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Tombow dual brush pen tutorial, Easy Hand Painted Christmas cards

Tombow dual brush pen tutorial, Easy Hand Painted Christmas cards

Hi everyone! I’m Smitha from the blog Smiling Colors
and today we are making a few quick 10 minute holiday cards for today. The holiday season is here, and it gets so
busy so quickly- so I am challenging myself to make something easy and colorful in under
10 minutes. If you recreate something from my videos please
share them with me on my social media! I’m starting my cards with these watercolor
cards that come pre cut and pre scored. This particular set comes with matching envelopes
and I find this so convenient during the holiday season especially. I’ll leave links below in the youtube description
for all of the supplies used in this video. For the coloring today- I am using Tombow
Dual brush pens. These are water based markers and can give
a lovely watercolor look. You’ll also need a paintbrush, I am using
a No 8 round. You will need some water- its just a bowl
of water I know it appears a bit pink in the video. You will want to use a good black pen. I am using the Mono twin permanent marker
and I will tell you why I love this particular pen in a minute. Optional, a ruler, a good eraser and pencil-
I have grabbed a no 6H pencil which is really really light. To start the cards- I first am drawing lines
using the light 6H pencils. These lines are simply to act as a guide for
me when I am lettering in the sentiment. You can eyeball this and directly use a black
pen on the card. But since I am making a set of 4 cards, I
wanted them to look consistent and so I decided to spend a couple of minutes marking exactly
where I wanted the sentiment written. The pencil lines are really light and can’t
really see them too well in the video, but thats good because that means they will be
easily erasable. Now back to the pen. The Mono twin permanent marker is great to
use while watercoloring because it has an oil based ink. Which means the ink on the paper will not
run if water touches it. This pen has two ends- a thicker marker end
and a finer pen end. I am going to be using the pen end today,
but you could really use either. Now I am lettering in the words happy holidays
onto the bottom half of the card right where I drew my guidelines. A good tip while lettering is to mix the fonts-
like here I wrote the word happy in a fun cursive like font, where as I used tall capital
letters for the word Holidays. Now you can go ahead and erase the pencil
guide lines. Now really, you could letter in the sentiment
after you paint the christmas tree in too. For me the lettering is always the iffy part
and I like to get that done first, so that I won’t spoil the card. Now comes the fun coloring part. I am using a pink Tombow Dual brush pen here,
you can find the exact color numbers listed in the supplies. These brush pens have two sides as well- a
brush tip and a finer marker tip. We’ll first use the brush tip to draw the
tree and then later we will use the marker tip to add the string of lights. Draw a triangle with the brush tip to for
the tree. Try to keep the base of the tree as wide as
the sentiment we lettered in first. Dip your brush in some water and then simple
paint along the triangle. Since these brush pens are water based, the
ink will dilute and basically work like a watercolor paint. This gives a nice soft look and feel to the
tree. I love watercoloring and this is such an easy
way to do it. Now you can keep this aside and let it dry
for a while, but I usually just pat it dry by placing a clean paper towel on top and
pressing down firmly once. The color still looks vibrant after this and
I am too impatient to wait while it dries otherwise. Next we want to draw in our string of lights. But first touch your paper and make sure it
is dry to the touch. Then quickly draw in some arcs going all the
way down the tree. The more free flowing your arcs are the more
natural it is going to look. So the best way to draw this in is to be quick
and not think about it too much. The final step is to color in all the color
lights onto the strings. I am using the marker tip for this and you
can quickly scatter different colors along the strings to complete the card. I love sending and receiving holidays cards-
for me that is the best part of the month of December. I hope you get inspired to make and share
some holiday cards of your own too. And that’s it in under 10 minutes you can
easily create a colorful holiday card of your own. Since I had all the supplies out already,
I went ahead and made a set of cards and it actually just took me about 10 minutes to
make the other 3 cards. And I love how they turned out! Don’t forget to check out my previous video
where I made this JOY home decor sign from an adult coloring page. If you are interested on learning how to use
these Tombow Dual brush pens for watercoloring check out my playlist. And as always, happy crafting my friends!

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