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Trying out Winsor & Newton calligraphy ink~Dip pen

Trying out Winsor & Newton calligraphy ink~Dip pen

Hi welcome back to 🌎CandysArtWorld🌎 I
am Candy and today I’m going to unbox some stuff I ordered on Amazon I’m super
excited to share this if you guys have followed my channel you’ve seen that
I’ve been trying to do calligraphy I’m not an expert by naming still but I
really enjoy trying to learn the process of of calligraphy writing and I have
found that I have really enjoyed using a dip pen I have this depend it says
manuscript on it I’m not sure if that was the brand or not I’ve lost the
packaging a long time ago but I got it at Michaels
it came with three nibs and a holder um and it came with a little bottle ink
that is long gone but I found a set of ink online that I figured would be a
good thing to work with my pen and I also found a big bottle of India ink with all the research I’ve done and
stuff people have said India ink is good I’m not really sure which brand is the
best or whatever but this is speedball brand which make a lot of the
calligraphy pens now um so I got a big bottle of that that was only like I
think ten dollars or less and then I got this sets of ink
supposed to have several colors let’s open it and see six colors I also
ordered a little bottle to be able to put some of the India ink in to work
from the little bottle instead of having the big bottle open so I’m gonna wait to
open that for when I get the little bottle but this set has and they’re in
glass jars which is nice this is a gold does it say yeah but just as gold it’s
very pretty and then we got crimson just really red we’ve got dark blue we’ve got green it’s really dark got say
Pia or Scipio 6ps how I say it looks black kind of but it’s usually a brown
it kind of looks Brown in person but a really dark and a black okay so I’m
going to set up a little station here to to try some calligraphy with a dip pen I
will be back in just a moment okay I have an aqua bit that I have been
working on learning and memorizing how to do it I put it
I use this tracing paper that I found at Office Depot I have the alphabet on a
piece of this and then a piece of watercolor paper underneath it to make a
darker to where I can see through and I taped it onto my art board so that way
it holds it steady while I’m working when you get your nib for your for your
your pencil or your handle you don’t want to handle your nib with your
fingers because your hands and fingers have oil in it so wash it I have glass
of water here that I’ve Washington I dry it
and then I handle it with a napkin or a paper towel to put it into the
penholder and see there’s like these little holes here little metal pieces in
there and then there’s this little slot here in this ring that goes around it
and he wants your Dib right there lined up with that and you’re gonna put it above the little
prongs that are in there so they’ll still be four on this side so the nib
actually slides in close to the metal ring my handle is a little bit stained
up instead it’s because it’s used so that’s good so you just make sure that
you have it pushed back in there I think the reason why I like the dip pen more
than I do fountain pens is because when you press
the little times will open just a let’s see if you can see this see it’s not
pressed so that the pen looks like one piece but then when you press it they
open up a little bit and they will make your lines wider and with the fountain
pens I think what you’re supposed to do is for the vet fatter lines you go
straight down and then for the thinner lines use sideways of the pin but with
this you keep the pin going the same direction and you just change your
pressure I’m going to go ahead and run through the alphabet I’m gonna start
with the Crimson ink I might go might do the whole alphabet
or I might just do lines of sponge I might just do a line of each color so
that way I can try out all the inks but we shall see I’ll probably speed through
this portion but so what I do is I check it up first and then you dip your ink
your PIN and you’ll scrape off any excess on the
bottle and you’ll see that there is that little hole has Inca crust it’s almost
like if you were going to blow a bubble with a bubble wand and that’s what you
want to have on your on your nib so if that goes away it’s definitely time to
dip again so let’s see and a little crush and then start lifting the pressure so the upstrokes are thin and you apply
pressure for the downstrokes like that okay I’m just going to go through this
and see my bubble was popped so it made a railroad track so you dip you dip your
nib it back in the ink get rid of the excess okay so these are the inks that I
ordered off of an Amazon they are Winsor and Newton
inks they came in in a box with this on it it has six different colors with sepia
crimson dark blue black green and gold my opinion on these inks I think
they are really pretty good for dipping ink except for well the gold did okay
it’s a little thick and the black did okay but it’s a little thin and it might
be the nib that I am using it might end up being better for different nibs but
for the cost of the set of inks which i think was like $19.99
I think is a good deal for the different colors the red and the blue and the
green and the brown there’s those four worked perfectly with my setup I will
try these other ones with other nibs and see how they work out but I really
really enjoy using these inks and the just a dip pen it really is so much fun
to use it’s easier for me anyways then fountain pens just give it a try of here if you’re
wanting to get into clique Rafi I suggest starting with the dip pin it’s a
lot it has a lot more control at least for me then the fountain pins do I hope
you enjoyed watching please like subscribe and leave a comment have a
Great Day ✒

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