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Top 10 Free New FONTS

Top 10 Free New FONTS

hey guys raone here and welcome back to
another video and in this video I am going to show some fonts for you so
before starting everything I would like to thank my friend vignesh from tech
detour for sharing this idea and allowed me to make this video so big thanks to
him after watching this video make sure to visit his channel and tell him I send
you and the fonts in this video are completely free you can use these phones
for both personal and commercial use without any problems so you don’t have
to worry about that and I put all the fonts in Google Drive so you don’t have
to go to multiple website to download all of these fonts and I tried my best
to keep these fonts fresh and unique as possible some of the fonts in this
video are just one month old so I think you’re gonna like these fonts and I
don’t want to waste any more time so these are the fonts that’s it for this one
like I said beginning in Google Drive links for fonts in the description and
if you found this video useful click that like button and share your thoughts and
suggestions in comment section if you want to see more cool videos like these you
can click on red button and it also helps to draw the channel that’s it for
this one thanks a lot for watching and I will see

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