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Tombow Brush Pen Art, Start to Finish, Smitha’s Sketchbook 07

Tombow Brush Pen Art, Start to Finish, Smitha’s Sketchbook 07

hello friends I’m Smitha Katti and
welcome to another smiling colors video this week over on Instagram I took over
the tombow USA’s channel and share this particular illustration and I thought
I’d come in here quickly and give you an overview of it these are the supplies
I’ve used and I leave information about them in the description box below to
begin the sketch I start with the pencil outline once I have my pencil sketch in
place I think it to increment the striations I always use the monitor and
permanent marker this marker has two tips a pen and a marker tip and I use
the pen tip from illustrations I almost always use this pen for my illustrations
because it’s a really crisp black not only that it is very watercolor friendly
and I plan to watercolor this illustration after this so what I’m
doing here is I’m just basically going over my lines and adding the details I
usually just use the pencil marks as a guideline I’m not really particular if I
exactly trace that shape because if the trees a little bigger a little smaller
doesn’t really matter what the pencil sketch is therefore is to show me where
I want each element to be placed and what kind of size and ratio and once I
finish administration I go in and erase all of my pencil marks now it’s time to
color I take my tombow dual brush pants directly to paper and then with the
paintbrush dipped in water I spread the color this creates soft variations of
the color and it’s such a fun technique one thing you need to keep in mind is
your paper should not be really thin if your paper super thin what happens is
Tomba marker color will get absorbed and you won’t be able to use the water to
spread it so mixed media paper or watercolor paper works really well for
this technique try something that has a little bit of thickness so that the
pigment doesn’t get absorbed right away today I’m using a mixed-media sketchbook
and I’m adding a little bit of water not too much water because these paper the
paper and this is not super thick it’s thick enough that I can do this
technique though so once that’s dried I want to go in and add a little more
depth to this to do that what I do is I use the tombow dual brush pens again but
I spread the color this time using the tombow colorless blender
and I’m no longer adding water I just want to add some shadow and deeper cover
to some areas and so I take the marker directly to the paper again and then I
spread it using the colorless blender pen this pen is available this is the
end zero zero pen it’s there in each and every set of tom markers and this is one
of the most overlooked pens I enjoy doing techniques with it actually
now I found that the worst find your path was getting lost between all of
this colorful vibrant background so what I did was I took the same pen the mono –
in permanent marker but this time the marker tip and I just went over the
letters quickly to make it much more bolder and honestly I think I used every
color and the tombos bright palette set for this I love that set for as Rainbow
goodness and this gets to not to be as rainbowy as it is I hope you enjoyed
this quick overview if you have more questions about this technique make sure
you leave a comment below and I will answer them for you as always there’ll
be more information in the description box and i’ll also leave links to
products that i’ve used today in case you’re looking for those exact supplies
make sure to hit subscribe to my channel share this video like this video let me
know what you want to see more on my channel and I’ll see you again soon with
another video but till then happier

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