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Tip & Tricks For using The Micron Pigma Pens

Tip & Tricks For using The Micron Pigma Pens

Hi, this is Jim with Gods 411 if that has ever happened to you when you’re writing in your Bible with your pen And you get a big blob or you say you’re writing with a pencil and you’re going along and your tear the page? If that’s something that’s happened to you, or if you want to know the best way To mark in your Bible and to write hang on I’ve got some great advice. Welcome back I am so excited to start Episode three of a proven way to get the most out of your Bible studies in the first episode We just took a look at the highlighter is the different type just kind of gave you a great overview and the second episode We opened up every set of highlighters. I highlighted in my own Bible I showed you the advantages of the disadvantages of all the Bible highlighters if you haven’t seen especially The second one. I’ll put a link in here. You’re gonna want to go back because it’s a great video Just in and learning about all the different highlighters and how they look I give you a really great close-up of what they look like now in episode 3 We are going to take a look at the last part of highlighting or mark in your Bible and What I mean by that is a lot of people, you know, maybe you don’t like highlighters maybe highlighting isn’t for you Maybe you like underlining maybe like circling keywords, maybe like, you know you’ll have a little line that you go out here and you’re right a little bit more about it is or a Reference purse or or something in your life that meant something to you You know, I know a lot of people that will write like high points and low points Or even like when they’re reading this section of scripture where God was working in their life. I mean Bibles now have really become just a journal of your life and it’s great because You know God moves in certain times and areas of your life and it’s so neat to write that down And to know Winnie was doing that. So as you saw in the beginning you’ve got to use the right type of writing utensil if you just get a Regular pen that you buy somewhere, you know an off supply or somewhere chances are they’re gonna blow and If a blob it smears the page as you saw in the beginning and then if you close your Bible it You know, it attaches itself. It’s like, you know, what kind of a cancer it attached? So if the other page, you know, if you flip over like here, there’s a big blob on my other side of the page There’s just a mess and you don’t want to make that mistake Plus if you like pencils like I’m a pencil guy if you love those mechanical pencils They have a very very fine lead and on some Bible paper You know some Bible papers really thin its thin it’s a thin weight especially like a thin line or like a Traveling Bible, you know They the Bible doesn’t get They don’t take anything away from the Bible each to hope so so they have to make Bible on thinner paper Which makes it more easy to damage So if you’re using a pencil you could rip the entire Page of your Bible if you’re like a hard-riding like I am I’m not a like a light rider. Who lights You know writes really light I push really hard. I have talked to so many people That they’ve been doing that where they rip the pages so Are you ready? I am going to give you the best Set for doing this. It’s just the number one selling set. They stand behind their product I’m going to show you how to use them. There’s a right way and a wrong way to use them We get so many people coming to us and saying that they didn’t know how to use them, right? I mean, it’s not like something really hard to use. But if you don’t know a couple of tips and tricks to use these You can you can damage the little nib And what I’m talking about is the micron pigma sets. They are the Best-selling in bible writing inductive study Awesome set. But you’re gonna want to know how to use them and in this video coming up I’m going to show you how to use them Plus these guys are absolutely great If you damage this ed in any way shape or form They will send you a new replacement and I’m gonna have an information for you at the end. So, hang on. Are you ready? Let’s get started Hold on I forgot the most important part We’re going to be giving away this free set in this video series. So hang on till the end I’ll tell you how you can enter to win this free set Let’s take a look at this set so first okay first Take these and throw these away. Okay. They are a mess They’re just you. Never know when pins are going to blob when you’re writing with them they get on your clothes and your Bible they get everywhere so my advice for Right in your Bible. Do not use any types of pens at all. There’s so many Disadvantages and there are really no Advantages that I can think of do. I know you like pencils? Okay, some people like pencils. I like pencils I like to erase I like the feel of them. There’s one thing about pencils if you’re going to use pencils Use a soft lead don’t use a hard lead Bible pages are very thin and if you write with your pencil and you get going and you get into your thoughts and again, like I’ve said before in this video series if you mark through really quick the pages will catch and it will rip so Really? My advice is don’t use pencils either Let’s take a look at what I recommend. There are a lot of Bible writing Utensils out there this brand From micron is the number one selling set and its really maybe isn’t really this set because you can buy a four pack of this you can buy individually if you want to just Specifically choose which one you want. You can buy an eight pack, which is more of an inductive study set this particular pen the micron pigma pan is the best pen for writing in your Bible, but There are a couple things that you need to know It’s almost it’s almost like a Calligraphy pen where there are certain things that we’re gonna tell you about when I’m writing in my Bible then you don’t want to do their consistent problems over and over again, so There are great great if the best selling out there it is the best for your Bible and I’ll tell you kind of a little bit of the The attributes and why they are the best-selling but again You just kind of kind of get to know how to use them because they’re not just a typical pen per se So again, you can buy these in all different different you might individually and the tip of the pen and We will take it apart and I’ll show you an I writing is called a nib kind of like a calligraphy nib there are all different sizes of nibs from Micron, very small small nib to a thicker thicker thicker mill so you know it Depends what you want to do in your Bible and there are different colors which when you’re talking colors that gets more into the inductive Bible where you’d circle keywords like who what when where why and who and we’re gonna go over that and I think our next Serious, you’re not going to want to miss that so Let’s kind of tell you the advantages before we break open this set They are One nice thing is they’re acid-free and and what acid-free means is it’s big with scrapbookers So it’s not going to fade if you’re doing pictures It’s just gonna last you probably it will last you longer than you They don’t smear is one of the things that says here which is true they’re not fade-proof That’s where they kind of come in the acid free and they don’t bleed through but again, like I tell you Tell you tell you tell you I can’t emphasize it enough before you get any marking materials Please go to the back your Bible to a page that you don’t care about and make a little mark and see how your pen Reacts to the page of your Bible because I mean every pen if you leave it there long enough Probably is gonna bleed through right? So again, I will go over and we’ll open. I’m sure you can see the different colors On the back and this is called a study kit So this is the middle of the road and they have another one for this one I think sells for around $19 I will include a link below for all the different ones that you can buy There’s one up above which I think $21 and that’s more of the inductive style It comes with different names different colors and actually kind of a calligraphy type Pen so you can kind of change it up a little bit and write really neat kind of Writing style on the back which is kind of neat It does give you I don’t know if you can see this but like I said don’t worry because we’re gonna open them up and I’ll show you a close-up of everything it tells you a Shows of different colors and then again, it does give you a study guide So if you don’t know like who would be red What would be blue when would be green something like that? You can use theirs or you can use your own It’s totally up to you on the back here. It says smooth. We’re gonna check that out. We’re gonna take a look at that Skip free lines. We’re gonna take a look at that. I’m gonna give you a close-up and let you take a look at it Chris consistent lettering every time so when I said this is the best set, we sell just thousands of these and after 20 years of Christian retailing. Yes It’s this is probably again you pay for what you get I guess is what I’m going to say You can buy a cheaper said from the Orient a Generic and it could bleed it could fade You pay you’re gonna pay more for this, but you’re gonna be so much more Happier hands down and before we open it up What’s so unique about these and I will just tell you why and like I said, they’re not like just any type of pen Can we get it open. There we go I mean again, we’re gonna show you close above this, but it is just it’s up just micron That’s why they call them micron pickup ends That is the nib it is just incredibly tiny and they’re ventilated through here, which I was sure they’re closed up But they need to be ventilated there’s Two things about these that you’re gonna want to know and I’m gonna tell you how to avoid that One they dry out is people there’s two complaints they dry out Which I will tell you how to avoid that. And then also they believe they’ll be like a clear fin will there start a calligraphy pen Will they start to kind of blob and bleed out really easy to avoid? There’s just something you need to know not to do. So if you’re ready to get started, let’s go All right, are you ready to dive in and for me to show you what these are again We’re talking about the micron pigma set. This is a study set. So we’ll open up the box The package the clamshell officially they call it So this is the study of steps So there is more of an inductive study set which is a step up from this This is the middle of the road so as you can see they give you and I have my camera here to show you close-ups they give you Well first, let me just the first let me go over nibs. So there’s different types of lip and a nib is a nib is You can just see how fine that is the new visit is the tip of the right team utensil like a calligraphy pen and They have different sizes of nibs So they have a point zero one and then a point zero five So the one would be the smallest Smallest nib and then you can work your way up to a point five Which would be a thicker nib than the other ones. And again, this is the study sets You don’t get as many varieties of nib and Sciences and the other one So let’s take a look and see all what this is if it’s good if it’s bad If you smear all that good stuff Again, this is the best-selling Set I would not waste my time with pens pencils I would just go Right to the spend your money wisely because it is your Bible and you are not gonna want to make a mistake So let’s start out with number one. This nib is a black nib and It is 0-1. So it’s a really really fine nib The caps are really tight and I’ll show you why l tell you why if you want them really tight. So let’s start by underlining the first verse All right. Let’s take a look a black zero one nib the writing Okay, let’s show you a close-up of the number zero one Let’s let me get busy Focus, okay, so that’s the zero one Black nib, so let’s let’s show you how this right? So I’m writing upside down still have to bear with me. Okay? So as you can see, it’s really smooth I Really like it it’s very very thin line which is really nice because when you’re writing with these It’s always uniform. You don’t get some that are thicker something that our thinner it looks really nice I mean that just looks great. Let me do about the middle of my way. So you can really good it good so this looks really nice and And this you’re gonna also do like the inductive study. So, you know, you’ll be reading along and maybe you want to You know highlight or circle the word three It’s really nice because it’s not thick it totally can circle the whole word and it’s it’s it looks really clean So let just explained really quick This part would be I’m gonna get a good picture. That would be your nib So the little black tip, I don’t know if we can do it. Very good The little black tip is your nib and then in here in here You have the ventilating system which will pull air? Into the pin and then let the ink flow out through the nib So if you do bend it or crack it The ink won’t whoa, and that’s why your pen would dry out which I’m going to explain you The next couple of minutes. So again, let me just kind of show you looks really really nice. Really Nice and journaling has come so far nowadays, I mean I mean Bible highlighting they’re doing Bible journaling now, which is just drawing this amazing picture on the page and they use these Markers or writing utensils for doing that so you can write like nice little hearts if you wanted to on your Bible Hearts you could draw like if you wanted to highlight that area saying I want to remember that first Just you name it and the really neat thing is watch This video until the very end and at the end we are going to have examples of professional Bible journaling ladies, which are just Amazing. They create the most amazing work. So let’s just highlight a couple more or no highlight. Keep on saying highlight Let’s underline a couple more really good So that should give you a good example of the black zero 1 micron pigma pen With 0 1 nib, so let’s take a look at the different colors Alright the Colors usually are thicker now you can buy these micron in all thicknesses and I will give you a link where to find all these you can buy the sets or you can buy an individually the Colors come see if I can show you this That’s pretty metallic-looking It’s a 0-5 nip so that means the nib Is going to be a little bit thicker which you can see than the black So let’s go ahead and underline and show you how it looks That looks really nice, I mean I really like the blue it’s really a pretty blue, isn’t it? And it got a little bit there again, I’m writing upside down and I’m left-handed I’m writing with my lemon. So I’m usually right handed so I’m not doing a great job So that’s a blue. Let’s take a look now at the green The green is really nice like the green quite a bit Green’s nice, so that is the point zero five Green and again, you can see the thicker type nib on there Let’s go to a yellow now the yellow it’s not a highlighter it is definitely a Writing underlining utensil. So this is again. It’s a zero five yellow Nib micron pink pen so you can see the nib is thicker than the black And the reason they make all these colors is for the inductive Bible study or Actually, like I said The journaling is amazing and they use these for the Bible of journaling because they’re just great pencil So the yellow looks really great. It looks great So let me scoop up the page a little bit so we can keep on going on So, let’s show the pink one and again, this is the pink number 0-5 it has the thicker nib again than the black I Like it it’s kind of a mauve ish kind of pink, I guess I was saying That’s nice, so that is the pink well, I guess what they call it pink a pink mauve number zero five And let’s take a look the last color in this particular set now again in The inductive study you to get more pens For that set. So this is the purple zero five Nib, so again, it’s thicker Like All the purple looks really nice that’s really sharp really pretty That’s great That’s really nice I like the purple And again, you know this instead of Bible Underlining just to underline I’m trying to show you underlining because it gives you just a really good overview of what the colors look like But again, I mean you can circle keywords So, you know Maybe your purple is who? So you everything that said who you would circle and purple so it would draw your attention to the hooves? or or maybe you wanted to draw like a little arrow and then you just kind of do like that or maybe you want to jot down a time in your life But you know what God really moved so over in the side you would make notes and they’re nice because they’re thin And it’s just uniform It’s just great so you can make little notes over the side when God moved and you know Maybe you can write like a big heart on it or something like that And you know, maybe you could date it, you know. Yeah, I’m sorry. I’m using my left hand. I’m not left-handed So that’s great. I hope you guys like that One other feature that I want to show you that I think you’re just kind of love I mean, I love this is they don’t bleed and let’s take it to a bleed test. Okay So the most bleed test is I’m gonna get a big drop of water and I’m gonna put it on here now This is probably more water than you’re ever gonna do unless maybe you spilled coffee or you totally spilled You know a whole bunch of water when you’re drinking it. This is I’m putting a lot of water on this more than you’d ever You can see the Bible page. You can see the reflection the Bible pages Starting to wrinkle from the water. Again. This is more water than you’ll ever put on there and it’s not bleeding It might be fading just a hair but really for the most part when that dries I mean if I were to do this, I would take my page and I would Stop it from you know doing the other side and with that to show you the other side So I would stop it from doing the other side because it’s gonna you know start to bleed through So I would separate this put pieces of paper in between Excuse me, so that it wouldn’t start to bleed kind of starting to dry it out But the great thing about this what I just love is that it didn’t bleed normal pens I mean you would have buoys all the way through it would just ruin that page You let the page dry out then your underlining your notes. Everything is still in just great condition All right, how did you like that don’t you like the close-up? I just love when I can really see it close-up medicine the coolest thing about videos, isn’t it? There are two things that we get the most ever 20 years of doing this there are two complaints over and over and over again and because they are a Specialized pen and they’re not just a pen that you’re gonna buy an off supply store They take you need to care for them because they’re a little you know It’s a nice they’re a five dollar pen. First is like a $0.49 pen, so I wrote some notes here. So I wouldn’t forget it. The two issues are well, first the drying okay how they dry and what you can do so your pens won’t try so the nib let me Get a let’s get a the nib. Okay, so the nib is a fine Tip you don’t want to push hard Because it’s it’s fine It doesn’t need you know It’s not something if you push hard you’re gonna get more ink the ink is always flowing through the ventilation to that porous nib People will push too hard and they’ll either bend The nib or they’ll crack it when that happens the ink will stop flowing To the nib and then their pen starts to dry out and they think oh my goodness. I just bought this pen and it’s Dried and there’s defective they’re wrong. Well, no, they’re probably not defective If you just bought them they ran, you know you bent the near where you’re cracked it So the ink it stops the flow of being to the tip of the nib So the nice thing about that is you can in this future a couple of couple minutes ahead I’m going to tell you of Sakura of America They will help you out on Replacing your tips or your nibs and your pen sets if they do dry out and that’s great because it’s they they stand behind Their product not a lot of companies do that Sakura of America. These pens are made in Japan. They they stand behind it. Great I love it The other issue is People complain because they leak or they kind of explode so they’ll be using the pen You know, it hasn’t dried out but all of a sudden depend my starts leak and they’re like, oh why is it leaking? that can be solved so a couple things and I’m gonna include a link down below of a YouTube video of how It’s spinning your pen, basically so I’ll take a couple things watch a video on how to Not spin your pens and and sometimes you’re even doing it and don’t even know that you’re doing it So a couple things a couple know knows what you don’t want to do with these pens So you wouldn’t want to shake the pens. Okay, don’t shake them because that ventilation will force the ink to flow Excuse me through that nib, so don’t shake it that that’s a big no-no and you know nervous habits I mean you might point so say you’re like you’re doing something and you’re pointing, you know like this don’t do that because that’s that will cause you to blot out your ink and twirling your pen So say, you know, you’re you’re sitting that are in a meeting and you’re twirling your pen or maybe you’re you know People kind of you know, like in then I’ve seen a movie that where she did this You know where they sit there and go like that. That’s a no-no these pens. They’re not Fragile, but because of that ventilation system, let me see if I did that No, we’re still in good shape because and I think it takes a lot because it’s kind of like a nervous habit of you doing It over and over and over again, but if your pens start to leak, that’s probably why They’re leaking is because you’re doing a couple of things watch a video It will give you some things of not to do of spinning your pens Hey, there’s one thing that I forgot to tell you about these pens which just make these so good Whenever a company stands behind their product to the point of if you don’t like them or they go bad We will replace it to me. That’s always a great Brand or a great company. These are made in Japan they’re not made over in the Orient and they’re made by Sakura of America so if you buy this set and I don’t know if this is out there I don’t know if you probably a lot of people don’t know this so you heard it here on katsu and what okay They will replace Your set okay. So let me tell you the rules and I will include this down below in the description So you have all that information? Okay, so these are How you would replace these or how you would go about replacing it? So really you can’t go wrong if you buy these I mean if you if they dry out which really if they dry out and you know You kind of heard it’s it’s your fault that you’re doing something wrong, or they could just be a defective set. So you need to call customer service and the number is If this goes bad if they bleed or they dry out they will replace your pens Basically at no charge. So again, I will put that information down below so you have it. Alright awesome deal Wow, I hope you guys really enjoyed that as much as I did I know that I have fun I just love showing all these products off all this information that I’ve learned over all Of these years and I hope you got a really good knowledge on just the do’s and don’ts of these micron pigment pens now the fun part we Are giving away a free set of these the free set this one a free set of these pens all you need to do is subscribe if you’re not already subscribed and Comment if yous Bible highlighters are not all the rules will be down at the bottom so you can read all that good stuff there next video is Episode 4 which is like the last part of this and you’re not gonna want to miss this We are going to show you how to do we’ve done everything. So we’ve highlighted We’ve shown you the highlighters how they work all of that good stuff we showed you what type of pens to write with now we’re really going to show you how to Inductive Bible study, so I’m going to get my Bible out and we are going to do an inductive study on one verse Okay, so that would be a great thing comment on what verse you might like me to inductive study We’ll take that verse apart and I’ll show you how to do inductive study the correct way I hope to see you there. This is Jim living the Christian lifestyle Hi, I’m Jean Grey and I am so excited that you have gotten the foundation bottle joeandkate There are so many wonderful things in it and I thought I would do a little unboxing with you show you why I’ve chosen these Particular tools and supplies to put together for you as you start on this wonderful adventure of a bottle channel You may already have taken everything out of the kit, but I wanted to open mine up with you right now And I’m going to take everything out So many things are in here I’m going to kind of try and deal with them one at a time The first thing I want to talk about though. Is this really fun ruler that you get first of all, I love that it’s clear So many times I’m working on things and I really need to see what is underneath the ruler So having one that’s clear is really good secondly You probably haven’t noticed it yet but on the side there is a little bit of a scalloped edge so you can get a little in your Tearing paper or something with it into your Bible. You can get a really nice torn edge with that. I Am so excited that you get two of these classic gelly roll pens and white, it’s my favorite white pen This will go over just about anything that you add to your Bible You will be able to add some highlights. You can add little dots and flourishes. It’s just a great white pen that you can finish any of your journaling posts with Then you get a whole collection of really great pens. You may be wondering why we’ve included It was one of those first tools that I added to my Journaling supply kit because I quickly found out that having a sharp pencil was a great way to get good results when you are working either sketching or cleaning out elements on your page you Want to have as thin the line as possible and with a mechanical pencil? You don’t have to keep going back and sharpening it. We’ve also included some white erasers That’s another thing that I didn’t know what I started journaling The white erasers will not tear the fiber of your paper and since our pages are already very thin We want to be as gentle with them as possible We’ve also included three black micron pens in three different point sizes This will give you a thick a medium and a thin nib size to do all of your illustrations and mine work with The inks are permanent So they are not going to run if you add watercolor or any other wet media Medium over them and the great thing about these sakura micron pens is that they don’t bleed through the page but these are the very best ones that I found for doing your artwork and it not going through the page and Then here’s the thing that probably just makes me smile. This is called a Stardust pen and what it is, it’s basically very small glitter in an actual jelly roll pin you it’s clear and you can put it over anything else that you’ve already done it who doesn’t Occasionally need a little bling on their page So what we’ve included are two of the things that I love to use to get great imagery into my Bible we’ve included some tracing paper and some graphite paper if you find an image on Google or Anywhere else that you are able to find an imagery print it out trace it and then use the graphite paper Kind of like you use to scribble on the backside of your tracing paper with your pencil and then go over it again And it will leave the mark in your Bible You will love using this it gives you so many options for adding art on to your pages and of course a kit would not be complete if we didn’t provide you some ways to add some great color to the images that you’re going to be putting onto your pages and we’ve provided you both a Watercolor set and a colored pencil set now My personal favorite technique is to add water car wash just to kind of lay down the color Onto my page and then I go in with my color pencils and add detail and shading You can use them Individually or together they complement each other really well I could personally invite you to visit illuminated journaling calm. It’s a place that you can come for resources and inspiration I’ve got tutorials of workshops that you can participate in that will show you how to use the tools you already have and Maybe introduce you to a few you’d like to try for yourself If you haven’t already picked up my book illuminated journaling I hope you will I put a lot of information in there that will help you get More out of your journaling time and also some great resources for you in the back as well. Pick it up I think it will bless you. I Am so excited that you are starting on this great adventure of doing illuminated Bible journaling it Radically changed my walk with the Lord and how I did Bible study and I know it will through you as I hope you enjoy Using these tools and supplies when you start journaling in your own Bible Because that’s really what this is all about. It’s about Equipping you to meet with God on the pages of his word helping you to know him better love and more and be ready to serve Him the Word is alive and active and as you approach it with illuminated, Germany it’s going to activate your personal walk and Hi, I’m Jan gray author of the book illuminated journaling whether you’re new to Bible journaling or have been journaling for a while There is something that we all have in common we want to use the coolest products that we’ve seen other Bible journals use on Facebook Instagram and Pinterest I’m right there with you. I love the new stuff When I first started journaling, I did a lot of research to figure out which products would allow me to immediately get great results We put those products together in the illuminated journaling foundations kit It was created to ensure that you would have everything you needed to get started with Bible journaling But now for those of you that are ready to try some new journaling products. I want to share with you our new Foundation’s upgrade kit Just like the research I did to put together all the products in the Foundation’s kit I focused on finding the best products that will allow you to expand the techniques you use when you’re working in your Bible and Still be confident that those products will work. Well on the pages of your Bible Let me show you what we have included in this upgrade kit To begin with we’ve put in a tube of my favorite brand of clear gesso I like to call this the nervous journal errs best friend because when you use this clear gesso it seals your page So you will not get bleed through or have to worry about any of your other products spoiling what you’ve done on the other side of the page It is Very easy to use I use about a dime-size amount of the product and scrape a thin layer across the whole page You can let it dry naturally or you use a heat tool to speed up the process if You do use a heat tool keep it at least 6 inches away from your page So you don’t cause the gesso to overheat and bubble up. I almost always add a second thin layer Especially if I’m going to be doing stamping And you will be doing some stamping the upgrade kit gives you some of my favorite stamping products These are going to allow you to do so many new techniques First of all, let’s talk about the inks that are in this kit. We have put in an archival ink pad this is a permanent and waterproof ink I use this ink to stamp images that I want to color with watercolors or water-based markers You don’t want your ink to smear when you begin coloring in your image, and this ink dries permanently and gives you crisp black lines We’ve included a set of mini distress ink cubes These are so much fun to work with and you can use them for a ton of techniques You will definitely want to prep your page with the clear gesso before you use these because they are a different kind of ink than the archival ink pad These are called dye inks because they react with water and if you don’t prep your page, they will soak right through However, once your page is prepped You will have lots of fun working with these. Let me show you just a couple of things that you can do Of course you can stamp with them Just be sure and use a heat tool or hairdryer to get them to dry completely on top of the Jessop. I think my favorite way to use these inks for stamping is when I want to add just a little bit of texture to a Watercolor background we’ve included a set of four of the hottest colors in the upgrade kit but there are more than 30 other colors of distress ink that you can get if you fall in love with them like I have Distress inks are such a versatile product because they are a dye based ink and you can use them for so many things other than Stamping I often squish some out on my pallet or journaling mat and use them as watercolors by picking them up with my paintbrush and This may be my favorite thing that you can do with distress inks start by using them to create a watercolor background for your page They’re transparent just like watercolors and blend together, beautifully Once your background is dry, and since I’m not very patient I do usually use my heat tool to speed things up You can get a really cool effect by sprinkling clean water onto your page I just spray some in my hand and then flick it onto the background Let it sit for just a minute and then blot it up with a paper towel Because distress ink is reactive with water you get these really cool water droplet shapes That give texture to your background if you pick up some of the wet ink with your paper towel you get a lovely color Variation, that’s pretty cool. Right? I’m telling you these distress inks are so much fun to work with There’s one other tool in the upgrade kit that you will want to use with your distress inks And that is the ink blending tools and foam pads I’d particularly like to use these when I’m adding ink through a stencil on my background After prepping my page with clear gesso I usually start by creating a background with watercolor paint and let it dry Then I place my stencil over the area that I want to add the visual Texture to and I pick up ink from the distress ink pad with the foam on the ink blending tool They are held in place with Velcro so you can trade them out and use one for each color of ink Then I begin to lightly swirl the blending tool and the foam over the surface of the stencil The ink grabs onto the watercolor background and gives you a beautiful texture when you remove the stencil You can make it as dark or as light as you like. I Recommend starting with a light application and keep adding more until you get the look you like One other cool thing these foam pads fit perfectly on the underneath side of the ink pad I store one with each color That way I don’t get any Contamination between the colors and I always have one right where I need it when I want to use that particular ink pad The upgrade kit also includes an alphabet stamp set These are great for adding a quick title or keywords to your page and will work. Well with both the archival and the distressed ink pads Finally, we have included a set of 12 heavy bodied acrylic paints and two paint brushes These paints work great on your Bible pages because they are heavy bodied Meaning they do not contain a lot of water in them you can scrape a thin layer of color onto your page using a palette knife or an old gift card if you scrape it very Thinly you can read right through it. Of course You can layer colors together to get a really trendy Geometric background and this technique is great for giving you a place to add journaling with pens stickers or die-cuts this scraped background is super easy and has so many possibilities for where you can take it and Of course, you can also paint with them just the way you would normally use any other heavy bodied acrylic paint Just remember that it is going to be opaque. Meaning that you can’t see through it You can see this upgrade kit has lots of fun products in it And is the perfect complement to the Foundation’s kit and let you begin adding new techniques to your journaling pages? Immediately you can find it at your local Christian bookstore And if they aren’t there yet, please ask them to order it for you If you post a page where you have used any of these products as part of it Please tag me on Facebook or Instagram. I’d love to see what you’ve created If you would like to learn more about illuminated journaling please visit the illuminated journaling Facebook page or my website at illuminated journaling com Hi, I’m Jan gray and I am so excited to get to share this video with you today If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you’ve been seeing little sneak peeks for a while now But I finally get to show you my brand-new illuminated journaling product They are called one indent and they are Basically line art transfer sheets that hope you get artwork that is ready for you to paint or color onto the pages of your Bible If you have ever taken one of my online or live workshops You know that my favorite technique for getting art into my Bible is to find Inspirational art and to create line art from it Then I trace it into my Bible which basically means you have to trace it twice One-and-done take one of those steps out for you. You trace it once and you’re done That’s pretty cool. Right and even though they’re called one and Duns You can use them again and again We’re releasing the first three sets botanicals icons of the faith and one called favorites Each set has ten sheets of line art printed on high-quality Vellum that lets you see where you want to place the artwork on your page You also get four sheets of graphite paper and a stylus I wanted you to be able to open up the package and have everything that you needed to get started The only other thing I recommend you using is just a little bit of washi tape to hold your art in place Each one comes with at least one lettering guide These are great perfect for adding the title or just to provide you some inspiration as you’re developing your own lettering style So let’s open these up and take a look at them First is our botanical set. I love using florals on my pages Sometimes I use them by themselves and sometimes I want to add just an element to the page to help balance out the design This is the set that I keep out on my desk because it’s easy to reach for when I need to add just a little something-something to the page You’ll see we have provided you artwork in various sizes. We did this so that you will have exam Luckily the size that you need to fit into the space You want to put it in and here’s a feature that I think you will like We have given you the mirror image of some of the greenery pieces This is particularly helpful. If you want to create an arrangement and need bits and pieces that go in different directions This makes that easy for you to do The icons of the face set has some really wonderful pieces of art you can use all or part of this versatile artwork We’ve tried to come up with icons that you can use on a variety of scriptures and topics in your journaling Of course, you can mix and match between the sets. How about these fun round stained-glass pieces? I think they would look great if you were to take some leaves from the botanicals and tuck them in around it almost like the stained glass is the floral and Finally the favorites set. This is the set that was built by you These are the images that I get the most requests for starting off with Yes The lion you guys are just the best and I wanted to give you exactly what you’ve asked for One of the things that I love most about working with line art is that it is a starting point Even if two people start with the same art each will make it their own I have loved seeing this happen in my live workshops We may have 30 or 40 people in the room and they all start with the same artwork and yet They come away with their own uniquely, beautiful Bible page That really is why I created the one and duns I don’t want anyone to have any hesitancy about adding art into their journaling Bible You all know my story my high school art teacher told my mom that it was a good thing I was in band because I didn’t have a creative bone in my body and That only made me a little self-conscious for about 30 or 40 years I’ve heard from so many of you that you don’t feel like you’re very good at drawing either So let’s just set that obstacle aside and let’s do it. Anyway, you don’t have to be able to draw you Just have to want to capture what is in your heart and put it on the pages of your Bible You no I say this all the time, but it really is more about your heart than the art if you want to journal I can help you with the art part Let me show you very quickly how easy it is to add a piece of artwork from one of the sets onto your Bible page It’s just that easy You can find one in Dunn’s at your local Christian bookstore And if they aren’t there yet, please ask them to order them for you. You can also find them on my website Illuminated journaling com if you post a page where you’ve used any of the artwork as part of your page Would you please tag me on Facebook or Instagram? I’d love to see what you’ve created You

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