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Tim Kasher (Cursive, The Good Life) – What’s in My Bag?

Hey there everyone, I’m Tim Kasher of Cursive and The Good Life. I’m at Amoeba doing What’s in My Bag. For the most part, I went legitimately shopping for the new music that I’ve been meaning to get so a lot of this stuff is pretty new. So this is the Cloud Nothings. I’ve been a fan of them for the last two records now I just think they’re outstanding. You know how we all get older and we don’t like to listen to abrasive rock or hard rock anymore? So Cloud Nothings helps me feel good, that it’s like, no actually I still… as long as the music’s written well, I like it to be abrasive, but this is actually a little bit more low-key it seems like, from what I listen to anyways so I’m excited about that. So here’s a band Chastity Belt. They are really new for me but I feel like I’m falling in love with them so fast. This is very much a trial record for me but I feel convinced that I’m a fan and I’ll be buying their next record as well and probably the older record as well Y’know we hear an endless stream of music in our lives and every now and then something sticks out and that’s what this was for me, so I’ll be listening to this a lot. I’m constantly listening to Meatwave over and over again, so this might take that over. This is Car Seat Headrest. It’s called ‘Teens of Denial.’ I was just gonna say it’s undeniable, undeniably good. This was really huge last year and I was a little slow to picking up on it. So here I am now, joining the hordes, buying the very very popular album of last year. But I’m excited, it’s a great record. Spoon ‘Hot Thoughts,’ this just came out. I haven’t heard anything off of it yet. Just a great, consistent band, great writing. I’ve known Britt I guess for a really long time as well I did some touring with them way back in the day so I haven’t missed an album ever since they’ve been releasing albums so it’s just kind of fun, every few years when Spoon puts another record out, I’m there picking it up. Oh, and it’s in red vinyl too, that’s fun. I think this is it. So I also found something used. I’ve started listening to a lot of Bernard Herrmann lately. The reason why I got into him it was a De Palma movie that I was completely unfamiliar with maybe one of you can help me with this ‘Obsession.’ Yes. Thank you. For all of the y’know, fan studying I’ve done of De Palma over the years I stumbled upon ‘Obsession’ that came out somewhere maybe after ‘Carrie’ and before ‘The Fury’ possibly or something like that. But I was really unfamiliar, then I watched it and the soundtrack was really amazing. The score was really amazing and it was Bernard Herrmann. That’s not this one though. I just started listening to all of Herrman’s stuff so it’s something to check out. Thank you so much. Yeah, thank you.

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