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Trump’s Handwritten “Alcaida” Note Should Terrify the World

Trump’s Handwritten “Alcaida” Note Should Terrify the World

So I sort of don’t even know how to introduce
this first story today. Um, except I guess to just start with the [inaudible], the fact a photographer caught a picture of Donald
Trump’s, uh, handwritten notes that he had made. Um, right after he finished giving,
just to completely off the rails unhinged press conference on Monday. Uh, and in the
handwritten notes, which were photographed, Trump had the terrorist group, Al Qaeda written
as a l c a I d a all one word, more like a superfood berry of some kind then the terrorist
group. And right away when the world express concern that the guys clueless the usual defenders
came out of the woodwork and said, listen, just because you can’t spell it doesn’t mean
you can’t think he could be incorrectly spelling really good ideas. It’s ablest to criticize
the fact that he seems unable to spell, which is sort of extra funny because when you hear
from people who seem to have no concerned about disabled rights, start to say, you’re
being mean to Trump and enable us to weigh because the guy can’t spell. Uh, that’s weird. And it’s also weird because
it implies that Trump has some kind of cognitive disability, which those same people have to
date. Denied is the case. Uh, but this has become popular recently. I saw some people
recently explaining or attempting to explain, uh, you know, when you go online and someone
says your instead of you apostrophe Ari, uh, it’s totally irrelevant. Uh, whether they
spelled something correctly or whether they use the right version of your or your, uh,
they might just process information differently. They could still have really good ideas. These
are still people who we should be turning to when it comes to, uh, political ideas and
how the country should be organized or whatever. There’s no connection between their spelling
and grammar and anything else. The thing is, this is not the case for Donald Trump. Okay.
There are certainly people that we could identify and say, Hey, you know what, uh, they have
dyslexia and here’s how this is reflected. But it really doesn’t seem to influence their
ability to think. It’s no indication of the fact that they are limited or ignorant or
whatever else. This is not some mere isolated spelling mistake with Donald Trump. The press
conference itself was off the rails. The ideas that Trump is spouses are off the rails. He
has demonstrated himself to be ignorant to foreign and domestic policy and economic policy
and, and, and so many other things. And it turns out that he also doesn’t seem to know
that al-Qaida a l hyphen Q, a e d a is not spelled ALC a I. D a this is red alert in
sanity for a president of the United States. Now, I thought it was actually a joke when
I saw this. I thought that this was some kind of Photoshop thing. Uh, I, I, I truly didn’t
believe that Donald Trump had written down what looks like Al Syeda on a piece of paper
as his notes. But it is real. And this is the press conference
in which Donald Trump said that for a ethnically minority congress, women should go back to
where they originally came from, their original countries for which he was ridiculed worldwide.
And this is all made much worse when you realize that Donald Trump’s absurd and erratic comments
weren’t actually off the cuff. We often say Trump should really stick to his notes or
the script or the teleprompter that he criticized Barack Obama for using, but now relies on
himself because if he strays from it, if he goes off the cuff, he goes off the rails.
He had these ideas in his notes, not only Al Sayeda, but also stuff about these people
and socialism and whatever else, and I hate to bring this up again only because it’s so
upsetting to imagine that this is what’s going on. Obviously this is renewing fears and concerns
about dementia or cognitive decline in Donald Trump. Yeah, Trump might just be a bad speller in
addition to being completely ignorant and narcissistic and xenophobic and racist and
a sexual predator, but once again, we do have to confront the possibility that there’s cognitive
decline here and every new glimpse we get into the mind of Donald Trump is only increasing
the concerns that this is more than just a guy who can’t spell and has bad ideas. This
is a story about winning the birth lottery. Okay? Trump is a guy who, if he were not the
son of a millionaire who gave Trump a small loan of 1 million bucks to start a real estate
business would be the guy ranting about Jesus on the subway platform. Okay? Were it not
for being the CEO his entire life? Like if Trump actually had to work somewhere like
a normal employee, his personality combined with his ignorance, would make him unable
to hold a job in any other country. By the way, Trump would only be a billionaire
real estate dude. He would not have become president of the United States. Here in the
United States. We have this sort of special privilege, as some might call it a, and I’m
using that term sarcastically. We have the special privilege of having 60 million people
who thought this was a good idea when they voted back in November of 2016 or at least
a better idea than Hillary Clinton. So this is a combination. This is a rare combination
that we have of someone who, to go back to the beginning of the story. Yes. Can’t spell
and is a narcissist, xenophobic, ignorant, whatever, who also only even had the possibility
of running for president because of winning the birth lottery in the United States and
had the benefit of tens of millions of ignorant people in the United States who thought it
was a good idea to vote for him. It really takes, you know, we talk about the
multiverse theories, a, a multiverse hypotheses about, um, uh, you can imagine that there
are an infinite number of additional universes in which everything is possible, where you
are king of the United States and whatever else. We seem to be in one of those wacky
scenarios where the stars have aligned so to speak, and Donald Trump has been able to
become president of the United States and it’s bad. I’m glad that foreign leaders are
finally saying the extent to which it’s bad and they recognize it’s bad. Now we just have
to make the right decision. In November of 2020

100 Replies to “Trump’s Handwritten “Alcaida” Note Should Terrify the World”

  • Suz Valentino says:

    We have a man [ and I say that lightly] running the country and he is an illiterate.

  • Amber Kusic says:

    Trump making fun of disability people like me.He can’t fucking spell.And he says he can do everything.Bitch go burn in hell.

  • J Ortiz says:

    Thank you for saying what so many others won't! He is a lying racists hypacridical demagogue.

  • iChillypepper says:

    The stable genius graduated from Wharton and should be getting enough briefings to KNOW how to spell Al-Qaeda!

  • Selena Thomas says:

    Oh, B/S! He can't spell because he's a moron! He's not fit to hold the office. He's not dyslexic. He's a damn dummy!

  • Tracy DuPree says:

    And technically. Trump is the president ….. And he is o kept and doesn't lnow a damn thing about government …or how to govern …..I think I knoe why republicans are not speaking out about trumps words or behavior ….
    It's because , they ..the republicans in Senate and house ,are the ones actually "governing our country ". Making suggestions etc. Cause trimp knows nothing . And it isn't just republicans running our presidency ….it's ALEC running our country. Or Koch brothers, Robert Mercer, Bug Pharma , Facebook , Google, Exxon mobile , Dow chemical , Phillip Morris, American petroleum company , A T and T. Insurance companies (mos of them).
    You wanted America run by a business ? And the largest businesses are literally running the country …..for themselves ….And we the people ? Are not considered human beings , just the poor saps who will increase their profit margins . …And they may be putting in laws that will require us to do things so they can profit even more.
    Jusr saying .I think we should all be scared .P.s. .guess who else is in that private group called ALEC ? Fox news !

  • FalconX88 says:

    Of course people who cannot spell things correctly might have good ideas or show good leadership. But he's the president. Besides wanting to have intelligent people in such positions the simple fact that he should have seen it spelled out correctly plenty of times by now (which, for someone with at least average intelligence, means they can spell it correctly) and he still isn't able to spell it correctly is the alarming part.

  • Grant Shuster says:

    I know this is nothing new but. The guy still lost the popular vote. I cant get around that.

  • ailblentyn says:

    There shouldn't be anything elitist about education. My forebears were working-class people who valued education and the life of the mind, and there have always been many like them. What is elitist is the desire to make and keep the powerless uneducated.

  • Earnest T Bass says:

    The only people I see hiding under desks running for the safe spaces is the left.
    Ape shitt condescending fake moral outrage morons.
    Thank God you're only the minority

  • Chris Lupe says:

    If a sitting president proves he knows absolutely nothg about being president he should be fired and kicked out of the White House!!!!

  • carlo Brindisi says:

    one million dollars to start business…….ah get real ….try 400 million and maybe you close.

  • Digos HNDRXX says:

    Not a trump fan but… I think I’d tru p didn’t win this birth lottery… and hat to grow up in more normal settings… he most likely would have been a different person… not saying the core of who is would be different.

  • peter blood says:

    If a person doesn't have the intelligence or the focus to learn spelling as a student, what makes anyone think he can remain focused on REAL LIFE problems. This is exactly what you see in him, he focuses on a wisp of a idea that grabs his attention and then, it's gone and he's moved on to the next stupid thing.
    Spelling is a "basic" skill, and if anyone on the planet failed to learn the basics, it's tRump.

  • Tia J says:

    I am waiting for Fordham and Wharton to leak Trump's transcripts. I am surprised this hasn't yet happened.

  • The Retrospective says:

    Superfood berry! 😂😂 Best of the day. But you’re right, I’ve interviewed a number of ppl for various roles in many organization types, and I’d never-ever (!!) hire a narc like Trump to any position in any organization. Narcs kill morale, communiction, quality and innovation. Please check my video on narc leaders. More narc videos to come.

  • Qasem Soleimani says:

    He is giving us clues, he spelled Al Qaeda as CAIDA for a reason. There is a govt entity that deals with cyber security called CAIDA Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis. It has to do with Homeland security and the organization deals with internet traffic monitoring, data analysis and Data mining. He is trying to point the public towards this organization for some reason.

  • brian says:

    Check out 21st century solutions for our 21st century problems. Only one that can beat trump

  • White Collar Chic says:

    Wait…What???? A bag of rocks are smarter than he is…Geesh😂

  • cincinnatislider says:

    What if he wrote it like that on purpose…

    Let’s pause and reflect about what we are doing right now.

  • Lamont Green says:

    We're living in a episode of American greed right now

  • monkey business says:

    Potus needs to leave that cocaine alone and as for his grades he got they were all D's think about it go figure thats the reason why he does not want his grades out.

  • Guy Regular says:

    I'll bet he knows how to spell bone spurs

  • Immortal SoFar says:

    Whether Trump is an absolute disaster isn't really open to debate. Whether he was better than voting for Clinton? Ah… that's a little less clear cut. Voting for the lesser evil for (at least) 30 years gave us a corrupt political system where someone as low and moronic as Trump actually won in an arena that has moved ridiculously to the far right. Voting to continue that slide really seems like kicking the problem further down the road rather than fix it. If it weren't Trump (who is, or at least one would hope would be, such a blatantly bad choice for president then it would be the next guy who might be, at best, a little better at covering up his own inadequacies.
    As a means of bringing the corruption of the system into the open, he's perfect. As a means of covering it up, Clinton would have been better. We takes our choice.

  • Imagine That says:

    If that was Obama, there would be endless "ghetto" and "affirmative action" remarks out of the wood works. I can't stand the hypocrisy.

  • Idylchatter says: New problems with words in speaking or writing
    People with Alzheimer's may have trouble following or joining a conversation. They may stop in the middle of a conversation and have no idea how to continue or they may repeat themselves. They may struggle with vocabulary, have problems finding the right word or call things by the wrong name (e.g., calling a "watch" a "hand-clock").  A Typical Age-Related Change. Sometimes having trouble finding the right word.

  • Sophie Peraaud says:


  • Mike O'Dell says:

    See…we told you to stay strong Dave, you're climbing out of the algorithm f up on top of the world 😊👍

  • Amy O says:

    There ought to be a simple basic exam Presidential elects should take before assuming into office.
    English: Reading & Composition
    Public Speaking
    Mathematics: rudimentary arithmetic. This is disgraceful.

  • theendofit says:

    Trump supporters have attacked me for years for my spelling (I have dyslexia) and now suddenly we are not supposed to judge spelling.

  • gumpfoo65 says:

    Absolute proof trump is a moron.

  • Veronica Luccas says:

    After this Trump's first speech it was obvious to me that he was not fit to run anything. I'm not surprised at all and still shaking my head.

  • Calvin Edwards says:

    Not important

  • GorillaGuerilla says:

    Remember, even the way he spells, is 5D chess…
    What is even more scary is, there's still a lot of people out there who thinks Trump is a genius, and who will happily vote for him!

  • Michelle Govea says:

    Spot on. Thank you.

  • Bruce Nelson says:

    You are quite wrong with stating that 60 billion chose Trump over Hillary Clinton. I believe that she had 30,000,000 votes than he did. Your voting system, sadly to say is deficient in allowing the most popular person to become the leader due to your method of selecting a president. It doesn't give the true picture of the support each running person receives from the populace.

  • HeyThisIsBrian says:

    Overshadowing the fact that the first bullet point is "This is the greatest country in the world" as if he had to be reminded of that.

  • Mario Pratt says:

    I can't believe this guy David Pakman, got the nerve to be handsome and have brains too. 😍

  • Heidi Briones says:

    Trump is horrible but I don’t think this means as much as you think. He’s phonetically writing it down so he knows how to pronounce it. It’s a common thing to do with foreign spelled words. As a linguist and a public speaker, I’ve seen this all the time and I’ve even done it at times. We all know he’s a moron but he’s really just trying to keep his hateful rhetoric sounding “on brand” rather than proving he can’t spell. He’s not writing a book. He’s make a speech. He needs to know how to pronounce the word and that’s more phonetic than the actual spelling. Sorry Pakman but I think this is a bit off the rails. Let’s focus on our energy on more important things.

  • stefan x says:

    I couldve understood al queda or al quida but alcaida? 😂

  • C M says:

    Why would Trump want to know how to read or spell when Russia is running your country?

  • Harold King says:

    Fake news. Donald Drumpf only uses crayons…..

  • Kelly Lewellyn says:

    He is literally illiterate. This has been proven…

  • Osama Qasho' says:

    While you are correct, about the worry that people should have, but Al Qaeda is an Arabic word where that spelling barely does it justice. People seem to have agreed on that spelling to be the most commonly one used, but any other spelling that produces similar sounds isn't that much more "wrong" than any other in reference to the original Arabic word.

    I never get why people worry about spelling words from one language to another language when the alphabet and sounds are completely different in both.

  • Osama Qasho' says:

    Actually it's funny that you say he wouldn't be a president anywhere else.. whenever I speak to many of my friends about Trump, they seem to all "get" why American people would vote for him and would say that if they were American, they would vote for him as well, because he puts America first. So it seems that this idea that Trump created have resonated with people from across the world and bought it.

  • Kimberly25christine smith says:

    If trump says that his dad loaned him 1 million you know that number is way higher. He doesnt tell the truth.

  • Qopel says:

    Look at his bullet points. Giant font. Made for a 3rd grader.

  • This is ̶ ̶a̶l̶3̶6̶9̶9̶..GOOGLE'S CHANNEL says:

    "So duzz i spell it with a curly cuh or a kickin' kuh?"

  • Sandy Rothman says:

    How is "people" spelled there?

  • Tamala Rovaris says:

    Other countries threatened their children that if they don’t study they’ll become president of the United States 🇺🇸!

    This isn’t dyslexia, this is frankly stupidity if our president can’t even spell the name of the group that we have had political issues with! How does he know what’s in the reports he gets daily?

    His behavior is similar to people in the last stages of syphilis! And with his lifestyle it wouldn’t be out of their range of possibilities for his behaviors! His money is the only thing separating him from being an example of failure in our education system!

    Those unwilling to accept the truth should remember this is an Orange 🍊 with the ability to launch nuclear ☢️ weapons! Can you say fallout?!?!

  • LokiDaFerret says:

    Seriously?!?! Is it news to anyone that Trump is not well educated? He had a rich daddy PERIOD

  • RobbyOnTheWay says:

    So, what's new? Trump is stupid as hell! Everyone in the world knew that! 🙂

  • Michael Brown says:

    Can we put the "small loan of a million dollars" myth to bed? Since his birth, Fred Trump gave his son, in today's money, over $400 million.

  • Paul C says:

    Trump is literally Biff from Back to the future 2.

  • Allan Crow says:

    That nutbar Stephen Miller is writing all this bullshit.

  • Jeano Gato says:

    Americans are stupid and dumb, they will vote for Donald Trump again in 2020.

  • Rain Blooms says:

    Honestly is something up with his cognitive function? Damentia? Something.. wondering for a while now

  • laberlaban says:


  • S Camp says:

    If trump can't spell he could easily 'order a Launch' instead of 'order a Lunch' ? opps. I hope someone has removed the fuse from the nuclear codes button.

  • Julie Spratt says:

    I think Trump becoming President was the result of a perfect storm…with every passing day, he’s getting more off the rails than anyone (of any intelligence) thought possible. Seriously, he’s a completely ignorant, narcissistic fool, which makes him very dangerous. He is very special, but not in a good way 😳😳😳


    Well shit, most of them spell border with an A.

  • Fleck Smugbrother says:

    If Trump is so brilliant, why does he misspell, why does he misspeak, why does he lie, why does he proudly grope women, why does he fail to pay contractors. why does he accuse innocent people of crimes they didn't commit, why does he insist those black teens be executed anyway, why does he praise racists, why does he become chummy with known dictators, why does he hate the Rule of Law, why does he raise the debt ceiling when Conservatism preaches the exact opposite, why does he pick verbal fights with people out of the blue, why does he love fast food so much, why does he fail at so many business ventures, why does he sneer at his opponents (not just advocate a different opinion, but physically deride), why does he abhor the Constitution, why does he think Article 2 gives him the right to do whatever he wants, why does he surround himself with sycophants, why does he hate the NFL, why does he do anything he does? Because he is full of hate and is simply a mean human being. You like that? Then you are just another horrible member of our species. Our species should be better than this crap from a crap infested man. A disgusting example of the worst humanity has to offer. THE ABSOLUTE WORST !!!!

  • Margrit Wagner says:

    Trump was a millionaire at age 8. His dad provided him unlimited credit, and Trump INHERITED 200 mill dollars. Forget the 1 mill loan. It is a lie.

  • magicalmrwest says:

    In fairness he might have just been spelling it phonetically.

  • Jeff Karas says:

    Trump is hooked on phonics.

  • BewareOfTheKraut says:

    Stable Genius.

  • michael munich says:

    Hes like an al capone. Trump and stone were brought up by roy cohn ya know

  • Keisha Murrell says:

    You will always have people defending him including myself. People attack him everyday all day. Donald Trump didn't become the enemy until he won the Presidency. So attacking him only makes people defend him.

  • Keisha Murrell says:

    I voted for him and you have no right to call me ignorant. I don't like you anymore 😡🔥

  • doug wristen says:

    is it surprising that he can't spell , i wish some of his old school work and report card grades show up. what an absolute idiot.and he has the gall to attack obama as a world leader , this waste of human flesh is the most embarassing leader america has had to date , and hopefully the last one.

  • jacinto cuellar says:

    Al-caído, caerle

  • jacinto cuellar says:

    The good news are whenever he wanted to push the nuke button, he won't be able to recognize the red button, just because he does not know how to spell red colour…

  • BTFOOMNY says:

    He's a stab;e genius. I think that means he's the smartest horse's ass in the barn.
    They should put boxing gloves on him to shut him up.

  • Edward Jones II says:

    As much as he says it… and accuses others of founding, sympathizing, or being a covert part of it… HOW IN THE DEEPEST PIT OF HELL DOES HE NOT KNOW HOW TO SPELL AL-QAEDA!?

    To hell with being Ableist or Elitist, something like that should be spelled CORRECTLY! I mean, ffs… does be NOT listen to intelligence networks? Was it too hard for him to ask SOMEONE to know how to spell Al-Qaeda!?

  • Graeme Lastname says:

    This is as funny as Ronnie Raygun.

  • curtis i says:

    Trump's face should be on those scared straight posters for the lack of education.

  • Tom Easton says:

    The problem is that these people who voted for him are just as stupid and headstrong as he is! It's so maddening that these people are given any sort of power to elect a leader in this country. When you know nothing about the issues you have no business voting!

  • Henry Cantrell says:

    Trump is a delusional man with his Orange face and dye hair and makeup looks like Bozo the Clown

  • Tom das says:

    Guys, if we legitimize these groups by correctly spelling their name, we let the terrorists win. Trump knows

  • General Dreagon LP's says:

    To be honest, I don't think this is a particularly bad thing. Unintelligent people sometimes have problems with spelling words, especially foreign ones. The things he's saying and doing are far more problematic.

  • tiredlocke says:

    Can't forget that Trump wasn't a guy who won the birth lottery and got a "small loan of $1 million" from his father and grew that into an empire. NYT found that he got at least $413 million from his father (in today's dollars) over the years through various legally-questionable schemes. He is NOWHERE near self-made.

    If he had just put that money into index funds, he would be a multi-billionaire.

  • ptavangar says:

    Fyi Trump got a much bigger sum from his father. It was at least 60 million, if not closer to 100 mil.

  • Tlot Pwist says:

    Trump's memos about terrorist organizations:


    Trump's memos about other countries:

    Sauce Africa
    Veiny Swella
    Macy's donya
    Poor tugal

  • Lynette Patton says:

    Should ask youngest son for help with his notes or his precocious granddaughter. No one else in the presidential fortress has time..too busy mopping up after him.

  • Tom Legrady says:

    How he spells things that are not meant for public consumption doesn't matter. How he doesn't think, spends hour watching Fox, etc, does matter

  • Jemezie Eriator says:

    A genius for that matter please!

  • Amber Ambwee says:

    Alcaida iz very bad terrable peepole

  • Roninblade says:

    With those freakish eyebrows I say he would be a good caveman!

  • Fiend Matador says:

    I'm subscribed to you and I've only now seen this in my reccomend videos.

  • Lucina Walker says:

    I suck ass at spelling, but like, I'm not afraid to admit that, I'm not afraid to ask people how things are spelt, and even in my own personal notes I always do try my best to spell correctly in order to get better

    All stuff that I doubt Trump would do

  • frank peter says:

    Yeah, but hillary erased her emails!!

  • InformantNet says:

    I've been researching Alzheimer's, and according to every metric, Trump is somewhere between Stage 4 and Stage 5. With some luck, his cognitive impairment will accelerate over the next few months to the point where neither his lackeys nor Fox News will be able to hide it from the American People.

  • rv706 says:

    I am afraid Trump would have become president in Italy. Sadly, we have a precedent: we had that buffoon of Silvio Berlusconi for, like, 20 years.

  • Emileigh With a G says:

    Yo I'm disabled and I'm super super sensitive about all kinds of perceived ableism and yeah, that ain't it (commander in) chief, he just hasn't read the phrase enough to have any idea

  • Lanwarder says:

    SHUT UP DAVID!!! President Ttump is grate at spailling

  • BFDT says:

    Who composed the printed portion of that page?

  • erray23 says:

    This guy is a fuckin stupid doofus… like finger paint with your own shit stupid doofus…

  • Willy van der Hijden says:

    He can not write, he can not read!!! Trump is so unbelieveble stupid!
    His brains are not working well!!!

  • Thom Robitaille says:

    Mnay plpoee blieeve taht Esngilh seplilng is oitopanl, but Capt'n Bonespurs cialms to psosess a spueroir ecudtaoin and to be a sbltae guinoes. I seriously doubt both assertions.

  • Mrs. Kaet'lyn West says:

    Does that say "Some Peopel"..??

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