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‘Tok It Out’: Kombucha Girl Talks Post Malone Crush and Adele Resemblance

‘Tok It Out’: Kombucha Girl Talks Post Malone Crush and Adele Resemblance

Hi, I’m Sierra. And today my guest
is Brittany Broski. Brittany, are you ready? I am so ready. Let’s do it. [LAUGHTER] Ew. Most people may recognize
you from your iconic kombucha video, your
hilarious tweets, and your incredible impressions. We love the impressions. Thank you. Thank you, babe, so much. Aw! Today we’re here to chat
about all the hottest trending TikToks of the week. Let’s Tok It Out. [MUSIC PLAYING] Before we get into the trends,
I have a couple of questions for you– so do
the people at home. OK. So what made you
start TikToking? So I posted a video called
“Depression Meal Check” where I had a bowl, and I had
dry apples and chocolate chips. Very sad. Very sad. It was like 4:00 AM, and I
was having a manic episode, and I’m eating it
with a fork and I said, “depression meal check.” And that went viral overnight. Did you want to do comedy? I worked at a bank, girl. I never was like, my
name in shining lights. Like, I never ever, ever. Where do you stand on kombucha? So do you like it? Does it look like I’m
a health nut, girl? I’m not like, oh, kombucha
every day but it’s OK. Right. Well– Everyone was making
fun of me, but I feel like if I have kombucha,
I have a little bit of a buzz. Do you feel that? No. Do people ever say that
you look like a celebrity? I get Adele. I get Meghan Trainor. But in my Twitter
DMs are where you get real, real honest with me, huh? Mr. Incredible, Buzz Lightyear–
she’s laughing, right? I don’t see it. This is disrespectful. Yes, you do. I don’t. I pull my hair back and
it’s just white with eyes. Now that I all of that,
let’s go ahead and begin. Work. Get in– what does “work” mean? It means, oh, work. Right. Work. [LAUGHTER] This TikTok proves
why you should never trust your siblings. Roll the clip. [VIDEO PLAYBACK] All right. You ready? [BALLOON POPPING] [WATER SPLASHING] [END PLAYBACK] [LAUGHTER] Why does she have to fall
off the chair like that? So dramatic. I just feel like we knew
where this was going. I would– oh, oh. She really acts brand new. She said, ah. Thank God I’m an only child. I’m kidding. I have a brother. I’m sorry. She canceled her brother
on Ellen Digital. So this is why I
have trust issues. My therapist will be
watching this later. Thank you, Dr. Goldstein. I’ll see you on Thursday. Every now and then
a TikTok comes along that’s a perfect
reflection of my soul. This is one of them. [VIDEO PLAYBACK] [MUSIC – RIHANNA, “TOWARDS THE
SUN”] (SINGING) –face
towards the sun. Let the shadows fall behind you. [END PLAYBACK] Wait, wait– that’s us. That is. It’s you and me. That’s what– me and
Post Malone, actually. Oh, my God. That’s me and Posty. Do we ship it? We ship. Those outfits– I think
you and I should get them. Wait, can we please recreate? [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] There are DIYs, and then there’s
DIY why would you ever consider doing this to yourself? [VIDEO PLAYBACK] [SNIPS] Oh– no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I’m about to cry. No! Do you think that this
is going to fix it? Oh, my God. [END PLAYBACK] This is the thing–
note to self, maybe next time you’re
cutting your hair, let’s use a mirror
and not a phone. Oh. But I love you and
I hope it grew back. I– whatever mental breakdown
you were going through, just know I see you
and I support you. I know she did this
at, like, 3:00 AM. Oh, you could tell. She just finished crying. She probably had, like,
a Rice Krispie Treat. She sat down and said– This is it. I’mma do it. This is it. Have you ever tried
to cut your own hair? Absolutely. Really? Yeah. But my mom would find in the
trash can, like, why is there human hair in the trash can? Stop. So I said, snip, snip, snip. Really? Well, that was fun. But before we go, we have
to show your loyal fans. Are you ready? [SIGHS] Don’t
embarrass me, y’all. [VIDEO PLAYBACK] It really smells like
a public restroom. [LAUGHING] [GASPS] (MOCKING
ACCENT) It really smells like a public restroom. [LAUGHING] It smells like a
public restroom. It smells like a
public restroom. You know what? You know what? No. Well– Well– [END PLAYBACK] [LAUGHTER] Have you ever seen that? No, I’ve never seen that. That’s so good. It’s iconic. Talking in cursive is one
of the funniest things– [LAUGHTER] Talking in cursive? (ACCENTED) Yes, yes, I’s– I– your– I– I– I– yes– I–I–I– and, like,
on TikTok people do that, but they, like, talk. Wait, that’s
literally so insane. That’s the first
cursive thing I’ve ever seen with regards to, like,
one of my videos, though. OK, good. So that’s iconic. So we love that. I love that. I’ll send you the link. OK, word. Here, say this– I’m scared. –follow me on TikTok. Wait, can you give me that– (ACCENTED) Follow me on TikTok. Oh, [BLEEP] no. [LAUGHTER] Thank you for
joining us, Brittany. For those of you
at home, make sure you send us some of
your favorite TikToks and maybe next week
we’ll Tok It Out. That’s a good one– talk, Tok. Tok It Out. Tok it aight. OK, bye! [MUSIC PLAYING]

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