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Turn handwriting to text, How to | Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Hi guys Omarr here with the Samsung
Galaxy S10 plus now one of the things that is particularly difficult on a
phone is to capture an image which has handwriting on of some source and then
to convert that handwriting into text that you can copy and paste elsewhere
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that you can do on the s10 and indeed other Galaxy devices is you can go into
the camera if I just go into the camera here and you can see that I’ve got some
text here so I’ve got my hello Samsung my name and then I’ve got obviously the
camera one of the things that you can do is you can go into the side here select
a rectangle and then for example if I show you here if we just capture both
hello and the word Samsung you can see that it says extract text and if you go
into extract test it tries his best to extract you know the text in handwriting
but obviously you can see from the bottom here it’s not really that useful
this is only useful if you’ve got printed text like for example Europe you
were taking the picture of a document and you know it’s been word processed
and that would be good in this situation it’s not very good however there is a
solution so if you go into the Bigsby vision of the camera like so and then
you’ll see that there’s an app tab on the bottom you go there and then there’s
an app called curly scan calligraphy scan it’s called and essentially you
when you select it you download it off the Samsung store I’ve already done that
and I’ll show you that here so you can see that I’ve got hello
Samsung and my name if I then select the capture it will then capture these texts
in handwriting and then display it in text form here obviously I can copy down
here I can share and you can see that it’s not entirely accurate but it’s
still better than the other way that you can use natively on the phone so that
was just a quick look at how to capture handwriting on your phone and then turn
it into text that you can copy and paste it elsewhere thank you so much for
watching guys I’ll talk to you guys in the next one

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