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Time الوقت Subtitles ترجمة Tareq wa Shireen طارق وشيرين Arabic Kids Cartoon الكرتون العربي للاطفال

Time الوقت Subtitles ترجمة Tareq wa Shireen طارق وشيرين Arabic Kids Cartoon الكرتون العربي للاطفال

Tareq! You’ll be late for the trip! It’s time, come on! Shireen, my love. Come on, it’s time. The bus will be here soon. Good morning Come on, the sun has risen. It’s time for the trip. Come on! I’m going on first! But me first! Let the oldest go first! How do we know who is oldest between us? We’ll talk about this soon but now get on because we are late. Come on! I’m the oldest! How do you know? I’m taller. What are you talking about? Husam says he is the oldest. Because he is the tallest. The oldest boy is born before the other. And how is that? Time. Whichever boy was born before the other means he preceded the other, so his time was greater. No one told us who was older than the other. Time! I know! I’m the oldest! How?! I always beat Wessam in time. I wake up, sleep, and finish my studies first, so I’m the oldest! Where are the fish? I don’t see any in the river. They must still be asleep. The weather is getting hot. It’s the sun, Hidar. And what does the sun do? The sun has many purposes, and the most important one is to tell us about time. Time! Time! When the sun is in the sky, it’s daytime. We do many things in the daytime. We go to school! My father goes to work. We wake up but I still feel sleepy… The sun rises every morning and wakes us up with it to begin a new day. That means the day begins when the sun goes up. Yes, sunrise begins the first part of the day, which is daytime. We study and work during that time. And when the sun sets, the second part of the day — nighttime begins and it’s for rest and staying up. Then the day is daytime and nighttime put together. May I touch the water? Yes, may I touch the water? I said that before you! I thought that before you! The river is so beautiful. Look! Look! A fish! I saw it! It’s a fish! Look at the sun! It changed its color. Sunset is coming. Good night, Mama! I love nighttime and sleep. I’m going to sleep before you! I’m going to sleep before you! Good night! I’m going to sleep! After sunrise. After sunrise. After sunrise we rode the bus toward the river And on the riverbank we played We raced with the ball and we ran At noon the heat grew and we sat in the shade of the tree where we ate and played We returned before sunset Nighttime and moonlight came During the night, we told our parents about what we saw After sunrise “The Lazy Ladybug” It’s said that there was a small ladybug who refused to get off the ground. She was very lazy and time didn’t mean anything to her. Her poor mother was unhappy with this issue. When she asked her to come out, the ladybug always refused by using the weather as excuse. When Winter comes, she says, “The weather is too cold. I cannot come out!” And in Summer, she says, “It’s hot! I don’t want to come out!” In Autumn, she says, “The wind is very strong. I don’t want it to fling me too far!” And in Spring, she says, “The tall flowers take up all the space. I’m afraid of getting lost!” Come on, Ladybug. Go up to the ground to see how beautiful it is! Mom, I want to sleep! One day, she woke up and stood in front of the mirror. When she looked at herself, she began to scream and cry. Mom, the spots on my back have disappeared! She was very frightened but her mother knew the reason. It’s the four seasons, Ladybug. They have become angry at you because you don’t work in any part of them What is the solution? I don’t want to remain this way without my spots. But her mother told her that the solution was to come out to the surface of the earth and travel with the four seasons With each trip, she would regain her original spot. The ladybug packed her belongings. When she went up to the surface, she found tall flowers. The ladybug was very scared, but one of the flowers bent down to her. Climb onto my face, ladybug! She climbed on the flower’s face and found a world full of flowers, beautiful colors, and birds. Oh, my goodness! What beautiful colors! What are all these flowers? The place is amazing! It’s Spring, Ladybug. Spring? The ladybug was ashamed of herself because she did not come out from her hole in Spring. She looked at the flower shyly and explained her problem. The flower said to her, “I will help you if you promise me you’ll work in the Spring. The ladybug agreed to work during Spring and seemed honest and enthusiastic, so the flower gave her a spot to put on her back. The ladybug was very delighted but the sun began to rise until the flower withered away. What are they doing here? A voice stopped her. You…you over there! What are you doing here? I…I… You’re a ladybug. I am the sun, and this is Summer. Summer becomes hot and everybody begins swimming and wearing sunglasses. Do you want to swim with them? Yes, but I want you to help me. I know what you want. You want a spot on your back, but first you must promise me to work in the Summer and become active. I’ve loved Summer so much that I promise to always work in it. And the spot stuck to the ladybug until she flew away. The wind was heavy, but she was flying and beside her were beautiful yellow leaves. A yellow leaf was next to her and asked, “Who are you?” I’m a ladybug. So you’re a ladybug. Welcome to Autumn! The wind is very strong. So it’s Autumn? Yes, and I love it because the wind carries me to many places. Do you promise me to work in Autumn? I will work in Autumn. I promise you! Then hold on to this spot well. The yellow leaf gave the third spot to the ladybug, who became heavy with her three spots and fell to the ground. Rain began to pour from the sky. What beautiful rain! But a large cloud approached the ladybug and said, “I’m a winter cloud!” I love Winter and rain. Will you give me a fourth spot, please? I promise to work in the Winter! The cloud gave the ladybug her fourth spot. I love Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. I will always work until I enjoy the flowers, the swimming, the beautiful wind, and the wonderful rain. So the ladybug learned that the four seasons are beautiful and will become more beautiful if we know the value of time and do not waste it. I’m a small lazy ladybug I happily sleep my whole day away But one day I got sick and yelled “My mother, if you don’t help me, my end is near!” Then she told me, “Get out to the light and life. You’ll become beautiful, my beautiful one.” I came out for the love and serenity of Spring And in the Summer heat, I ran toward the water And in Fall, I started to fly with the wind And I played in the snow fields in Winter I loved what I saw. How beautiful life is and I spent my day dancing and singing “Shireen’s Birthday” Finally, you came, Shireen! Why are you late? Come on, quickly put on your sportswear and meet us on the field. You’re always late! Why are you late? The period is going to end. We want to take advantage of every minute to play. Coach? Yes, Shireen? What is it? No… nothing. I’m sorry I’m late. No, don’t worry, but hurry to the field. Shireen, you’re either with them or with us. What happened to you? Are you asleep?! Don’t blame Shireen just because you lost! We will never lose! We’ll see who will win today! Yes, today… Does it remind you of something? We don’t have much time left! Come on, hurry up. Hassam’s team is still ahead of Tareq’s. Time’s up, come on! Hassam’s team is the winner! No one remembered that today is my birthday. I’m very sad. But why didn’t you remind them of your birthday yesterday? Filfil is right. Perhaps they forgot that today is your birthday. I said it and reminded them last week. It was Saturday and I told them, Sunday will pass, then Monday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Thursday, then lastly Friday, then Saturday will come and it’s my birthday. What’s today? What’s wrong with you, Zarif? Today is Saturday. I’s the first day of the week. You’re right, Shireen. How could they forget your birthday? I’m so sad! No one loves me! Why are you laughing, Hassoun? Who put that sticker over your mouth? I want to go home. I feel tired. What is it? Why are you yelling? Hassoun! Hassoun! Hassoun, you’re scaring me! What is it? What’s wrong? Do you not want to talk? Did someone punish you by preventing you from talking? Hassoun talks too much. He must have done something to deserve being punished. Well, then! I will speak! Today… today I woke up in the morning… When you wake up? Of course in the morning Then I washed my face, ate my breakfast, arranged my bed, and began gathering my food, then… Then… Shireen! Please put the sticker on my beak again. I don’t want to talk! You’re hiding something from us, right? Come on, Hassoun. We’re your friends. Today… today… today I saw the sun rising and yesterday I saw it setting before nighttime. I don’t understand anything you’re saying. Well, I’ll go home before the evening. I’m starting to feel hungry. You’re going home? It’s not time yet! Time? Time for what? Time.. Time… Mom! Mom! Where did everyone go? Today was bad from the very beginning. My mom and dad also didn’t remember that today is my birthday. Happy birthday! Did you see what your friends did for you, Shireen? Despite the loss you caused this morning! It’s evening now. Forget what happened in the morning and enjoy the party! Let’s blow out the candles! Happy birthday to Shireen Happy birthday to Shireen Happy birthday to Shu-Shu Happy birthday to Shireen Your mom put six candles! You’re six years old! I love birthdays! See? I didn’t say anything to her! Although she removed the sticker from my beak! But you said everything to us. It’s my gift from me and Wassam. Me and Hassam. How beautiful! This is my gift. You’re always late so I thought that you should have a clock in your room to remind you of time. So you aren’t late for class! Is there anyone who brought me something other than a clock? Yesterday at your birthday, Shireen We came to you, rejoicing, wishing to make you happy We came to your house with candles and flowers We lived with our happiness, with love and sacrifice Yesterday at your birthday, Shireen We came to you, rejoicing, wishing to make you happy Our days are bliss and our senses are flourishing Our years are filled with learning and literature Learning and literature! “A Journey Through Time” Look, this is an award for my success in science. My father gave it to me. What a beautiful card! I like the idea of this flying man! Shireen? Have you been dreaming? I would love to fly like birds! My father says the flying man, Abbas the son of Firnas, was the first pilot to fly with wings of wind and wax. He loved to fly like you do now. Whaaaaaaaat?! What’s happening? I know you! You’re the genie! He’s going to say, “the genie is under your command.” No, no, my dear. I’m not the giant genie who appears in the fairy tales. I am Abbas the son of Firnas, a pioneer of aviation, an inventor, and an Arab writer. I spent my life in Andalusia. Inventor? And what did you invent besides these wax wings? Ohh, many things! But the most important one is a machine similar to the clock, named “mekata,” to tell time. Like this numerical watch? No, of course not like it. The production of clocks has progressed through time, thanks to the inventors. If you wish to join me to learn about that. I’ll take you with me on a journey through time. That’s amazing! How beautiful is this scenery! Where are we now? This place is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Did you know? The problem is that we don’t know any wonders! We are in the land of Babylon, and these are hanging gardens. Babylon? I brought you here to see this man and not the garden. He’s writing numbers. He’s dividing the clock into sixty minutes. Did they know the time? They were trying to find time through the sun and stars. The length of the day depends on how long it takes the sun to return to its position in the sky again. Why did we land here? I was tired, so let’s rest a little before this wax melts! Look at the shadows of our bodies. They’re beautiful. And long. These shadows remind me of the oldest clock known to man. Look at the shadow of the rod that falls on the numbers. It looks like the hand on your watch. The first man knew time by measuring the angle of the sun’s shadow. What did they call their invention? They called it “mizwala” and it was known in Babylon in the third century BC. The priest and the Babylonian writer Peros designed the first “mizwala.” My sundial consists of half a sphere made of dried mud with a flat surface. In the middle of it, I place a bead. During the day the shadow of the bead moves in a circle dividing it into twelve equal parts. Where are we? In the Greek Empire about 400 BC Who is that man? He is the philosopher Plato. Now I’m working on the water clock, as you can see. Water clock? The water poured into this vessel will evaporate little by little and these are the signs of time passing. Did you know that in the Islamic civilization, many have excelled in invention clocks, such as the one that works in water, sand, mercury and different types of metal. That’s awesome! This is the Abbasid caliph, Harun al-Rashid. He is marveled by the clock. I will give this wonderful clock to the king of France, Charlemagne! I learned later that King Charlemagne had been fascinated by this clock. Look at this masterpiece! This is the hourglass clock. It has been used by people since ancient times. It’s full of sand. How does it work? The sand falling from the upper bulge will all be spilled in the lower glass bulge so that time has passed. We define and know time through these two bulges. Shireen, we are really late! Our family will be worried about us. It’s true, I forgot to do my homework! Don’t worry, I’ll take you back within seconds. It’s important that you know the significance of time. That’s right. My mom always says, “Time is golden.” When I passed the exam, my mother gave me a watch Beautiful in color with a bright band This watch is organized and clear with numbers I adjust it all the time when I study or sleep I memorize my appointments, dividing them hourly I know that time is precious, it never comes back This watch is organized and clear with numbers I adjust it all the time when I study or sleep Where are the Trees? Ahhhh! What are these winds?! I am the Autumn winds. I circle around the earth to get here every year in Autumn. How do you not know me, you silly bird? Ahhh! Ahhh! Praise be to God that I have a house! Why did some of the trees shed their clothes? I mean, their leaves? Huh…? I don’t know, I’ll ask my mom. I think the trees love change. Mama, why do trees shed their leaves? Trees are live beings like us. Do you change your clothes every season of the year? That’s true. I always like to change my clothes. This is what the four seasons do to you. Hm? I don’t understand. We are now in the Fall, between Summer and Winter. This means that we will slowly move from the summer heat to the coldness of Winter. Then clothes express the seasons. Yes, Autumn clothes are moderate and soft, while winter clothes are heavy with dark colors and tend to be black. Why are winter clothes dark? Because black and other dark colors absorb the heat of the sun, and we need to be warm in Winter. Oh God, how scary these trees are without their leaves! Oh, Allah, how will I sleep in this frightening atmosphere? What do you want from me, Tree? Ah… you seem to be scared of me. This,,, this is true… get away from the window. It seems my shape has scared you, my little one Huh? Did you not know me? You forgot how you climbed my branches and hung on to my trunk? You, Zarif, and Hassoun? You’re the Mother Tree, the big tree in the garden. Yes! But why do you look bald? You’re so scary. Haha, this is because the seasons have changed. Didn’t you study science? What do you mean, Mother Tree? In Autumn, my leaves fall to get ready for a new life cycle. In Spring, new leaves and flowers grow on me, and in Summer, my fruit ripens and are ready to be picked up. So when Autumn comes, I’m tired and need rest so I can change [unintelligible]. My leaves fall off in Autumn and I am free from work throughout Winter. Yah! You store as much information as a computer! That’s why my name is the Prosperous Tree. I love Winter. In it, I play with the snow. What do you think about building a snowman? I suggest we compete. Each one of us builds their own snowman. The fastest one is the winner. The one who masters his work is the winner. Let me finish my plan. Of course, the fastest and most beautiful will be the winner. Come on! Let’s begin! You’ve come again, troublemaker! Come on and play with us, lazy one! Winter hibernation is for insects and bugs, not for you! I’m the winner! I’m the winner! Of course I’m the winner because I worked the hardest in building this snowman. Because he’s fat. It’s supposed to be a snowman, not snow girl. She’s a snow girl and she’s the prettiest. She looks like me. I’m the winner because I mastered building the snowman. He’s neither fat nor a girl. I told you guys, I’m the winner. Listen, do you want me to choose amongst you? Alright, build a new snowman in front of me so I can decide who’s the winner. Open the window, Shireen! I’m freezing! Close the window, Shireen! I’m going to freeze! Did you see the snow girl? Seems like you were having happy dreams. Of course! It’s your right, since it’s so nice and warm here. I think that the warmth of my bed and the cold weather made me imagine many things. What’s this? I don’t like long sleeps. When does Spring come? I love Spring. But Winter is beautiful! It made you think of beautiful things. When the season becomes Autumn Leaves fall out of trees And the wind blows actively Bringing leaves and dust Making us all sleepy Among the young and old And when the season becomes Winter The cold and rain comes Blowing stormy winds We escape it day and night If white snow falls We go playing around the house Shireen and the Spring Girl Guess what I got for you from the market. Biscuits? Crispy potatoes? Oranges? Not to eat! A belt? Shoes? Earrings? I’ll make it easier for you. Next week, we’ll celebrate Spring and Tree Day, and this gift is about this occasion. It starts with the letter “fah.” Falafel?? Uh… no, not to eat. Flowers? The mystery is in the bag. How beautiful! They call her Spring Girl. I’ll put her on my bed and admire her until I sleep. This girl made me leap all night. I’m going to fall asleep for a while. How do you work all day? I get energy and activity from Spring. Who is Spring? It’s a part of the four seasons. It starts on the 12th of March, when Winter ends. Is Spring like Winter? They say that Spring is the most beautiful season of the year. The flowers bloom, the trees thrive, fruits ripen, and the melting snow creates moderate weather. Really? Does the cold and gloomy clouds, the flu, and heavy clothes go away? Yes, you can wear light and colorful Spring clothes. Spring seems to be bright! This is why there are often trips and celebrations in Spring. I want to take you on a trip to the city of flowers and Spring. What a beautiful dance! But why do they do it? It’s for joy! They cheer for Spring. Ah, how beautiful is Spring. I will dance with them! We don’t have much time! We have to show you other places and see people celebrating Spring Day, each in their own special way. What are these people doing? They plant seeds to grow and become trees. And why do they plant so much? They celebrate the coming of Spring. This is why every one of them grows saplings. This day is called the Holiday of the Tree, which is the first day of Spring. This is something wonderful to have for a Christmas tree. I will plant a plant in our garden! We’re late! I have to go home! Let me enjoy the view of the sunset. But the day is over and you have the whole Spring! Let Spring stay the whole year! This can’t be done because the year is divided into four equal parts. This is because of the Earth’s rotation and its revolution around the sun. You’re tired, kind girl. You have to sleep, while I’ll go to school now. I see that you’re sleeping. Are you tired? Of course! Summer is unbearable! But I opened the window! Thank you, the breeze will refresh this room. That’s why I came here, to hide in the shade from the scorching sun! I don’t know why Summer comes. Summer has many benefits, Hassoun! The sun works to ripen the fruits. As it evaporates water into the winter clouds, the sun rays get rid of bacteria. People like to swim during this season. The truth is I don’t like Summer, except for the delicious fruits that hang on the branches. I’ll go and drink grape juice! Shireen! Shireen! Shireen! My head feels warm. Praise be to God that you didn’t suffer a heatstroke. Heatstroke? How does the sun give her a stroke? In the Summer, the sun is strong, so we should not play or walk under it for a long time. Ohh… now I see why Tareq wears a hat in the Summer. People do many things to prevent sun exposure. They wear hats or sunglasses, or they carry sun umbrellas. Now I understand! How I wish you’d learn quickly! What are you doing to yourself? You look funny! It doesn’t matter. To prevent is better than to treat! As long as I don’t get a heatstroke! The year’s seasons come with dates and do not change If we separate the seasons, we count three months for each A beautiful improvement that makes the color of the world green The sun is warm, trips unite us in a beautiful view If Summer heat is around, then the sun and its heat will grow, with it the vacation always comes We rejoice, play, and swim more

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