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Trying calligraphy for the first time~

Trying calligraphy for the first time~

Computer:- calligraphy Hi guys! It’s a Lulu Heartstring here! And I just came back from the airport to send my brother back to
Thailand and he bought me this shirt which I’ll be featuring in this video.
Thank you! Okay so I- I decided to record this video today because I don’t have
much time. Anyways, for today’s video I’ll be doing calligraphy. Did I say it right?
I hope so! So let me tell you guys a little bit about this video. Yesterday
was 7 of December, which is a one-month anniversary for me and my boyfriend.
We’ve been together for one month. So he said that he was good at calligraphy and
I asked him to make one for me with my name on it.
So here it is! And so I decided that I should do the
same thing for him as a gift for the one-month anniversary. So I wanted to put
his real name at first but then he’s like- it’s- because I requested my name to
be specifically Lulu heartstring, so I guess it’s not fair for him to- because
it’s not fair for him for me just to put his name, so I asked him “I’m doing a
calligraphy for you what name do you want me to put?” and then he’s like “Haneep”
and I’m like- I created some insult names for him which is hanoob and Haneeple but
he wanted haneep, so okay and I did a few sketching of the letters the other day
and then I sketch the letters- the finalized on a piece of paper which I
am going to color today. So I asked him what color do you want me to put? I- I
used- I use black for the letters, the color of the- the inside color of the
letters and then I asked him to choose between this four colors which is silver,
gold, metallic blue and black for the designs and he chose metallic blue. So
today, I’ll be doing calligraphy with these two colors and we’ll see how it
goes. So let’s get started! So that is it. What do you guys think? Is it good? Is it bad? I dunno! I hope he likes it. So thank you guys for watching!
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every Tuesday. Lots of love! Peace out!

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