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TROY M402 MICR Font Kit Installation

TROY M402 MICR Font Kit Installation

welcome to the Troy video library today we will cover the installation of the TROY M402 MICR font kit. press the power button remove the rear power cord from the printer remove the rear dust shield to the USB port insert the Troy miker USB into the USB port ensure the USB is fully seated reinstall the dust cover plug the power cord back into the printer our the printer back on go to be a dot Troy group.com and click on support scroll down to correct installation and select the troy and 42 series click on Tiger printer installer save them as dollar in a location that is easily accessible once down did right click on the file and select run as administrator if you do not have administrative privileges you may need to get your IT staff involved select the install type that applies to your installation and named for the print queue in the IP address of the printer being installed check or uncheck any other options that you may or may not need except the term oceans of installer and collect begin installation open your WordPress user and select the tree 13b font from the phone listing in the toolbar when using the font boxes around the characters should show up when viewing it on the screen but will be removed on the printed output if the boxes are not removed on the physical print please contact troy technical support

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