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Train To Look Good | Volume 23 || BodyProCoach || HIIT Advanced | Praveen Nair | Maahek Nair

Train To Look Good | Volume 23 || BodyProCoach || HIIT Advanced | Praveen Nair | Maahek Nair

hey guys Whats good I’m praveen Nair from
body pro-Coach fitness and it’s time for Volume number 23 of Train To look good
program all right what do you focus on is that every routine is something
different that gets you a little bit of shock kind of structure in the body and it
gets you some amazing results so let’s go let’s get it done
all right so this Routine gets you lost intensity and you create intensity
to things that’s gonna be One Dumbbell I’m using about 7.5 kg on each side and
about one skipping-rope we’are to be doing 40 seconds on
and 20 seconds off let’s go up all right guys we’re gonna
start with some warm-up right now and the static stretches so it’s gonna be
the forearms in the beginning so in so bend that wrist
soon have a with distance in between your feet standing tall as
possible wrist expression and extension now. Twenty three volumes
this is gonna be TTLG volume number 23 in this time inner focus and natural
breathing and relax mind. Good One. the lower back to the main
straight that’s been able to activate the Hamstrings it’s stunning back towards the
back instructions it lower back will be Hamstrings both engaged in dualism this
time in three two one. So High Knees is one of the best
exercise when it comes to getting the Heart beat . then comes a warm-up the next five four
three two one five just shoulder taps we’re just focusing for 20 seconds
going as deep as possible in a cold warm done but the temperature will rise up
and getting ready for a great workout so this routine of try it free we
focusing a lot on shipping which means a great workout for the heart jumping
jacks as now the next 15 seconds it’s time to get ready for the main
Zone in fourth three two one this one is biceps curl
we pick up this Dumbbell hands so lately, we’ve been using a lot of
equipment that we can catch more variety mode works 25 seconds on the go last five seconds so the focus is about
40 seconds of work and 20 seconds rest are that’s going to be skipping right now
and the next routine without skipping works it’s fine first such as well in five four three
two one bigein the rope skipping a great doesn’t come to cardio
giving a coordination down and probably incomplete work are done and maybe skip
provocative almost thousand to two thousand weekends work are done so
without to be lots of change you can to pronounce last five circuits if you’re
doing skipping to the first time and if you skip some scoop that’s alright
we just get that right let’s offer all rights about objects coming
back grant just tryna so have to double your
hands back you know the lunges setup that’s going
to be about 90 degree set up in the front foot and the back foot and if you
only know more information about the lunges you could do you want to go to
the playlist of bodyprocoach drill down against the movement the
moments you can see how to perform this moment next twenty more seconds about
the same place same thing from the TTL G programs you can use any
of the program base five fitness level so we got intermediate you got beginner
and applause we got advanced level movements so then you can choose any of
them based on Fitness covers 20 seconds break right now the next five seconds
five four three two let’s begin now that last ten seconds to go three two one and change Dumbbell Thrusters
in the overall routine focused heartbeat indirect a lot of private accounts and
got a money fine goes both ways just kind of moments we little easier on
these volumes of twenty onwards percent more great projects but intermediate if
you are not gonna trust us right now in which that you’re squatting pattern is
very very correct supernova which is called pattern one two three
education series all the movement series of also puts on sale so you can see the
you can see me that sitting down as well as possible and then I felt a stirring again back to the work if you won’t have to work on the routine
of the Express any changes you want it to be more intense or more easy in
particular in our request you have or any kind of position that you have
please make sure that you come in that and below in the comment tension that
should be you know that exactly what are we looking forward for and you can do
the modification you guys are doing great next 25 seconds to go on the same
place so make sure that you share this on with
your friends and family that’s eight seconds ago five four three two one and
change it’s time for the friend races right now all right whenever you do the
TTLG programs please make sure that you guys tag us on Instagram –
Page procoach Fitness is called having underscore deny that we exactly know
that see that the progressing and you’re just enjoying the routine of exercise some friend raises this five six minutes
so you can have any very soft or you can give them straight bring the
fist to the level of shoulders keep moving Last 10 seconds to go now last five seconds 3 2 1 . thats skipping
again get ready now in the 5 4 last 10 seconds to go we three two one alright DB lateral raise we’ll agree this is
something we’re challenging and they are when you really know that we’ve done
some skipping sand trend races and clusters so which means that is
shoulders all in fatigue and it’s like the change this muscle fatigue muscles to
loom over so let’s go legs up by this type you can see the elbows very wrapped
by the side try to give the chin neutral head you through an exam so cursive
traps also comes in the work of it do you think it’s going up last ten 5
4 3 2 and change 25 seconds you guys this time the band over to make sure
that you can join each other I’m gonna start back in the lead hold on
the ways you negate this moment great work hard for the upper back in
attract shape people are needed to dedicate a vehicle
that is brewed out here keep moving – last 20 seconds to go five four three two and last one little back and you need flexion need
bent give me will quickly come to us the role
that the next five forur three tow one alright so even bring
that dumbbell or each person to the middle of the the legs and then you find that all the way to the finish line that’s
when you get is time to be straight last 10 seconds to go ten place upgrade to
work for the door back to the strengthening and getting the muscles in
shape gets on the break last 5 seconds ha get on dumbbell squats right now so start 3 2
1 go dumbbells in the hand down t below the bat level see
the scene right now inside angle you can see that my first goes below the knee
level something that various motions to really activate all the big muscles of
legs which means that when you work the big muscle groups is brought a lot of
calories and get you some really good amount of burns the calories which means that the
body’s gonna be constantly burning calories in order to recover stop lots
of TTLG programs last three two and now is the one well 10 seconds ago hit it hard right
now I got almost to the finish line right now a little more minutes and you
done with the routine double extension so the dumbbell go in the hand and is gonna go over the head
we keep the elbows in and close to each other and last five four three two one and let’s begin now spend your goods final full range motion mix all the way up you make that
elbow straight to the top 15 more seconds to go five four three two and that’s one all
right next one minute to go as to discuss the now utility goes right now
subscribe increase I’m here on the floor right now now chest press
bring that over to the pushing you go up it’ll make sure that you can’t straight
it’s just not the rules so the pressure half round done
thanks again sit down 20 seconds to go now ten nine eight five and that’s one the
final time of the skipping-rope let’s get on to it guys hi guys 20 min to workout and that’s what you
focus every time that you do your friends family it kicks so immediately
focus on 40 seconds on and it 20 seconds off phases to get a great work for the
heart especially this routine is a lot of skipping so which means that a lot of
cardio work a lot of fat burn and last five seconds to go
let’s push right now three tow and one in the house guys soon make sure to
subscribe hit up that like here and keep yourself really fit one more request go
to the playlist I’ve got a number of options recipes we learned about
almost to 85 videos over on the youtube body pro coach channel so make sure
that you go to information you go to transformation exactly get those things
what he needs to get yourself transformed any comments please put in
the comments section that we exactly get to know what kind of beauties that
you’re looking forward for in the future lots of love please do like the video
and share with friends and family lots of love see you again

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