements
freely using it What’s fascinating about all of what
we’ve discussed on calligraphy and typography, it’s that idea of gesture. In all of our work there’s a sense a dynamic gesture,
of fluidity of spontaneity And you find all this in Tilt Brush perfectly You choose your tool just like in real life,
a brush, a quill Many different things And you’ll find that natural gesture spontaneously,
just as if you were living it for real in 3D, it’s incredible. There’s depth added to it.
The stroke of a brush on a piece of paper is flat 2D And now we’re discovering 3D,
you can interact with it Walk into it, you can walk out, it’s mad. It’s just completely mad. Pretty nice! Happy new year, man!

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