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Top 10 Stationery Items of 2018

Top 10 Stationery Items of 2018. From washi tapes to brush pens, and even multi
mechanical pencils, there’s something for everyone. In this video, we’ll highlight our
top ten favorite stationery releases of 2018. Stay till the end to see an exciting bonus
pick from Zebra. Let’s get started! The revolutionary Kokuyo Soft Ring Notebook
now comes in three natural colors. This notebook swaps uncomfortable wire bindings
for soft plastic rings, making it especially great for lefties. Watch our video on
Unique Japanese Notebooks for Students to learn more about these unique notebooks. We can’t get over how cute these Kuretake
Cocoiro letter pens are! The new patterned bodies feature animals like
cats and hedgehogs. They come with an extra fine flexible tip
that’s great for beginners who are learning how to brush letter. A variety of color refills is also available. Mark’s Date & Title Washi Tapes add a splash
of whimsical fun and color to any journal or notebook. The tapes are perforated between every design,
so you won’t have to fuss with scissors or torn edges. You can write on them to give your page a
bold title, or use the numbers to design a personalized planner. The Nakabayashi Magnetic Bookmark is a nifty
two-in-one tool! You can attach it to your journal or planner
so you know what page you need to turn to, or open it up to use the ruler. There are two sizes available. The Ohto Fude Ball combines the expressive
strokes of a brush pen with the smooth writing of a rollerball. Ohto released seven new colors this year,
so you can write bold lines in wine red, sky blue, orange, and more. The Pentel Energel Permanent Gel Pen is the
newest addition to the popular Energel line. It has the smooth writing experience of the
standard EnerGel, but features a waterproof, fade-resistant, and lightfast ink. To learn more about the EnerGel, watch our
lineup video! The Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighter uses subtle
colors to highlight noteworthy text without overwhelming your eyes. They’re filled with the same dryout-resistant
ink as the Stabilo Boss Original but in a slimmer body. If you love the pastel color of the Swing
Cool, check out our video featuring our other pastel highlighters! The Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen is a perennial
favorite of calligraphers and now comes in nine new colors. The tip is flexible but firm, so it’s easy
to control for beginners and experts. The Fudenosuke is perfectly suited for vibrant
artwork and calligraphy. The Uni Color 3 may look like a multi pen,
but it’s actually a multi pencil! It puts three different break-resistant Uni
NanoDia Color leads right at your fingertips. Plus, it’s refillable with any 0.5 millimeter
lead. Last but not least, the Zebra Mojini Highlighter
has a special smudge-resistant formula. It binds with water-based inks, preventing
smears when used on gel inks. The soft chisel tip flexes against the page,
so it’ll always make neat lines. Our bonus pick is none other than the insanely
popular Mildliner highlighters — Zebra released all-new colors this year, so be sure to check
those out as well. Which of these items are you most excited
to try? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss
a video. And you can shop all these products and more at Thanks for watching!

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