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Top 10 Must Know Math Words in Arabic

Top 10 Must Know Math Words in Arabic

hi everyone my name is peryhan and this is arabic top words today’s topic is
going to be about math words of all the worlds the words we need to know we’re
going to do math we first need to know how to say math in arabic a Ryoji owed
math Ryoji owed a Riyadh yacht or in his aim in his amp if he service for the
intermediate or beginner level math and Riyadh yacht is the advanced by Hobart
yacht yacht the Hobart yacht yacht I like math or bakra he radioed back Raja
Raja I hate math I think that most people would go into the latter another
word you need to know about math is rockem number Rock’em Sock’em number or
a digit for example a Rock’em that appear ie
Rock’em de Shabbir Ali this number is very big or Ericom de so why are we
rocking de so are we this number is very small North half North knows half for
example is no survey face I is no survey face I want half a loaf of bread usually
in Egypt if you go to buy groceries if you go to buy vegetables or fruits we
usually sell in kilos so if you want 500 grams if you want half a kilo you would
say I is no secular winde I would like half a kilo of this film eya percent
another word you might need while shopping is film a a film a a percent
for example your hospitality film a few hospitality in film a there is a 30%
discount Sagi even another word that is related
to math and you might needed is knowing the difference between odd and even
numbers for example is LG is algae that would
mean even and the words algae and Arabic literally means
pair so it’s kind of easy to memorize it
soggy it means it refers through even numbers for example two four six and I’m
not so good at math so I’ll stop here our batter comes out gay our power comes
out gay for is an even number Friday odd parity Friday
it means odd and an Arabic fargy also means singular so that’s easy to
memorize so for example you can say hamster confetti five is an odd number
is that it plus okay now let’s get to calculation the first word we have is
plus so that means the end the end for example we had the advances are so easy
why had we had B so it name one plus one equals two one plus one equals two
notice – notice notice – for example it’s getting more difficult teletón I
said Nimbus overhead telethon I said name B so go ahead three minus two
equals one fee times she fee times for example it nickname Baba it name
fattening bar bomb two times two equals four 1815 Baba named Stella to visit
them for bottom on you know if your hamster be Hofstra yes’m to divide yes’m
yes’m to divide for example I shan’t artfully gibbehhhh I detect America
mallet mean to get the answer you’ll have to divide the number by two I
wonder what kind of question is that the end that was that that is the only fun
math lesson I’ve ever had so I hope you enjoyed this fun math lesson and why
don’t you tell us in the comments below about your favorite calculation worth or
are your favorite math word I also don’t forget to subscribe and like our video
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do you know the song one is the loneliest number two the HEPA 2 2 can be
as lonely as one is the loneliest number of it’s a loneliest number after number

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