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Turtle’s Flute: Learn Arabic with subtitles – Story for Children “BookBox.com”

Turtle’s Flute: Learn Arabic with subtitles – Story for Children “BookBox.com”

Turtle’s Flute A Brazilian folktale Once upon a time, on the banks of a river, Turtle played her flute. Turtle played her flute. When Turtle played, When Turtle played, lions, elephants, butterflies, snakes and monkeys danced to Turtle’s music. One day, a man heard Turtle’s music. Ahh, he thought. “That must be Turtle making music. Turtle would taste very good right now.” So he called out: Turtle! Show me your beautiful flute. Turtle slowly walked to the door and held out her flute. But the moment the man saw Turtle, he grabbed her by the neck and began to run. Turtle tried to cry for help, but she couldn’t make a sound. She closed her eyes, holding tightly to her flute for good luck. When the man reached his hut, he put Turtle into a cage and shut it. Then he turned to his children: Don’t let Turtle out of her cage. And off he went to the fields. The children began to play outside. Turtle sat very still inside her cage, thinking about the father’s words. She began to play a sweet tune on her flute, and the children ran to the cage. Is that you playing, Turtle? they asked, their eyes wide with wonder. Yes, Turtle said. She kept on playing, for she could see the children were delighted. At last she stopped. I can dance even better than I can play, she said. Would you like to see? Oh, please! the little boy cried. I’ll show you how to dance and play at the same time, said Turtle. But you must open the cage. There is no room in here. So the little boy opened the cage and Turtle began to dance and play. The children laughed and clapped their hands, for never had they seen such a wonderful thing. Then Turtle stopped. Don’t stop! the children cried. Oh, Turtle groaned. My legs are stiff. If I could just walk a little bit to loosen them … Don’t go too far, the little girl cautioned. “Come right back.” Never fear, said Turtle. You wait right here. Turtle crawled off toward the jungle. The moment she was out of sight, she raced all the way back to her house. Nobody ever found Turtle again. But to this day, if you strain your ear, you can hear the sweet sound of a flute in the forest.

22 Replies to “Turtle’s Flute: Learn Arabic with subtitles – Story for Children “BookBox.com””

  • S. Loper says:

    Thanks.I was looking for these types of learning aids.

  • bookboxinc says:

    Great you liked. Feel free to give us updates on the stories you check and have fun.

  • smartengineer24 says:

    very nice video, thumps up!
    Do you accept any notes or constructive criticism?

  • bookboxinc says:

    Thanks for your comment. We are always happy to get feedback, please feel free to give us any notes and criticism.

  • smartengineer24 says:

    thanks a lot , there are some writing mistakes like :
    – Turtle in arabic is سلحفاة …. not سلحفات .. and the " T " sounds appears when say the word within the middle of the sentence, but the " T " become " H " when you stop at.
    – Brazilian in Arabic is برازيلي … not بريزيلي .

    -Grammatical points :
    – talking about the river .. either to say : on the river bank … على ضفة نهر …or to mention the plural of pairs case .. على ضفتي نهر > > by the way the correct plural for the word is ضفاف

  • smartengineer24 says:

    – the verb " listening " : تُنصت NOT تَنصت
    – at 1:13 َطعم سلحفاة ِ و ليس سلحفاة
    – أغلقت عينيها بدلا من غلقت
    – 2:04 تدعو لحظ ؟؟ الأصح تأمل او ترجو
    – ضيق و اللفظ كان ظيق !!

    these notes may refer to the lateral translation from other languages.
    with my appreciation to the big effort you have made.

  • bookboxinc says:

    Hello. You can find the txt on our website bookbox[.] com under the free stuff menu.
    Have fun!

  • It was says:

    Can you put with English Subs? It's really helps me a lot. Thanks.

  • bookboxinc says:

    Hi Ahmad,

    The stories are also there in English on our channel, but if you are looking for stories with dual subtitles you can purchase them from our site bookbox.com. Hope this helps you 🙂

  • Ene Gomez says:

    Pleaseeee make more arabic storiess, a lot ot us want to learn and this is a very good way

  • مصطفى أحمد says:

    we dont talk like this  funny

  • khalid mohammad says:

    hat's off to your effort!

  • Che Muha says:

    سلحفاة not سلحفات
    وبريزيلية لا اعرف ماذا تعني ولكن لعلها تقصد بها برازيلية والافضل كتابة لاتينية

  • I respect You says:

    مجهود جميل , أشكركم , وأدعوكم إلى أن تثابروا أكثر , وأن تضموا أشخاص يجيدون التكلم باللغة العربية واي لغة أخرى  ( أن وجدت يوماً شخص  سأبعث لكم عنوانه بإذن الله )  🙂  ,  بالرغم من كل هذا وذاك انا أشكركم  …

  • razan says:

    شوهتُ اللغه العربيه

  • razan says:

    Please correct errors in the text, if the person has learned the words in the text, there will be mistakes

  • OSCAR _____ says:

    بيعيداً عن كل الاخطاء الاملائية والنحوية من الافضل
    اختيار عربي خليجي او عراقي او اردني او سوري فهم غالباً ينقطون بشكل سليم ..
    وفقكم الله .

  • Nejc Petric says:

    اعمش ث ةعغ ىعلاثس حخقضعث


  • balqees sameer says:

    Alot of errors in grammar and pronunciation . maybe you can let an expert check the story for you ?

  • Ahmad Abdullah says:

    there are many mistakes in writing and Grammar so you need a fellow from the Arabian world instead

  • Bas Voorhoeve says:

    A great way to learn a foreign language. Unfortunately, twice (at about 32" and 1'2") the wrong verb for "playing" is used, one that applies to football and chess, but not to music.

  • Ruba says:

    I am an Arabic native speaker, and the Arabic language in this story was not good. it sounds like someone who learns Arabic and had a lot of grammar mistakes.

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