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Trump Prepares for Impeachment Trial After Lev Parnas Bombshell: A Closer Look

Trump Prepares for Impeachment Trial After Lev Parnas Bombshell: A Closer Look

-As he faces
only the third Senate impeachment trial
in history, the president is desperately
trying soothe his ego and pretend he doesn’t know
the key players in the scandal. For more on this, it’s time for
“A Closer Look.” In the last week,
the impeachment trial against President Trump
has been rocked by a series of
bombshell revelations from one of Trump’s key henchmen
in the Ukraine scandal, Lev Parnas.
Remember him? The guy who looks like a pinata,
but for crimes? The guy who looks like
a Soviet version of the sad-face emoji? [ Laughter ] A man who know, no joke, had a company called
“Fraud Guarantee.” And based on how
things have gone, it turns out
he’s a man of his word. The revelations began
with new evidence released by the House
that included Parnas’ handwritten notes
about Trump’s scheme to force Ukraine to dig up dirt
on Joe Biden. The notes made it
incredibly obvious — in case there was
any doubt before — that Parnas was at the center
of a corrupt plot designed exclusively for
political and financial reasons, and involving several
of Trump’s closest allies. The notes include
incriminating phrases like “Get Zelensky
to announce that the Biden case will be
investigated,” “do my magic and cut deal,”
“get deal done,” “one to three months,” and the ambiguous phrase
“Ukraine ledger.” The only way these notes
could be any more suspicious is if the letters
were cut out from magazines. [ Laughter ] These notes looked like clues
James Bond would find in an underground lair
right before he turns around, and sees Christoph Waltz
dangling Joe Biden above a shark tank. “Ah, James, you’re probably
here to rescue your old chum.” And then, after all of those
notes, there was one other note that referred to Trump’s
personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani — the man at the
center of this entire scheme — with just the word “Rudy”
and two asterisks. These guys are so dumb they literally wrote down the
names of their co-conspirators. This is like if Al Cowlings
had put a sticker on the inside of his white
Ford Bronco that said “OJ on board.” [ Laughter ] And yet, as incriminating
as these notes would seem, Trump supporters have gone to
extreme lengths to dismiss them. For instance, Fox host
Laura Ingraham said they were meaningless. -We got these notes of,
like, scribble scrabble on a Ritz-Carlton
Vienna notepad, and we’re supposed
to all think, “Oh, the Democrats
have a smoking gun.” -First of all,
you’re accusing someone else of scribble scrabble? Donald Trump can’t even sign
his own name. If you didn’t know, that is
the president’s signature. If you looked at it
for the first time, you’d be like, “I guess that’s
a prescription for, I don’t know,
Percocet?” Second, these are notes on a
Ritz-Carlton Vienna notepad. The Ritz-Carlton Vienna
sounds like the setting for literally every spy movie
ever made. They probably have tranquillizer
darts in the mini bar. Without looking it up,
I can say for certain there’s at least one
“Mission: Impossible” movie where Tom Cruise parachutes
out of an airplane, and crashes through the windows
of the Ritz-Carlton Vienna. Except, in this sequel,
he crashed through the window in the first five minutes,
and found a note that said, “Here’s our plan,
and how to stop us. The movie is over now.” [ Laughter ] Then, of course, there was
Parnas’ bombshell interview with Rachel Maddow,
where he confirmed all sorts of sordid details,
including the fact that Trump was willing to withhold
all aid to Ukraine unless they
specifically promised to dig up dirt
on Biden. Yet still,
Trump allies in the Senate have basically decided to
pretend it didn’t happen — like Martha McSally,
who made a big show of attacking CNN reporter Manu Raju simply
for asking if she thought the new evidence
offered by Parnas should be included
in the trial. -Senator McSally, should the
Senate consider new evidence as part of
the impeachment trial? -Manu, you’re a liberal hack.
I’m not talking to you. -You’re not gonna comment?
-You’re a liberal hack. -She might as well
have said, “I’d like to speak
to your manager.” This one moment shows
just how deeply and fully the Republican party has become
the party of Donald Trump. All that reporter did
was ask a simple, straightforward question,
and she accused him of bias. I feel like this isn’t
the first time she’s reacted
like that, either. “You know what?
You’re a hack.” “Okay, ma’am, but you still
have to pay for extra guac.” [ Laughter ] And then, of course,
there’s Trump himself, who denied ever knowing Parnas
despite the fact that Trump has had at least 10
separate interactions with him, and has been in multiple
photos with him — a fact Trump brushed off. -What is your response
to Lev Parnas, who said that your efforts in
Ukraine were all about 2020? You just wanted
Joe Biden out. -Well, I don’t know him. I don’t know Parnas,
other than, I guess I had
pictures taken — which do I with thousands
of people. He’s trying to probably
make a deal for himself. I don’t even who
know this man is, other than, I guess
he attended fundraisers, so I take a picture
with him. I’m in a room.
I take pictures with people. I take thousands and thousands
of pictures with people all the time — thousands during course
of a year. -Okay, it’s true that you
have photos with lots of people, but you also have photos
with lots of criminals. You have photos
with Michael Cohen, who’s now in jail,
and Paul Manafort, who’s now in jail,
and Kid Rock, who, at the very least,
should be in fashion jail for those
American-flag pants. Trump is lying
because he knows that he’s only the third
president in history to face a Senate
impeachment trial. His name and presidency will be stained in
the history books forever, regardless of what happens —
which is pretty remarkable given that, just a few years
ago, he was mostly known as the “you’re fired” guy. This is like if the “can you
hear me now” guy got arrested for burning down
a Verizon store. You’d realize, “Oh, now I know
why he switched to Sprint.” No matter how hard Republicans
try to rig the Senate trial to let Trump off easy,
the mark of this historic moment will never go away. And that’s something Trump
is very obviously aware of, because last week,
as the House voted to officially transmit
the articles of impeachment they had passed in December
to the Senate for a trial, Trump freaked out
on Twitter. -He asked “Why should I have
the stigma of impeachment attached to my name
when I did nothing wrong?” -In all caps,
he tweeted, quote, “I just got impeached for making
a perfect phone call.” -I mean,
I wouldn’t worry too much about the stigma
of impeachemnt, because you have so many
other stigmas. I mean, sure, you’re only the third president
to get impeached, but you’re the first one
to bail on an umbrella, and just leave it
outside an airplane. [ Laughter ] I’m gonna remember that more
than the impeachment thing. Second, nothing says
“perfect phone call” like shouting at
the top of your lungs. If you’re someone who tweets
in all caps, you’re not making
perfect phone calls. Besides, we all know
the only perfect phone call is when someone calls you up
to cancel dinner plans. “Oh, my God. We don’t have to
leave the house.” [ Cheers and applause ] “That was [bleep] perfect.” [ Laughter ] And apparently, Trump’s rage
isn’t confined to Twitter. CNN reported over the weekend
that Trump has been shuffling around his chintzy
resort in Palm Beach, grousing to club members
about how unfair it is that he’s facing
an impeachment trial. -A source
close to the White House saying president Trump
has appeared distracted by the impeachment trial, telling people around him
at Mar-a-Logo he can’t understand
why he was impeached. -He is a bit distracted by
the ongoing impeachment saga. He is apparently
asking people around him, “Why are they
doing this to me?” -Donald Trump not knowing
why he is impeached is in itself
an impeachable offense. [ As Trump ] “Why are they
doing this to me?” [ Normal voice ]
“Well, here’s a 300-page
document laying it out.” [ As Trump ] “What? No.
I don’t want to read that. Why? Why won’t they tell me?” [ Cheers and applause ] [ Normal voice ] Senate
Republicans are obviously intent on rigging the trial
as much as they can, but no matter what they do,
the trial itself is a significant, historic
judgment on its own, because in our current
manic news environment, everyone’s memories
are fried, and nothing ever really
seems to stick. Remember when Trump tried to
fire Robert Mueller? Or when his administration made
up a fake terrorist incident called the
“Bowling Green Massacre?” Or when Trump literally shoved
a fellow NATO leader out of the way so he could get
to the front of the group? I mean, look at him. It’s like he heard
there was free food in the conference room. [ Laughter ] He looks like he’s at a wedding,
trying catch the bouquet. [ As Trump ]
“Go away, Melissa. You’ve already been
married twice.” [ Normal voice ] So, knowing
that this historic mark of shame will follow him in the
history books forever, Trump’s been in desperate search
of ways to soothe his ego — so desperate that, at an event
in the Oval Office last week that was meant to promote
prayer in public schools, in front of him,
on the Resolute desk, was a map that appeared
to divide the country into a red-blue map based on
the 2016 election results. Basically, they gave him
that map the way parents give their kids a maze
and crayons at a restaurant. They actually should
give him a maze, but one where
he learns something. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] The weirdest part
of this charade was the fact the map
just sat there on the desk, unmentioned,
for the entire event. Trump never
talked about it. It was just there to entertain
him, and make him feel better. They might as well just have it
printed onto a blanket, so he can carry it around
Linus-style. [ Laughter ] Not only was the map
weirdly conspicuous for an event that had nothing
to do with the election, apparently,
it wasn’t even correct. While it appeared
to be very red, an emotionally reassuring symbol
of his popularity, Twitter sleuths
quickly determined it wasn’t
entirely accurate. Some counties
that went for Hillary Clinton were colored red. Trump’s literally just changing
the electoral map to make himself
feel better now. Why not go all the way, and
include the rest of the world? [ As Trump ] “Look, everyone,
I also won Greenland, Turkey, and the Caspian Sea.” Thank you, Caspia. Thank you,
Caspian people.” [ Normal voice ]
So, Trump faked an electoral map
to make himself feel better, and then conspicuously
laid it out on the famous
Resolute desk, hoping people would notice it.
That is insane. It’s like if you went over
to Steven Seagal’s house, and he had a shelf
full of Oscars, except they were just a bunch
of Ken dolls painted gold. “I won this one for ‘Submarine Justice 2:
Operation Killer Seals.'” It’s where I delivered
the famous line, “Hyah!” Trump knows that, ultimately,
in the eyes of history, it won’t matter whether
Republicans successfully rigged his impeachment trial
to let him off the hook. No matter what, he will be only
the third President in history to face such a trial,
and it follows him forever — especially as more damning
evidence emerges. A few years from now,
when they’re asked about where they stood on the
presidency of Donald Trump, I have a feeling a lot of
Republicans will say… -I don’t know him. -This has been
“A Closer Look.”

100 Replies to “Trump Prepares for Impeachment Trial After Lev Parnas Bombshell: A Closer Look”

  • Are See says:

    A trial without evidence of a crime. Empty impeachment, useless and malicious political shenanigans by the Dumocrats.

  • Daniel says:

    Trump is beyond prepared. He's ready and so are we.

  • TheLumberjack1987 says:

    The emperor has no brain.

  • SpaceViking says:

    Kid Rock = scruffy weak chinned moron.
    Trump = sex predator, epic liar, and a bully. These are just a few of the strong fibers of this “Great” man.

  • PhillyFrank1 says:

    It's well past time to abolish the Electoral College. It's outmoded, dysfunctional, and dangerous. The results speak for themselves: the Worst President and Former Worst President, both Republicans who lost the popular vote. Trump is the sort of candidate the E.C. was meant to protect us from.

  • Matthew J says:

    And this guy is a verified liar.

  • 80sKnight says:

    You're a republiKKKan biatch, I don't want to hear you.

  • Nora Garza says:

    I'm a survivor of extreme corruption, I wake up numb, shivering, outside most days, Trump's fiasco isn't a surprise

  • John Doe says:

    Disgusting dictator child!

  • Mr. Mack says:

    Why don't you ever have a closer look at any other topic besides trump?

  • pursang833 says:

    Martha McSally has a "Karen" moment. McSally was selling "Liberal Hack" T-Shirts within minutes of this appearing on TV. I hope Trumpy has noted this and has sent McSally millions so she can make up more BS to hold her appointed seat in the Senate.

  • James Frank says:

    Rudy should be charged with conspiracy to commit espionage against the US, and Trump is bordering on being an accomplice to it.  GOP said where are the crimes?  We found them, lots of em!

  • Peremalfait says:

    It's a bombshell. The walls are closing in.

  • Nicolas Crichton says:

    Why don't you ever talk about his intgrm posts? They're priceless and scary

  • disabled submarine vet says:

    dump trump give pence a chance

  • James Frank says:

    Given he couldn't get through a reading of the Constitution…to which he swore an oath to uphold and protect…it's not surprising he couldn't understand how he's being impeached.

  • Over50 Adventures says:

    7:10 is that guys hair spray painted on? He looks like he belongs in a 1990's Infomercial.

  • James Frank says:

    It looks like he's going to lose the battleground state of Ukraine….and with it the election….

  • War Poodle says:

    Trump 2020!

  • CaliDude says:


  • James Frank says:

    Nixon's passed articles of impeachment were going to be Obstruction of Congress, Abuse Of Power, and Contempt Of Congress.  The Democrats basically blended 1 and 3 together on Trump, and he has pretended that since the Article titles don't state a crime, it isn't impeachable.  He clearly didn't read them, cause they lay out several crimes committed, not to mention his witness tampering, the GAO stating he and the OMB blatantly violated the Impoundment Control Act by withholding the funds illegally, and everything Lev Parnas is spilling on top of further potential corroboration by Bolton.  Trump is basically trying to dismiss a mountain of evidence by claiming the font is incorrect.

  • rainbowgirl678 says:

    If it makes anyone feel better Kid Rock got kicked out of his own bar in Nashville over a drunken racist rant he had on stage.

  • RavenPoe says:

    Senator Mc Sally sounds so contrived. She couldn't wait for someone to ask a question so she could say that line. She practiced all day.

  • Daniel Ramsey says:

    Hey. Let's call Trump "Donny Dolittle", cause What has he achieved for the people in a positive way, besides shitting in my Corn Flakes every day since 2016!?

  • Tyler Harris says:

    Republicans are quite literally the dumbest people in American history.

  • LJ O'Brien says:

    Everything about Trump is an illusion to hold up all his lying. He's clearly built his entire life around it. Just look at his elaborate weave on his head. Pretending he's got a full head of hair. His orange skin. Makes up new words to hide his illiteracy. He's a sad, shallow, sack of crap.

  • Nameless says:


    Here's a 300 page document


  • Rhymes With Nantucket says:

    I'd like to know if and when Vladimir Putin told Trump to block the Ukraine aid.

  • Stephen Marshall says:

    Seth is painfully unfunny.

  • claudermiller says:

    The map? I guess he discovered sharpies come in red.

  • Diego O' Land says:

    It's all about one person, and one person only. It's not like the President is supposed to represent the American people.

  • Jamie Nez says:


  • johnbeamon says:

    2:20 "I guess that's a prescription for, idunno, percocet?" Adderall, actually. It is a forged prescription for adderall.

  • Konstantine Peradze says:

    The map that appears at 9:35 on this video has incorrectly assigns the entire country of Georgia to its occupying state the Russian Federation – your staff should use the correct maps

  • Ramiro Guerra says:

    The dirt he tried digging ended up covering him.

  • terrible Tom oh says:

    Even as a second language parnas speaks better English than the Orange menace

  • Liberty Blueskyes says:

    There's a photo of young Ivanka's birthday party with all the Trump family gathered around and yes, there's Lev Parnass!

  • Richard Pierpoint says:

    Devin Nunes is, remember, SUING A FICTITIOUS COW.

    Just reminding everyone…

  • David S. Hasanli says:

    We are the Caspian people.

  • Alejandro Rodriguez Sanchez says:

    what american people don't understand is that not everyone who dislikes trump is a democrat or liberal. i agree with some republican stuff but this man is just a disgrace to the american people.

  • David Anthony says:


  • ZedsterX says:

    I hate the man but mark my words if the Dems try to force Biden in the election we will have our first re-elected impeached president.

  • JApp John Andrew Patrick Peters says:

    Hang all the GOP

  • Peace Freedom says:

    Trump’s signature looks like a bad heart rhythm on an ekg strip

  • Ozzie ulloa says:

    Some one should remind republicans they work for america and their job is uphold the law, and serve the people. 😊

  • Daniel Rieger says:

    I like how every Trump supporter ignores everything mentioned in this video when talking about him, or tries to change the subject with "what abouts" on literally anything else

  • MrBusDrivr says:

    No matter what, orange45 will not be removed, then it will be re-elected… Because too many dumbasses are convinced that it works for them… What a joke…

  • Lillie Waiters says:

    He acts like the racist Republicans from down south. He seems like most SC Republicans mindsets. When they say make America great again. They really mean the south values will rise again. Meaning you can live near me but you bet not make more than me. Northerners you make as much as you want. You are still separate within your communities. They are bringing back the reconstruction of the south values back. Wake up and pay attention. The rest of the United States and world are just seeing what the south been dealing with for hundreds of years. It wasn't a problem because it didn't effect them now it is.

  • Ozzie ulloa says:

    The red is for the states hes going to give to Russia. 😊

  • learn2know2 says:

    Donald Trump has committed, no less than, 1,000 impeachable offences! Why is he still President? I no longer acknowledge anyone as a worthy being who does not see this … Go ahead, [poor, ignorant] Trump supporters, SUFFER in silence; you deserve it! But, if you are one of the WEF (World Economic Forum) invitees, who Trump is making wealthier (with every tweet, market swing, and deregulation, no taxes, war, sanctions, etc.) I am trying to learn from you so I can get mine too!

  • George P Koutsavakis says:


  • The Joose says:

    Steven SAY-gaul

  • Amy Jones says:

    Sad! Our president doesn't understand hes a criminal

  • Te'Devan Kriyavan Kurzweil says:

    Wow liberal hack about a straight forward question just because it makes Trump appear guilty?

  • Jonathan Lever says:

    The whole impeachment is utter bs. If you have such support, vote him out in 2020

  • ML Feathers says:

    This makes me think Of how impeachment will be part of Bill Clinton’s legacy as well. Lying and abuse of power will not stand.

  • Whimsy Smith says:

    McSally: "you're just a liberal hack."
    Not surprising coming from a woman who, like Trump, got into power only through circumvention of the popular election. And, like Trump, you are an utter sycpphantic partisan disgrace, who mostly just makes us desperately miss the man you have replaced, when we think of you at all.
    Rest In Peace, Senator McCain. You were a great man and we miss you, and McSally isn't fit to hold you hat, let alone your office.

  • Travis Cutler says:

    The made for TV movie: The Perfect Phone Call.

  • Chloe13 says:

    Trump is so dangerous and the Republican Senators are giving him a pass, it’s unbelievable, I never thought this would happen to our Country. I guess I was thinking that our ELECTED officials would put COUNTRY OVER PARTY. I knew as a New Yorker what Trump is, a conman with no morals what so ever, He is an ignorant orange buffoon, Sad day for AMERICA…

  • Tee Snacks says:

    You people are pathetic. Democrats are giving illegals licenses, trying to erase the electoral college, wanting "free" everything and you're worried about impeachment? I could see if Democrats had better ideas, but they don't. This is a sham, done only to tarnish Trump's name with impeachment. I wonder what's gonna be the next thing to blame him for after this goes nowhere. What a waste of money and time but you idiots hate Trump so much that you don't see how evil Democrats are

  • Dan Fraser says:

    Does Seth use a laugh track? Half of this stuff just ain’t funny. Unwatchable.😠👎🏾

  • Lynda Turner says:

    Seth does such a funny Drumpf impersonation 😂

  • tommyt1971 says:

    Heyyyyyy, Waltz’ Blofeld NEVER sounded like that!!

  • ObligedUniform says:


    – 'Liberal Hack'

    Pick ONE. Cannot be both in this case. Christ shes beyond stupid. I think we found a future GOP presidential candidate, but ultimately just accepting VP

  • tommyt1971 says:

    Trump’s been distracted since he started building his empire: he’s tangled with everyone and anyone who opposed his business dealings and did it willingly. Distracted by his own philandering when it leads him to divorce or sex scandal, by the Cent Pk Five, by every mayor of NY since he started building stuff there, by the Democrats, etc.

  • tommyt1971 says:

    I’m amazed that map didn’t have black Sharpie lines drawn all over it.

  • Ronald Schutte says:

    Trump's signature is like his polygraph result

  • Dan Lee says:

    Trump is as fake as it can be!…From the moment he assumed the office, President Donald Trump has been in direct violation of the US Constitution. The President is not above the law.

  • p l says:

    Watching the trump derangement thingy government episode of mass lunacy by many is like sitting on a otherwise nice sunny day watching a dogs poop and naming all the fly's as they come in to circle around for the first time to get in the pattern .

  • Geek The Girl says:

    Trump's signature is one step above just making an X.

  • sneakprev1984 says:

    now I kinda want to see that killer-seal movie xD

  • 4valhallA says:


  • noitall man says:

    You know the old time machine trope of going back and killing hitler before he rose to power. I think for the first time in history, you would have to seriously think about someone else…

  • gary pofahl says:

    Trump doesn’t care about history. He never read any history books. Unless they had pictures only.

  • LORDE 2729 says:

    why change the thumbnail design?

  • Zaroff's Trophy Room says:

    They are going to have start importing gigantic buses for all the people going to be thrown in their direction…big fat orange wobbly buses.

  • Glenn Peterson says:

    He doesn't know why he's being impeached? Can we fly him to Ukraine and rub his nose in it or something? I know they say it doesn't help dogs but maybe a human?

  • Tony G says:

    As Corrupt as Ulysses S Grant's Cabinet and Grant was an alcoholic. Trump is a genius at stupidity in fact he hasn't mentally developed since he was 10.

  • Janine Grey says:

    No Truth Allowed!!!

  • CapNFappin says:

    Oh I see what the deal is here, complete bias lol. Trump will win the next election. Come back to this comment in a year and cry.

  • Sally Bowles says:

    The mark is not just for the Orange Dump, the stain will be on those Republicans forever, on them and on their offsprings. What is happening is sickening.

  • Russ The Troubadour says:

    Mr President there's pictures of you w/ Rudy Guliani. Trump : " I don't know him … never heard of him…seems like a nice guy". Mr President isn't he your personal lawyer? Trump : " What's going on with the toilets.. you have to flush them seven, eight. ten times?"

  • Chris Schelstraete says:

    I can actually see Steven Segel doing that though.

  • 95Jezzica says:

    Wait, on the map at 9:36 , why isn't Alaska coloured red? Did I miss something?

    That's Alaska to the north-west of Canada, isn't it? And last I checked it was still an American state?

  • Marlene Sollgruber says:

    He may well look like all the things you said! But after hearing his interview with Rachel Maddow he sound quite articulate and what’s even more important really believable! At least to me he did!

  • Sally Bowles says:

    Seth is ON FIRE today! All those great impressions

  • Linda McDonald says:

    McConnell has stated in public that he has no intention of being an
    impartial juror, I think he should be held in contempt of the Supreme

  • Linda McDonald says:

    McConnell has stated in public that he has no intention of being an
    impartial juror, I think he should be held in contempt of the Supreme

  • Linda McDonald says:

    McConnell has stated in public that he has no intention of being an
    impartial juror, I think he should be held in contempt of the Supreme

  • Silvermane777 says:

    It's 2020 and the "news" are still reading this fucking maniac's tweets on air 24/7

  • Clint Eranovic says:

    Surely it can't be long before we hear ….
    Trump: "Well I don't really know Donald Trump… I have been in photos with me but I'm in a lot of photos.. I don't really know him..I am sometimes in selfies , but everyone takes selfies , right? You take selfies? I sometimes catch a glimpse of him in mirrors so he may be around occasionally but really I don't know him. People trying to say- the fake media trying to say- he did this, he did that, but really I don't know the guy…"

  • DA666 says:

    1:30 that was a good Christoph Waltz impression. 😀

  • Fox Mulder says:

    Sorry Mr. Comedian, I know your short on material, but this just happens to be the truth.
    This Impeachment is an assault on due process, and the American public's intelligence!
    Dems will do this every presidency from now till the end of time if they get away with this hoax.
    ************************************TRUMP / PENCE 2020 *********************************************

  • Sweep your speech says:

    9:00 look at him looking at it, to make himself feel better

  • Mr Scruffy says:

    How can you say it doesnt matter historically, if the GOP gets through with this pharse? Can you imagine what will happen, if, after that, Trump gets reelected and the GOP keeps the senate majority? Tyranny, is what´s gonna happen… but whatever…

  • Hisame Artwork says:

    From the creators of "death of stalin " and "jojo rabbit" comes another award wining faithful documentary "The Drumf house of cards", get your T-shirt with "Off with his head" and "drain the swamp" slogans, today at local Disney shops.

  • Todd Fallon says:

    Amusing; Its almost like us liberals think that a high-falutin' word like impeachment equals justice… Trump will walk out of it smiling and richer than ever, his cronies too! The corporate sponsers as well, will continue to count $$$, the new 'impeachment, what impeachment!' pens & T-shirts with Trump's smiling face should be HUGE sellers this holiday season!!
    Almost feels like the sheep are even too ashamed bleet…

  • Sweep your speech says:

    They gave him a mood map, it gets redder based on how sad he is…

  • Bigdog Billdog says:

    I know the comments are being censored but Seth I just wanted to tell you you’re not funny and nobody actually likes your show or agrees with you. NBC can pay interns to downvote this comment all they want but that’s not reflective of reality. Nobody watches your show.

  • Walt Schmidt says:

    You left wing clowns have enough "bombshells" to destroy the planet ten times over.

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