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Theater Challenge: Making Art is Hard

Theater Challenge: Making Art is Hard

[inaudible]. So what’s happening now with the show, which I just explained to my friends in the room are it is the set, the set is so complicated. Our theater doesn’t have the money for motorized set pieces. So human beings, my beautiful actors are being asked to remember 40 different set change combinations and because they have to remember that and be actors and get into their costumes and remember their sets and we’re making adjustments and changes. Everyone’s brain is just going [inaudible] and my actors who are on stage the most like the person who plays the lead Jean is shouldered with the responsibility of having to sort of do the cleanup on the stage, which is very hard when you’re trying to be the lead actor and carry the show in terms of the storytelling. So it’s been incredibly stressful. We’ve been working at the theater to like one in the morning. I come home and take notes till two in the morning, feel badly that I’m letting down all these gorgeous human beings who are working so hard for so little money and yet the baby’s coming, the baby’s coming. This is a hard labor. The baby will be beautiful trying to keep my spirits as up as possible because in the end, you’re the leader and they want to make everyone believe what they’re doing is going to work out and is positive and wonderful. But making art’s hard.

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