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Top 10 Fountain Pens of 2019: My Best and Favorites – 500 Subscribers!

Top 10 Fountain Pens of 2019: My Best and Favorites – 500 Subscribers!

hello there and welcome to my channel my
name is Doug and welcome back to another fountain-pen video this is a rather
special day because I have made 500 subscribers thanks to you so I thought
I’d do a special video today because who knew that I would make 500 subscribers
only taking me 14 years as an internet influencer now I know I’m supposed to
start my videos with hey guys was I I’m much too old school to do that when
I started this channel back in 2006 it was a place where I can store my home
videos of me sitting in my basement playing my guitar now in 2020 I get
copyright strikes every time I play a couple of chords or even mention supertramp oh crap I mentioned Supertramp learning
new things and having a blast doing these videos for you so please keep your
comments coming and please make suggestions on what you might want to
see in upcoming videos I want to give a shout out to the Facebook group
taste of the rainbow it’s for lovers of Penn BBS pens
they’ve been very welcoming and supportive especially when we all get
together and anxiously await a new model like the 500 I had a mental image of a
bunch of pen geeks sitting around the world
hammering away at their refresh buttons waiting for that pen BBS 500 model to
drop so I thought this video would be a special one I would do a review of my
favorite 10 pens from 2019 and let’s get started right now okay here we go with the my favorite
fountain pens of 2019 I said best but it’s only best to me again your mileage
may vary your mileage may vary to express the
possible difference in taste this is just my opinion your opinion may be
different these are my personal opinions and I don’t have a lot of experience so
these are just the observations of just an ordinary guy sitting in his basement
playing with his pens I didn’t say that anyway as I go through my list I’ll
insert cards at the top of your screen for you to click through to the
corresponding video review on the specific pen please feel free to skip
around in the video with the timestamps I’m providing in the description below
and don’t forget to Like and subscribe and hit that bell if you want to be
notified when a new video is posted it’s taken me 14 years to get to 500
subscribers so I’ll be let’s see well I’ll be really old when I get to a
thousand so thank you again for watching so let’s start starting from number 10
we have the most expensive fountain pen in my entire collection I purchased this
fountain pen almost a year ago and at move out of the way and at three hundred
and fifteen dollars Canadian it was quite the purchase I fell in love with
the finish and the whole starry night thing being a big van Gogh fan or valve
ahaha as Stephen Brown says it I’m probably not saying that properly
this is the Visconti van Gogh starry night the pen is beautiful and it writes
beautifully I love the magnetic cap and that hinged clip beautiful and the pad pen is nicely
faceted as well and that resin is gorgeous
certainly they’ve taken the colors from the starry night and put it into that
resin it’s just beautiful however the metal
section and that number 5 nib haven’t aged well along with my expanded tastes
over the last 11 months or so still it is a work of art and quite a financial
investment for me so it makes my list at number 10 the Visconti van Gogh starry
night at the 9th spot is a surprise to me I bought this pen expecting to hate
it and pan it in a video comparing it to a Parker sonnet copy the Baoer 388 this
is my fake with a capital foot Parker sonnet this pen makes no bones
about being a counterfeit the ebay seller actually selling these proudly
announces they are genuine Parker sonnets at the sale price of get
it $10 u.s. astounding even if you think you’re getting a real Parker at this
price you’ve got to be delusional and yet when I got my hands on it and did
the review I discovered it is one of the nicest writing pens I own I bought it to
laugh at it and now it is number 9 on my 2019 best fountain pens list go figure
it posts beautifully and deeply and I suppose if I had a real Parker sonnet
I’d be able to compare them but I know that Watsky squirrel did a video
comparing his genuine to this one and the differences are minut the pen writes
beautifully and for $10 boy that had to make my list again I’m not recommending
you buy a fake sonnet coming in at number eight is another surprise pen for
me I’ve said over and over that I’m not a slim pen
a guy but here’s another slim pen that makes my list and there are two more to
come too this is the wing Sung 601a in Burgundy with a gold wave cap this is
the vacuum attic version of the of the pen with the pump filler now you can see
it and it has a tubular triumph style nib in that two-tone gold pardon the
scratches on my finger I was taking down the Christmas tree today and it bit me I
was shocked at how well this this pen performed and how comfortable it is in
my hand this pen actually inspired my purchase of the number 2 pen on my list
coming up but it feels just beautiful this pen actually belongs to my wife
because as soon as she had it in her hand as she fell in love with it both
the the color and the feel and that nib writes so beautifully and smooth
actually when I borrowed this pen off of her desk to do this review she
immediately sent me a text just just a few minutes ago and said where’s my pen
I’ve lost my pen she adores this pen and writes with it every day I’m thinking of
getting one myself actually perhaps in that teal color with that same gorgeous
gold cap on to number seven on my list of top 10 fountain pens for 2019 and we
are getting into my favorite pen company of all pen BBS I have to thank and blame
Bob Paige the moderator over at the fountain pen Network the Chinese pen
forum for getting me hooked on pen BBS he suggested I get a 308 and here is the
308 actually I had purchased another one before that before this one the 308 in
cedar and gold trim and it’s a gorgeous fountain pen as
well but this one really knocks it out of the park on a number of things just
look at that amber finish this did it for me this
amber finish is simply the most gorgeous finish I’ve ever seen on a fountain pen
so perhaps you can make suggestions in the comments section below about a
finish that might be more beautiful than this but I’ve yet to see one pen number
seven is one of the two pen BBS as I own as I mentioned the other one is the
cedar but this is the first one I own that had the amber is a cat finish and
the amber is a cat nib so that nib right there as little paw prints on it and
says amber is a cat and it is one of those mini fude nibs in fine which I
have come to adore and I own a lot of them now I can I still can’t describe
how gobsmacked I was when I took this out of the box and that nib with the
little paw prints is is simply gorgeous they aren’t for everyone but I’m there
sure are my favorite fountain pen nibs now everything about this pen is
wonderful from its shape and feel in the hand to the section with the same
material as the body and the cap to the fact that it’s all ready to be
eyedropper just take the converter out and you’ll see it’s full of ink right
now and it takes a ton of ink kudos to pen BBS this model 308 probably is I’m
guessing but I’m thinking it’s their most successful model it certainly is a
keeper for me in six spot is a moon man and this is the Moon Man 600 s sorry M
600 s this one is in a gorgeous teal swirling resin look at that beautiful
chatoyance this is a big pen and very close to the
same dimensions as the Parker duofold centennial I think they’re only off by
about a millimeter or a half a millimeter the pen doesn’t post well it
posts but you don’t want to write with it like that but unposted the pen is
beautiful in the hand and well balanced i love the large section and the
two-tone of moon man nib is really beautiful now this one doesn’t have that
nib because I’ve swapped it out this was one of this is one of those mini
fude fine nibs that I have taken to these days this one is not from pen BBS
but it’s from a clone and this is a Bobby nib this is what he calls the Bobby mini
fude bent nib but it is I would say functionally identical to the pen BBS
fine mini fude nib the Moon Man M 600 s is a marvelous poor man’s duofold
and the number six Moon Man nib on there can be swapped out with many other
number six style nibs like a Jovo Bock or Knox and I know many other users have
used this pen by taking the moon man nib out and putting their favorite
nibs in it a simply gorgeous fountain pen next up in fifth spot is a pen on
loan to me from a friend this was part of his father’s fountain pen collection
this is a 1970s Sheaffer Targa in Thuya Brown Ronce that as I understand it
means like a in French means like a black walnut or a brown walnut as I
understand it this finish on here is 14 layers of lacquer all hand rubbed
the thing about this pen other than the fact it posts beautifully is this nib
this has a 14-karat gold Scheaffer inlaid nib on a very long
tapered section this is another slim pen that surprised me by being extremely
comfortable to write with I attribute that to the long slender section where I
can grip it from any distance and that nib is just to die for
is so beautiful after being cleaned and polished and at 45 years old
it’s an incredible writing instrument so that’s number five on our list the
Sheaffer Targa we’re back into pen BBS territory again with number four on my
list the gorgeous pen BBS three to three in Tuzi this Tuzi finish is just
stunning I just said that the amber is a cat is stunning I’m using that word a
lot but boy the chatoyancy of these pen BBS acrylics continues to
amaze me for pens that are $30 and under I was so impressed by my first
three to three that and it was in a black tortoise finish that I bought
three more this is the latest one and I snapped it up the moment I saw it it was
a Tuzi there are three cat finishes from Penn BBS the other two being amber
as a cat and Niangao is a cat the three to three is almost in a category by
itself without a clip I put this little snake ring on here as a roll stop so
there is no clip and no way to post the cab this pen dispenses with those
practical considerations to devote itself to pure writing ergonomics I
have never written with a pen as comfortable in the hand as
the three-two-three it is a true writers pen all four of my three two threes have
that fine mini fude nib and I also consider these pens to be works of art
and I display them as such pen number three on my list is my pen BBS four five
six vacuum filler this one is in the clear acrylic pen BBS calls clear glass
the filling mechanism is similar to that found on the Visconti homosapiens
although Visconti calls it a power filler there have been a few less
expensive vacuum fillers available recently the pen BBS two six eight the
Wing sung six nine nine and the wing sung three thousand thirteen those pens are
less expensive but this is a substantial well made and very practical fountain pen this is my carry about pen because I can
take it anywhere when screwed down the piston inside
closes off the section from the reservoir effectively sealing the pen
from pressure and temperature changes which cause fountain pens especially
those with large capacities like this to spit and burp ink when you’re ready to
write again you simply unscrew the blind cap which disengages the little plunger
in there and allows the ink to flow the two-tone mini fude fine nib is also a
beauty I love this pen and I love it filled with this beautiful blue ink some
of you may know that I broke this by dropping it and I was able to purchase a
whole new barrel for eight dollars from Etsy from beini on Etsy and I restored my
beloved 456 to working order again at number two I have my most recent
fountain pen this was a Christmas gift from my wife
it is the pilot e95s my most recent video was a review of
this amazing fountain pen you can click above to see that review but this pen is
pure luxury I’m just gonna show it briefly here for those of you that are
sticking around and haven’t seen that video another gold inlaid nib 14 carat
that long slim section I told you I liked thick section pens well I love
this pen isn’t that beautiful it becomes a full-size pen and when you cap
it it’s short enough to fit in your pocket with a hinge clip and a champagne
satiny cap I just can’t get over how luxurious this pen is I’ve been writing
with it every moment I can for the last number of days
and now for my number one pen of 2019 it is the pen BBS 480 galaxy when pen
BBS introduced this new model last summer and they had an amber amber as a
cat finish I was so excited I immediately ordered one for my wife and
another one for my best friend and then when I went back to Etsy to get one for
me they were gone I should have bought three right off the bat but being the
cautious Canadian I am I went and asked my wife and my friend first if they’d
like one I snoozed I losed I had to wait a full month’s for
the Etsy store to offer the 480 in the galaxy finish which is like amber as a
cat but in blue I thought it would be second best to the amber boy was I wrong
when I got this pen and I took it out and started writing with it
not only was the finish astounding the nib was the best of all of my wait for
it 14 fine mini fude nibs that I own I
consider the 480 a refined upgraded model 308 the pen is sleeker posts
better has a better more comfortable section and a nicer clip than the 308 in
my opinion and has a greater clearance in the cap for that number 6 nib so
swapping nibs in and out is a lot easier with this pen if you want to Jowo a
Bock or a Knox or some other type of nib there’s a lot more clearance in that
cap the 308 precluded people from making the nib swaps because there was it was
so tight this pen is a beauty in the hand and on the page it writes like
butter I’ve been waiting for something to knock
this pen out of its number one spot since I got it last summer and only the
pilot E 95s with its lovely gold nib has come close I have an amber is a cat
480 now as well I don’t think I’ll buy another 480 as these two 480s
I’ve got the amber and the galaxy are the top of the line in my opinion
however you never know because so thank you for watching and don’t forget to
Like and subscribe and ring that Bell thank you all for your support and
comments and that’s all she wrote Oh

25 Replies to “Top 10 Fountain Pens of 2019: My Best and Favorites – 500 Subscribers!”

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    Doug, You're a really cool dude. Love your channel. Stacy from South Florida.

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    Great video, and congrats on the milestone!

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    So, Mr. Rathbun….I ordered the Penbbs Galaxy….Didn't have any Penbbs. Coming close to the end of my acquisition phase (for a long while). Going out with a bang. Ordered a bunch of pens and ink in the last month. Thought I'd go with another of your recommendations. 😁

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    Congrats Doug! Great edits in this video! I had fun refreshing the Etsy page for the PenBBS 500 drop.

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    Congratulations on the milestone. Tim

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    You had me in stitches, sir, before the video had even reached four minutes of air time. Your technical prowess adds to the several shades of humor therein: sarcasm, irony, slapstick, et al. But best of all, you are, like me, opinionated, even if our opinions don't always agree. Thank you, this piece was fun!

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    Woot woot!

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    Congratulations! A very nice selection.

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    Congrats on reaching 500.

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    Congratulations Doug. Great video. I've taken notes. I have the the Wingsung 601A in Teal, great pen 👍

  • Eric Pye says:

    Thank you, enjoyed that. We seem to have a similar enthusiasm for PenBBS, amazing quality for the price. May I suggest you investigate Ranga pens from India – good quality with really interesting shapes and finishes but the no 6 nibs sometimes need a bit of fettling. They're something a bit different that you may like. Regards – Eric

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    Hey Douglas , Congrats on 500 subscribers and wishing you many many more…👍

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    OMG! This is 2020! That was hysterical! This was such an enjoyable rundown of favorites for 2019! Great laughs! Great pens! I had to put a few more on my list. I must say, I really love your taste in
    Pens! And, of course, your wife’s taste in pens! I love the ones she picks for her use, and the one she picked out for you. Great taste! But man, my “pens to buy” list is getting dangerously long! 😁 But, “Not that is anything wrong with that.” Ha! I had to watch it again! So damn funny!! “Refresh, refresh!”

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    Fun video. If I had to make a Top 10 video I would include also include several PenBBS pens, like the 308, 456, and 355. I also love my WS51A and 699. My top pen would have to be the Sheaffer Legacy though. It has the beautiful inlaid nib like your Targa, but I love the size, heft, and feel of this pen in my hand.
    Happy New Year and I’m looking forward to a lot more fun pen videos coming out.

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    Hi Douglas. I noticed whilst watching your PenBBS323 Tuzi how nice that particular snake ring was. I’ve searched without success to find one similar so could I ask where you got this please? Tim

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    Nice bunch of pens. Amber works best in models you want to see ink, like 355, Galaxy is opaque. I like your colors, my Favs include Aurora, Symphony, Smog, Dark Paint, Hidden path, Cordeorite, I like almost all the colors/finishes. More in 2020 !!

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    Supertramp! That was along time ago… I loved them, had all their records.

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    Doug, Thank you for bringing some sanity to the Fountain Pen thing. I have just gotten back into fountain Pens after some 30 years of neglecting how wonderful they are to write with. I have bought some very nice and expensive pens from Visconti, Pelikan, Conway Stewart, Sailor, etc,etc but I must say the pens that give me the greatest joy are the pens from Penbbs, Fountain Pen Revolution, Edison and Moonman and especially the Moonman M600S; I have 4. There is nothing like re-fitting a Moonman M600S with my favorite #6 rosetta 1.1stub nib; pure heaven for me! Love your reviews and choice of pens. Congrats on reaching 500 views, it looks like the next 500 will come a lot quicker. Also loving the Classical Music with the Oldies; looking forward to more of your reviews!

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    Love your videos, very entertaining and informative – Cant wait for the next one!

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