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one of the many ways I study Arabic is
through translating Arabic cartoons now today I’ve got Tom and Jerry I’ve got a
Tom and Jerry cartoon that classic world famous cartoon with the cat and the
mouse and the dog spike who you will definitely see in this episode and we’re
gonna watch an episode of this it’s actually a two – well a 1:51clip from this episode of Tom and Jerry we’re gonna look at the Arabic
we’re gonna then translate it back into English and I hope you learn some
Arabic and if you’re Arabic then you can learn some English if you’re an Arabic
speaker you can learn some English so this is going to be fun and here’s the
clip here we go so I’m just gonna play it and we’re gonna stop it as we go
along and translate it as we see fit so now to explain like Arabic is a
complicated language if you’re watching this you’re probably a beginner if
you’re watching this to learn English fantastic and I know a lot of my
audience are Arabic speakers if you do really want to take Arabic seriously
it’s a big commitment and if you have any specific questions about this video
then you can either take a native Arabic speaker like an online language teacher
or you can join my patreon as well or if any of these questions – if any of my answers to these questions don’t fully satisfy you then
you can join my page and you can ask me specific questions about this but back
to the video… for ever doubting you forgive us for for
doubting your innocence and then it’s the classic ending which
we all know anyway and he freaks out and he gives it to his own and then he … goes mental and that’s the end of the video so I hope you enjoyed this if you did you can
always let me know in the comments I do actually read all the comments at
least when I can and I can make more like this they’re very easy to do and I hope
they’re helpful all these suggested videos down the side
which I can see and you can no longer see I could do these so if you did enjoy
this if you have a specific favourite cartoon then let me know in the comments
and until next time thank you for watching and thanks for listening
bye bye ma3 as-salaama

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