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so I’ve got my back ready and now I’m ready to leave let’s go 1 2 3 viva la jelly viva la vie hi guys thankful acknowledged and I hope you enjoy this video and if you do please don’t forget to Like subscribe and share Sal was gonna eat a car swaddling type so the next best thing is locked myself in a room teach myself I did the best talking so today I am going to be researching about Algeria seeing as a lot of my fans are from Algeria I thought it’d be nice so let’s go let’s get it let’s do this alright next just white green and a red crescent and star the white representing peace the green representing Islam feminists are not only representing Islam of the rid of the crescent and star also representing the blood of those who fought for Algeria a full disclaimer you’re gonna start just kind of see a pattern going on a lot of countries using red on their flags to represent the blood of those spilled for who fought for something so I’ve been thinking of ways to introduce myself when I’m rap sands and Algerian music and you know hey hey guys it’s a bit you know I want it I’m gonna I wouldn’t give back and I want to say something in Algeria so I’m gonna look at some algerian youtubers and see what they’re saying okay she’s out Darian [Music] hello company people please don’t joke want to come from a poor Italian youtubers or world they pretended it was a clever boy cause his shoes daughter panic so she speaking French no ex she’s so cute but wait wait can you believe she’s super cute everything we did okay next one [Music] QA hey guys so I am back with another video nope I just want one Algerian YouTube hours later okay I’ve had enough all right I’m gonna ask you lovely people how I can introduce myself in Algerian and let’s see what you guys have said Chucky Mohammed says Mac home defeat video did GD de fée reaction GD de and feldjoe Maya sorry I’m sorry got that the three how do you say the three this is what I need guys that below double una says shukran lenez lira ha tapa feel of shan’t I which means thanks for all people who are following my channel shukran lenez lira ha da ba feel a shanty is alright and then ma Madam’s saw wish Martin’s A Wish dear Oh Jim we are Bonnie don’t forget to Like subscribe and jet okay okay okay now lean limit one two seven says assalamualaikum wash Omni D alright okay now let’s watch now mr. Lee has given me something Salaam alaikum okay that was very fast let me let me let me reel that back sorry that anyway so I said lemonade [Music] does shall love okay okay wait again again Salaam alaikum okay I’ve got the Salam alaikum tell you man Salam alaikum Anna they were Liam eat bark deal calm reaction did did Mara Salameh Maharis a llama Lala fala eco there are those 50 she can’t hear it I’m sorry honey oh honey I can’t hear him unfortunately but thank you I did hear it on my own I just can’t hear you right now so good morning is Saba el Yahud car yard so sambar and car yet Hamza is a key [Music] [Music] hey ski in the same way Scirocco Salam alaikum wait shut up oh yes my boy [Music] watch out I like I’ve always get washed out aqua washed out I call to tell the time right let’s do this you’re listening to target Arabic calm rocket Arabic calm Algerian Arabic sample sentences sentence 1 what time is it okay she’ll wear hacia sentence – Shelly where I was there again o’clock I had Amelia Arria had mini ha I have Amelia Arria had mini her sentence 3 half past three vamonos it let them owners vamonos it let the owners sentence for quoted the one available it was the Year Hobart and a robot it water Aloha sentence 5 in 720 assertion is said Bawa hey Sharon it’s about what hey Sharon there are other shirts I wanna show you it’s about when he shot him oh my god okay that was that was fun okay let me play a game okay let’s learn this so I already know this one so Salam alaikum hello peace be upon you [Music] sabar it clear hello so ok which one is hello me peace of peace be upon you my Salam Salam alaikum this one yes ok good morning is supper yeah ok good afternoon miss sick how’d she says missus a kid [Music] good afternoon good evening mr. Cleve yes 45 points soul I’m like a hello beep peace be upon you pong guys I’m like smashing this okay message here oh what was that one was that one basically it which one was that one was out come on I was gonna guess it I can’t miss it clear could also do good even okay so oh going to spin it now yes oh course I no it was not living for the key there yeah oh that was so wrong that’s buona sera Salam more leg come okay Salam leg cool right okay okay I got it so my circular was good evening II miss Masek my lad miss best muscle kid beside kid must said here okay spa it kid sabar a kid good morning spa ik here spa pic here [Music] come on bar here is a bar it was it l-look here oh it’s with an arrow that I’m looking hi good afternoon missing my said kid lovely peaceful my Salam alaykom boom in good morning look here boom I got the points I got the pie so that was just something small that I thought I would do thank you for watching it thank you for making me let me hit that 30k on YouTube it means so much to me thank you so so much I wouldn’t be here without you guys and also please let me know in the comment section below anything else that you would like me to review anything that you’d like me to see be it Rafi is something completely different I really want to learn about a cult your whole child will learn about everyone’s call to you know wish cough wish go it’s like hey dude wish go man whisk up wish goal my hair Salama I’m out and guys thank you for watching my channel and if you liked this video please don’t forget to Like subscribe and share


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