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Top 10 Phrases to Survive at the Station in Arabic

Top 10 Phrases to Survive at the Station in Arabic

hi everyone my name is peryhan and this is thing gift ideas you must know the
first gift idea if you’re a parent or if you’re like super wealthy is laptop
laptop oh no that’s not a gift idea that’s too much laptop seriously do
someone like by someone else like actually like a gift like laptop gift
this is like I did you know I get like what you call it like burnt for this
like on on in the comments like what like are you talking about what do you call laptop in Arabic oh I
like in are because simply college lab your Egyptian friends might call it just
lab so you can either call it laptop or lab for example you can say and laptop
be tables my laptop is broken so like if it’s broken please buy me any one kind
of thing the next one is barfin barfin which means perfume for example you can
say a little bird fun director Hawaii that means this perfume smells amazing
the next word is Khattab Khattab book helga blocked f he dated me lado
Hagia blocked ever dated me laid off which means I’ll buy him a book for his
birthday oh okay the next word is AG Allah Allah
which means bike for example you can say it studied either like G de straight a
galaxy de which means I bought a new bike some Egyptians might call it B
Scaletta be Scaletta it also means a bicycle or bike risk ellipta the next
word is camera camera which means camera oh by a camera of course like oh just
casually by the camera for my friends bad thing nothing much like I cannot
even buy a camera like for myself maybe like
even like the protoid camera is so expensive but then you have to buy like
a film for it as well I like requires maintenance because you have to like for
each ten pictures you have to pay too much money for example you can say we
set the camera fill bait in settle camera from bait which means I forgot
the camera at home there are some like Egyptians who say like camera no no what
do you say at camera yeah anyway the next one is smartphone smartphone which
means phone Egyptians might also call it phone a telephone el mammal and mammal
it’s all like corresponding to the same things like smartphone for example you
can say well I’m not married but you can say gift or goes this smartphone for it
go asthma gifted gauzy smartphone for it go asthma well it’s not me but I bought
my husband a smartphone for our wedding anniversary then X for this PlayStation
PlayStation for example you can say is PlayStation Eye is playstation for a
male and is a playstation for a female which means I want a PlayStation the
next word is Thomas Thomas dictionary for example you can say a stamina
commerce l’académie Takeda stamina Camus slick animated guida which means use the
dictionary for the new words the next word is tablet tablet oh this is so real
like this were like this sentence is like this is probably the only like true
thing like to buy the mom a tablet like for example you can say aesthetically
mama tablet Fadel um Esther it my mama tablet Fadel um I bought my mom a tablet
for Mother’s Day because usually you know like in Egypt moms don’t use a
computer and they also cannot use like the phone because like you know they’re
like oh so small and like it has been like like fashion like not not fashion
like it’s a trend now to buy like the mama car like even my mom we both like
this is so yeah this is like OnPoint bouquet white
bouquet white which means a bunch of flowers for example you can say became
bouquet Loida became bouquet lo R da da how much is this bunch of flowers my
favorite flower is the carnation the end I hope you liked today’s lesson
why don’t you write us below what kind of gifts you would like to buy or
receive thank you for watching why don’t you
tell us in the comments below about your favorite gift that you’ve received so
far also don’t forget to Like subscribe and visit our website I whispered bye bye

14 Replies to “Top 10 Phrases to Survive at the Station in Arabic”

  • Muhammed Safvan says:

    My dear smile less and teach more. Pls

  • Ameeruddin Sayed says:

    Shukran ya muallima inta kalam masri Arabic sah.

    I learn atlot from Karole by Arabic pod

  • Piroska Nakazawa says:

    Thank you, it is very useful! 🙂

  • كارتون مدبلج ومترجم says:

    هذا استهبال انك تكونين بسيطة شيء عادي بس كل شوي تجيبين هالسيرة ؟ عيب عليك

  • Syria Ãa says:

    بالفصحى? بالفصحى? بالفصحى?

  • Galaxy HK says:

    A cruise

  • Alicia Tussie says:

    Shukran,,, but the title does not coincide with the content.

  • Learn Arabic with says:

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  • Sdb Star says:

    ما عدتش عارف اتعلم ايه enlish or arabic ????
    This is really so wird !!!

  • Tas Sin says:

    I love you u r so cute i keep looking at you all the time .. Here is something i can try for u hope u will undrstnd . ismi sobhan walakin ana mahboob , ana andur lak bihob .. Ana ubaiyuka <3

  • Salma Touati says:

    U guys wtf she is literally teachin' you egyptian not real arabic THAT IS NOT ARABIC AT ALL every arabic country has its own language they r all arabic but so different in every arabic country but they all understand real arabic its like the common language between all of them

  • Blast says:

    Your Arabic is wrong !!!!!! You are not speaking Arabic .. you are speaking Egyptian ? i must talk to your arabic teacher and show him this video ?

  • extreem.zoom 2121 says:

    فصحى فصحى بتعلموهم مصري عالفاضي
    صلحوا خطأكم قبل ما يتفاقم، شوفوا القناة اليابانية كيف اداءهم ماشاء الله وانتوا بتعلموهم لهجه قد لا يفهمها الا فئة معينة من العرب، الفصحى أساس العربية وبيفهمها الكل تقريبا بستعملوها في افلام الكرتون والوثائقيات والخطابات وممكن لوحات الإعلانات وحتى بتفيد في الحياة العامة وممكن تكون اساس لمن قد يحب منهم القصائد الشعرية من الأدب العربي وتساعد على قراءة القرآن الكريم والأحاديث للمسلمين خصوصاً لأنه في الغالب هم من يريدون تعلم العربية وعموما للجميع.

  • Abdulaziz Alabdulwahab says:

    جهاز الحاسب الالي تعطل

    وليس اللابت توب بتاعي باز

    وش باز بالله ؟

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