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One of the ways I study Arabic is through watching cartoons and movies and TV shows today we’re going to be translating a Disney film called ‘Frozen’ you might have heard of it, in Arabic it’s actually called this: ‘malikat athulj’ that means snow queen malika: queen and thulj: snow malikat athulj: snow queen and we’re just going to be going through a dialogue looking at the Arabic, the English and translating it together I’d just like to say, Disney, please don’t remove this video it’s fair use policy, it’s for educational purposes, I’m using a tiny clip so with that said and done… let’s go okay and we’re rolling this is my screen and we are at 0 seconds let’s go ahead and find out what the first line is ln puts a verb in the future so…. she said la ln yaHduth no, it won’t happen la ln yaHduth al wadaa3 means goodbye bye, Ana bye I’m going Elsa mahlan not so fast Elsa, slow down, take it easy, relax laa annanee uHawilu Himaiyatak I la – no I uHaawilu Himiyatak I’m trying to protect you Himaya protection I’m trying to protect you laysa 3alayki Himiyati you don’t need to protect me ana lastu khaa’ifa so ba3d means far arjooki la tuba3deeni min jadeed this means please (arjouki) very formal way of saying please arjouki don’t separate us again, don’t distance yourself from me, don’t leave me wa la tughlaq al-baab don’t close the door aghlaqa is to close albaab the door good key words, huh? that’s a long one wa la tatrukeeni waHadee ba3d al-aan don’t leave me by myself again ba3d al-aan again taraka is the verb ‘to leave’ so ana atruk – I’m leaving taraka he left now because she’s a female, she’s adding the ya, noon at the end of the verb waHdee means by myself ba3d al-aan means don’t leave me by myself again la tatrukeeni wAhdee ba3d al-aan fa li-awaali yawmin ba-3amri awal is first yawm is day bi-3amri… in my life another… lots of ways of saying life in Arabic Haya is probably the most common in this example she’s saying 3amri awali she’s adding the ee on the end, don’t worry too much about that but she’s saying: fa li-awaali yawmin ba-3amri afhamu ma khalf il-baab I understand what’s behind the door afham I understand ma khalf what’s behind khalf is behind amaam in front, khalf behind wa li-awali yamin ba-3amri same again yumkinna il-iqtiraab we can be together again qareeb means close iqtiraab is like to bring together, we can be close together again yumkinna il3aodatu ma3an litatrukee ilaHzaan we can go back together we, yumkinnana the ‘na’ makes it we il-3aadatu ma3an together we can return together, we can go back together litatrukee ilaHzaan it’s that word again taraka / yatruku to leave the sadness, leave ilaHazaan, sadness taraka, can leave the sadness that’s very sweet qalbi lik al-aan ‘albi they might say as well in some countries qalbi/albi means heart qalbi lak al aan you can guess what that means my heart is yours now, its’ very romantic (phrase) and with that said qalbi lak al aan on that very… loving and romantic note, we’re going to end it there I’m going to make a part 2 to this, it will be up there as soon as it’s done there’s so much to talk about in such a short clip hope you enjoyed it, please give this video a thumbs up if you did and don’t forget to leave a comment because I read them you can request another video if you want a particular movie or a show or a cartoon or something , you can request that as well thanks for watching, until next time! ma3 as-salaama, ila-al-liqaa!


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