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Tutorial – GALAXY Lettering met Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Tutorial – GALAXY Lettering met Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Hey everybody! I am Yassmin from Yassart This video has been requesten by you guys Last week I’ve shared a post on my instagram as on several facebook groups There I’ve posted this page in my watercoloring sketchbook Where I’ve made this galaxy spread and I was super proud of myself after many many failed attemps And this one went very well and I could say that I’ve got the hang of this technique now And after I posted this, you guys went nuts especially in different Facebook groups where many of you guys asked me: “Yassmin, how do you make something like that?” And well… that’s what I’m going to show you this video To get started, we need: a watercoloring book a pencil an ecoline brush pen and different colours of tombows You can do this with every colour combination you like I have selected these colours the specific colours can be found in the description down below to create a galaxy effect to get started, we are going to handletter something fun I thought it would be fun to make somehing related to galaxy And then I thought.. you know what? I’m just going to write galaxy And rest will just come naturally to me in time when you’ve made the basis sketch lines you erase everything slightly and then you will letter it again with a light as posible coloured brush pen I’ve chosen the Ecoline Brush pen because it has a slightly bigger brush than the tombows which makes it easier to colour in If you only have regular tombows, then It’s also okay to use a very light coloured tombow for example the very light grey coloured one something to remember is that ecoline is a pretty wet medium and as a lefty, it bothers me a little more but try to stop after one or two letters so that it has a chance to dry Or.. If you’re just as impatiently as I am, You can use a heatgun when you’ve finished lettering, we are going to start the fun part of this project but also something where you do have to be a little careful we are colouring in the letters with the different colours divide the colours evenly between every letter look where you want what colour to be Besides that I doesn’t really matter what you do you can’t do anything wrong except when you are colouring outside the lines Personally I like to start with black Because that (for me) is the base colour of a galaxy every other colour is just extra And also I’ve noticed that the black colour blends really fast So if you don’t want a lot of black, I recommend you to start with a different colour once you’ve coloured every letter then the real precision work starts namely the use of water for this I have a few very small watercolor brushes a small jar with water and some kitchen towels I prefer a very small brush, but to each his own But I would not use a brush that’s a lot thicker than your smallest lettering strokes on the paper what are we going to do? you start dipping your brush in the water so that it absorbs a bit of water don’t forget to use your kithcen towel beceause if you have to much water on your brush you’ll notice it on your drawing immediatly if you do have slightly to much water on one spot then use a slightly bigger and dry brush, to lift the water from the paper You can use papertowels, however that it less precise and with a brush you can do a bit more the thing is, to start with the lighter colours If you start with the darker colours, they will dominate very quickly and make your bright colours disappear do everything at a very slow and easy pace don’t rush anything try to work as precisely as you can that way you will get straight lines and will the letters be at their best Ow no! Well guys… I am not starting again so you guys will just have to do don’t focus to much on the fact that it’s hard to make straight lines right away we’ll fix that at the end whenever you have a spot where you feel like you have not enough colour get a sheet of plastic colour with your tombow over that piece of plastic and use your brush with a bit of water to remove the ink from the plastic sheet that way, you slightly have more pigment to work with at this time, you guys should probably be sick of the precise work at least.. I know I am So now it’s time to splash some paint and make a mess that’s a lot more fun! and this time, you really really can’t do anything wrong here we have some white paint this is acrylic paint but you can also use guache paint just put the paint on some plastic or on a pallette or whatever I happened to have a sheet of plastic whoops you didn’t see that right? I just happened to have the plastic here and what we are going to do now the make the paint a little more liquid with some water ant put this on your brush secondly you get an extra brush, stick or pen and we are going to pretend that we are drummers let’s call this the drum technique what do you have to do? you hold the clean brush and with the brush with white paint after I remove the excess water then we are just going to tap you can twist the brush a little bit so that the paint will evenly devide and remove from the brush sometimes you tap harder, and other times more gently to create different kind of stars I remove the big excess paint splashes with my finger the paper is white, so nobody will notice well… that were the basic splashes I don’t know how far you can see it on camera for this part there are different ways you can use a small brush to add some extra bigger stars that way you place some dots and get some different star sizes but that also has to do with the pressure you use on the paper but be carefull that you don’t smudge everything with your hand Finally, I have got another trick up my sleave which is this posca marker Posca’s are paint markers and I just love them! This is the PC1M size which has a more pointy nib for lettering this one is definitely my favourite and also for making stars you can also give some stars a different shape which is also a reason I love this pen As you can see, I also make mistakes which isn’t a big problem and now you’re thinking: “But Yassmin, now you have these ugly spots everywhere. What are you going to do about it?” well… as you probably expected of me white acrylic paint that way you won’t notice it any more and hey.. we are practicing so it doens’t have to be perfect but I still have to make a photo for the thumbnail so it does have to look a little nice so by layering the white paint, you hardly see it that was today’s video I hope you liked it and that it helped you if you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the comments down below and I’ll try to give as clearly of an answer to you If you liked this video, don’t forget to give this a thumbs up and if you loved it, make sure you subscribe to my channel Yassartvlogs If you want to, you can follow me on Social Media My instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. everything is down below in the description thank you so much for watching and see you soon!

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