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Tom and Eric Eat Disney Princesses?!

Tom and Eric Eat Disney Princesses?!

– All right. Ready?
Apparently there’s donuts in the breakroom.
I’m real excited. I know Stephen’s already in there,
because this boy loves donuts. Oh!
– (Micah) Is that the box that you got for us?
– (Mikaela) Did you eat that yourself? – Well, I was gonna bring
this box upstairs, but then I ate some
of the donuts. – (Mikaela) A few. (laughs)
– (Micah) I… Trejo’s proud of you at least. We may be judging you.
– (Mikaela) Awww. Our boys. – (Celeste) Give him a little kiss.
– (Micah laughs) – (Mikaela) My new favorite ship.
– (Micah) Celeste was not expecting him to actually do that.
– Today, we are shooting a Try Not to Eat episode that’s all
Disney princess foods, and they are delicious.
We’ve been eating them all morning. It’s been amazing.
Frog, and then it would need to be lion cub.
It would need to be… – (Micah) They’re gonna literally
try not to eat princesses? – (Mary) Maid Marian fox.
We can serve fox. So, here’s the thing.
– (Micah) Is that legal? – I’ve pitched several times
try not to eat Pokemon, and I want it to just be Pokemon,
not Pokemon foods, ’cause there aren’t a ton
of great Pokemon foods in the universe. So ideally,
you would have like a Miltank steak, which sounds delicious.
I eat steak, why wouldn’t I eat a Miltank?
– (Micah) Oh, Magikarp filet? – Magikarp filet!
That sounds so good! – A person pushes their car
to a hotel and tells the owner that they’re bankrupt. Why? – Monopoly player?
– (various) Ah. – (Rafi) Oh!
– (all clap) – (Truman growls)
– (various laugh) – (Truman barks) – (woman) [inaudible] and Andrea N.
Oh, I can’t do this one. – Armani on the phone.
– (Micah) Maddie! – I’m not on the phone.
What’d you say? – I’m a busy man.
Let’s make this quick. – Hi, guys.
– (Micah) Hi. – Also, like, hi.
I haven’t seen you for a long time. How was your Thanksgiving?
I like your haircut. – (Micah) Thank you.
There we go. – Ah, Thanksgiving was
just fine, thank you very much. Got a lot–
Can you believe I got this for $10 on Black Friday? This jacket.
– (claps) – (Stephen) It’s pretty nice.
– (Micah) You know, I read that… – Heather gray.
– (Micah) More money was spent the 2019 Black Friday
than any Black Friday previous? – I read that too,
which I find very hard to believe. But…
– I did buy some shoes. – I guess things are more expensive.
– Half off. It was no– what?
How much was that? 10? – Well, just in general,
things are more expensive. So, more–
– But my shoes were not that cheap. – (Micah) So, we’re doing
Try Not to Eat Princess Foods today, and I was wondering if you could
tell me a little bit about that, some of the fun things that you made.
– Well, the fun stuff right here is definitely the poison apple,
the punishment food. – (Micah) Well,
that’s quite a punishment. – (Bryan) Yeah, it’s–
instead of water for making candy apples, I used fish sauce
and a touch of tahini and a charcoal food coloring
to give that little glaze in it. We have a bunch of stuff over here.
We have a cheese soufflé. We have the beef ragu.
We got the gumbo. We got some crème brûlée
and chocolate pudding, some blueberry pies
and whatnot to enjoy. And we also got some gyozas
in there too. – (Micah) This is when it’s best
to just work here and not react, ’cause I can eat the leftovers
and don’t have to take the punishment. – Hey, you guys can have
everything you want. (laughs) – That side of the desk towards me.
– (Micah) Oh, that’s the good. Yeah, the hand down.
– Just a little. Yeah. See. – That much? What? What?
Oh, I’m so bad at these. – This is intense, Micah.
You might want to stand back. – (Micah) Ignore me.
I’m a fly on the wall. Just ignore me.
I’m not even here. – It’s a little hard.
– You’re very clearly here. – (Micah) I’m not even in the way. – Hey, fam! React princess Mary here. Are you guys following
@fbe on Twitter? Well, be sure to check it out
for Q&As, behind-the-scenes, to tell us what you thought
of this episode and more! Thanks for watching, guys. Bye!
– Come here. Close the door. So, today’s Maddie’s birthday.
– (Micah) Oh, yeah? – Which we definitely knew earlier
in the meeting with her, but we were waiting to say
happy birthday. – (Micah) We wanted her
to think we forgot maybe. – We wanted her to think we forgot…
– (Micah) Yeah. – …so that can then do
a grand gesture later to wish her happy birthday.
So, we gotta think of something that says we didn’t forget.
We didn’t forget your birthday. We totally knew it was
your birthday this whole time. You got anything?
– (Micah) We could hastily put together a birthday card.
– Okay. That seems like a Tori thing. – A bir– why is it
a Tori thing?! – (Mary) All right. Here we go. – Chocolate chip cookies?!
Oh, it’s really fluffy. – It’s really soft?
– Mm-hmm. – Well, I mean, if he’s doing it…
I don’t want anyone to eat alone. That’s rude.
– Yeah. Cheers. Thank you. – Ding. Mm. It tastes like
a McDonald’s cookie on crack. – It’s like four cookies,
but you stacked them up. – (both laugh)
– This is a fat cookie. – (Mary) All right, guys.
Next up… – What?
– (Mary) Based on Tiana’s gumbo from the Princess and the Frog,
this classic Louisiana dish has shrimp, sausage, veggies,
bacon, and, of course, Tabasco. Even Tiana would agree
it’s the bee’s knees. – Well, I wanna look at it. – (Mary) Open it up.
– Okay. – Ooh.
– That does look really nice. It also doesn’t look
like enough for two people. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – We’re gonna eat a snowman!
Or a cake in the back– oh, it’s chocolate.
– ♪ Chocolate in my face ♪ I also wanna stuff
some chocolate in my face. – I mean, who doesn’t?
Yeah, this is endgame for me. Sorry, Eric. I can’t.
There’s so much chocolate. There’s chocolate cake,
chocolate M&Ms, chocolate syrup, and then sprinkles
I’m pretty sure are chocolate. – I don’t think so.
They’re sugar, aren’t they? – Probably.
– (Micah) So, how we doing on the card?
– Okay, so I found a card. It’s a C-Team card,
but only Brandon has signed it. So, I’m thinking should I sign
for everyone else or should it just be Brandon and I
and then maybe you and Stephen could also sign it or something.
– (Micah) You sign as you and then Stephen and I
will sign as– oh, there’s still Mikaela, T–
okay. You sign as maybe you and– are you more like Tom,
Eric, or– you could probably get Eric’s signature down.
– Yeah. I think I kind of remember Eric’s signature actually.
So, I’ll do my usual one, which is up there.
– You can probably do ’em all better than any of us. Okay, can I–
– Eric does like a… that. And then I think he does it
in cursive. [Bleep]. And then he does a B.
I think that’s how he does it. – (Micah) Yeah, seems about right.
Stephen, are you more of a Mikaela or more of a Tom when it comes
to your penmanship? – More of a Mikaela.
– (Micah) Okay. Okay, Mikaela. Put your max signature down.
And I know you’ll get it on the first try. That’s…
you got– you’re halfway there. – (Stephen) Something like that? – (Micah) Yeah.
Boston… – (Stephen) Maybe write “I’m Boston.”
– (Micah) [Bleep]. I don’t think she really knows what his name is,
so I think “Tim” would be okay. – (Stephen) Tori, you think
this looks good? – Yes! Okay, that’s…
that’s how Mikaela spells her name. And “Tim”… yeah, okay!
This is perfect! – (Stephen) It says
“I am Boston Tim,” but I don’t think you’re gonna
be able to tell the difference. – (Micah) She’s not gonna
read that far into this. – I think this might have been
the perfect crime. We’re great at forging
our friends’ signatures. – (Micah) So, who wants
to give it to Maddie? Oh! Should we write “Happy Birthday”
on there or something? – Oh, we should probably
write on the back. – (Micah) So, Connor…
– Oh! Um, uh, hey. Hey. Uh, hey.
– (Micah) Just wondering what you did for the break that we just
got back from. – I did normal Thanksgiving things,
like mashed potatoes, hand turkeys, where we got real, organic
farm-raised hands this year. And uh, you know,
just normal… normal stuff. – I had two dinners on the same day.
Very full still. – All I did was wake up
a little under the weather, nothing major. (coughs loudly)
– (Micah) Okay. I gotta go talk to other people now.
– Wait, you didn’t hear what I did for Thanksgiving.
– (Micah) No, that was really good. – I finished all of Pokemon already.
And I’m upset by it, because I was supposed to drag out
Pokemon until March when Animal Crossing comes out,
and I’m already done with it. – (Micah) You look like
you’re pretty busy. I’m gonna… – Yeah, I’m super busy right now.
I have a lot of work. – (Micah) …maybe go see
what Rafi did for the break. – Yeah, that… that seems good.
Hey, can I see that SD card for a sec? – (Mary) You have to take one bite
for every food you ate today. It has fish sauce, tahini,
and other spicy ingredients. – Ahhh! I hate fish sauce!
Mikaela threw up ’cause of fish sauce. – Yeah!
– Dare you to take a bite. You can’t not take a bite.
– Tom, don’t do it! Tom, don’t do it!
– (gags) – (Tori) I’m nervous.
– (Micah) I know. I’m so excited for her.
She has no idea. – She’s gonna be so–
– (Tori) Dude! You stepped on it.
– She’s gonna be so stoked. – (Maddie) Just don’t.
– No, you’re gonna like it. You’re gonna like it, Maddie.
– (Micah) We won’t. We won’t. Now, talk away.
– (Stephen) Listen. Remember that meeting earlier?
– (Maddie) Mm-hmm. – And we were all meeting
and hanging out, having fun? – (Maddie) Yeah.
– Well, did you feel kind of sad? – No. I felt great. (laughs)
– You didn’t feel sad that you thought, like,
“Oh, they forgot my birthday”? Well, we didn’t. And we–
– I bet… I have a feeling that you went upstairs
to the stream room and you saw Tori.
And Tori was like, “I saw Maddie this weekend,
and she told me it’s her birthday on Monday.”
(laughs) – What? That doesn’t make sense.
– (Micah) Sometimes real life makes less sense
than what makes sense. – Me and Micah know that we don’t
really matter to you. – Yeah.
– But we got all the talent to sign this for you.
– (Micah chuckles) “The talent.” – (Brandon) Hey, I’m more
than talent, okay? – (Micah) Talent-ed!
– Thanks. – They all signed it.
– (gasps) Mukayluh. – (Brandon laughs)
– (Maddie) I am Boston Tom. – (Stephen) Um, yeah.
– (Micah) Yeah, it says Tom. She didn’t notice. (snickers) – (Stephen) Okay. Here.
– (Maddie) Thank you. – (Brandon laughs) – (various clapping)
– (Micah) Awww. – (Tori) Happy birthday!
– (Micah) It’ll live on your desk forever.
– Thanks, guys. Wow. – This is worthless now.
– (Micah) Yeah, get rid of that. – (Brandon) No– (gasps)
– What? – You’re gonna make us throw up.
– And we just got all the food. – (Tom laughs)
– I don’t think this is possible to pick up.
– I wanna turn it upside down, but I don’t.
– Oh, that is drippy.

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