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Top Wing from A to Z | Alphabet Video feat. Penny, Brody, Rod, and Swift | Nick Jr.

Let’s explore Top Wing from A to Z. [cheering] A is for ‘aqua wing’. [water splashing] This is a great ride! B is for ‘Big Swirl Island’. Welcome to Big Swirl Island. C is for ‘chirp and cheep’. [chirping] You guys are cute! What are your names? – Chirp!
– Cheep! D is for ‘dive’. [water splashing] Wow! You’re so cute! E is for ‘eject’. Eject! Yee-haw! F is for ‘flip’. Woo-hoo! [water splashing] G is for ‘goat-cart’. Go goat-carts! Wow! This is fast! H is for ‘high feather’. Oh yeah, high feathers! I is for ‘invention’. I call this the roto-boot. Whoa, whoa, whoa! J is for ‘jump’. Cock-a-doodle-do! Made it! K is for ‘krill icer’. Want a krill icer? Refreshing and delicious! Uh… L is for ‘loop-de-loop’. You better hang on! Oh, loop-de-loop. Ka-ka! [screaming] M is for ‘monkey’. [yelling] Great work. N is for ‘nighttime’. Goodnight, everyone. O is for ‘off-road’. Time to shift into off-road mode. Now that’s how I cock-a-doodle-do it! P is for ‘primo’. – Primo!
– Primo! Brody’s the most super-primo brother ever! Q is for ‘quiet’. Shh! Come on now.
Keep it down, everybody. R is for ‘rescue’. Got you! S is for ‘surf’. Watch this. |T is for ‘turbo’. Time to go turbo! [screaming] Wow, that jet is fast! U is for ‘underwater’. Wow, this is amazing. It’s a whole different world down here. Nothing beats being under the sea. V is for ‘vroom’. W is for ‘woo-hoo’. Woo-hoo! [cheering] X is for ‘X marks the spot’. And there! X marks the spot! Slick! Y is for ‘yell’. Uh, OK. Help! Anyone! Hold on, Grady! And Z is for ‘zigzag’. Left! Keep right, now go left. You’ve explored Top Wing from A to Z. Catch more high-flying adventures
everywhere you find Nick Jr. [music playing] You can find more Top Wing
weekday mornings on Nickelodeon. And everywhere you find Nick Jr.

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