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Tutorial – Animated Handwriting After Effects

Tutorial – Animated Handwriting After Effects

Hello! Welcome to another tutorial. This time, ill show you how to create the handwriting effect. Let’s start. I opened Illustrator, and copied my path. the letter A. Back to After Effects. Create a new comp. 30 fps. Let’s create a new shape layer. It is empty, so we add the path. And inside the path parameter we paste. And here is our letter A path. Let’s add the stroke. To view the thickness. Black color, for best view. Lets change the cap, to Round Cap. How does the effect work? To do this, we’ll use Trim Paths. The Trim Paths gives you great control over the line. So we just need to animate this parameter to have the effect. Lets do this. Let’s create the keyframes. Create a keyframe with a value of 0 in frame 0 and 100 in frame 30. Let’s make it more interesting. Let’s insert an image of a hand holding a pen. Lets create a new solid, white solid. For the background. And now let’s copy the information from our path. Copy. And paste in the Position of the hand layer. Paste. The position now contains the keyframes of the path animation. Lets fix the position, changing the anchor point value. Adjust by placing the pen tip at the beginning of the letter. Ok. Also adjust the animation keyframes to match the letter animation. It works. There are also other ways to do the same effect. Only inside After Effects. Let’s work with a rasterized image. Increase the scale slightly. Lock the layer. Then create a new shape layer. Add the Path. And then we will draw with the pen tool the shape of the letter. A vectorize work. There is no problem if the drawing is not perfect. But try to do as close as possible. A new shape layer has been created, we can delete the previous one. Remove the Fill parameter. Turn on the Stroke. It is very similar to our letter. Set the cap to Round Cap. And in the same way, let’s add the Trim Paths. And then you can control the animation of the stroke. Let’s work with a font letter. Just to demonstrate another way to get the effect. A letter again. Let’s do the animation of that letter. Let’s create a path around the A letter. Adjust the points. Same procedure. Remove the Fill and add the Stroke. Raise the value of the Stroke Width. To completely cover the letter. Try to cover as best you can. Now, apply the Trim Paths. It is very likely that you have to make some adjustments. And then we will use the shape created as Luma Matte of our letter. Keep refining. So we have the same effect created in a different way. Thats it. It’s up to you to decide the best way to solve your problem. Copy the Path and then paste it into the hand position Copy. Turn on the Hand Layer. Paste. Adjust the time of keyframes. Thats it. Do not forget to give a subscribe to the channel.

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