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Trematic Bidynator Felsa 690 Storia dell’orologio Automatico

Trematic Bidynator Felsa 690 Storia dell’orologio Automatico

good morning to all from Maurence Monkey
this is a channel that deals with vintage watchmaking
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could excite you today let’s talk of the history of the wristwatch
automatic I will show you a caliber that it was the real first
caliber of a cheaper price than has filled the watch market
automatic and made this happen complication of the automatic watch
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let’s look at the watch on the counter and of course we’ll talk
in depth of the movement and of the history of this movement good morning to all from maurice monk e
I show you guys today first this beautiful
watch I’ll talk a little about the history of this watch
after that I will talk to you specifically of his movement and how much it has been
important in modern watchmaking we come to this watch this
watch and a 3 matic genève below we read the inscription 25 ruby ​​ebb nator
as well as the word suisse mail the watch is very very charming a
you see these characteristic anxieties this form of anxiety comes
called ansa aragno because it recalls the spider’s legs the dial like
you see it is slightly bicolor ie this outer circle is one color
different from the inner circle when yes have two colors or more
concentric circles within the watch face the same comes
called sector deal or quadrant a sectors
that in Italian we come here to see the particularity of this quadrant that it
we find in really conditions excellent because we find it in
really excellent conditions because these watches remained unsold and
they came out about 56 years ago on the market by a watch supplier who
he had a very large game lying in the warehouse and put back in
sale and therefore we can find this watch that of the fifties
in practically new condition now let’s analyze
specifically the care in the details of this case as you see the case is
very very beautiful with the spider alliances are satin-finished while the cashier is
made shiny both in the part of the ring in front of the glass in the
cash desk the case back as you can see is a case back a
screw perfectly decorated with the reference of the model the serial number
the anchor logo the word 3 matic anti magnetic supershock resists e
stainless steel as you can see it has a lot of attention to detail
the crown is not marked but it is consistent with the time because I use the term
consistent you could use the coevo term that is the quantity of a
watch and when all the parts of the watch are of the right period
historical then theoretically the coeval term is used in
erroneous manner in watches because if we say this is a watch
the sixties and the crown is not his but of the sixties theoretically water
it’s clock life doesn’t come to be actually affected in watchmaking the
coevo term has taken this connotation that indicates that all
pieces are original of the clock we say is an error of
use of most Italian though perfectly consistent with the world
of the clock and so we take it for just this definition
this strap is marked 3 matic though this is what we call fake copyright in
as this is a modern strap put dallas by the supplier he had
these watches stock and made it mark 3 matic as you see is not a
vintage strap even if a citizen very simple this is a doily of
good quality but modern with the written 3 matic then theoretically
this is not an original strap this is a fake copyright
now we come to talk about the movement because I was saying earlier that
this is a very important movement we take our palletta in advance
that with the simple palletta a pad of the kind hardly tightened
I managed to open it previously loose though not
I think it’s very easy to open it though here we are
now I will show the inside of the caseback it is not marked as being outside
of the same lee is really all that which can be indicated in the watch
serial reference logo brand etc. etc
inside we find a beautiful steel case back with circles
concentric and all indications on model is the reference and on the serial e
I’m outside let’s see the movement that is
really beautiful this is a felsa 690 I say well
we immediately check live if I say a nonsense I did not say nonsense is a felsa
690 I go to memory but then sometimes they can run into
error but I’ll show you below here I point to the logo with tweezers
felsa ok chooses 690 felsa if 90 was a
highly revolutionary movement in how much is a movement of 1942 gone out
after the perpetual oster and that was the first wrist movement watch
automatic in the home rolex but with net improvements over the rolex rolex
unidirectional charge this felsen says has a bidirectional charge
how do you see the workings of the dial they are very very beautiful it is the rotor
custom 3 matic with strips of geneva is the movement itself
highly machined as far as possible regards aesthetic processing e
clearly superior even to as but for quality of materials
I have to be honest as I am clearly superior in quality of the
materials of bridges but as aesthetics and finishing and finishing are fels
superiors as I told you this is a movement that made history in
as in 1942 when it came out on market was the first movement
automatic economic because before this was just the rolex oyster
perpetual of the thirties and of course all its variations
future the particular thing is the recharge bidirectional how the
Bidirectional top-up is invented a very nice system with a wheel
pierced that allowed charging in both senses there are others
very important features in this movement such as the
anti-shock system that is not an in cable as a system of fels that
super anti shock as he calls it supershock you see from the caseback
supershock resists and indeed works very well as I told you
before this watch is in very good condition
as it has remained unsold for many years in a deposit of a
watch supplier in brackets a Campania supplier of Naples what is it
happened 5 years ago they came out on market many of these watches with
several gauges the breast boasts the se 90 with the date window the calendar
complete with moon phases let’s say that now I don’t even do it
house size is around 36 mm indeed I show you that he has you
always measured this way here 37 mm of case with the crown we come to
39 I think 38 with work or I told you these watches and were found
a supplier and some were ready and we see that many with the reference
502 were in steel with spider anxiety but we also find other cases at all times
with reference 502 as we find gods moon phases with another reference with
dials of various types with written in different ways
this because after the first batch that he had found already complete watches
has assembled others then if found in watch sales of
you have to be careful if you want buy a precise one that the reference
corresponds to the shape of the clock a look at lots of images on the internet
and understand how many there are more compared to that reference with
the indication for example the 502 la most are spider colleganze
so let’s take for good not having official catalogs that the 502 is
this watch here 37 mm with le the movement will be raised if 90
undated the 506 and another type 504 another
still what happened many and now today those assembled have assembled them
with the leftovers that is with the parts from supply ovens and does not match
always the serial of the pad with the dial or with other indications there
unbranded crown could not be there all the houses blocked the crowns too
because houses like 3 matic or even cayston you can find them the same with
Cayston brand are brands that do not I had a real historicity e
therefore they created catalogs or created specific references but took from a
supplier the movements from a other quadrants from another yes
they did it at home or made them do it from the third company and assembled them as
lots of other watches the fact is that this watch is in
fantastic conditions I enjoy it at wrist because really a pleasure to wear
a vintage automatic of this caliber and historical importance above all and is in
really wonderful conditions guys I invite you as always to subscribe to
channel if you have not done so if there is liked this video to put me
like it and we’ll see you at the next video that will be Thursday I will not advance anything
but maybe maybe there will be a surprise a stress from mao renzo but it is also everything

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