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The Weird Truth About Arabic Numerals

The Weird Truth About Arabic Numerals

To much of the world he was known by his Latin nickname Algoritmi which became the origin of the word algorithm. He pioneered a method for
solving problems called al-Jabr. Today known as algebra. Twelve hundred
years ago he published the first atlas of the known world, wrote the
first math textbook and was calculating the movement to
celestial bodies when Europeans were basically staring up this guy through toilet paper tubes. His name was Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khawarizmi. But you can
just call him al-Khawarizmi. The man who made possible the math we use today. Oh also including all the numbers that
we use. (Theme music) Those most lasting legacy was
introducing so-called Arabic numerals to much to the world. He wasn’t an Arab he was most likely
Persian. Born in what is now known as Uzbekistan around 780, al-Khawarizmi first appears in
historical records as an instructor at one of the great ancient Islamic learning institutions
Baghdad’s House of Wisdom. Sounds kinda like a theme restaurant
owned by celebrity nerds, the House of Wisdom was actually a crossroads the great civilizations of the ancient world; Babylon, Greek, Hindu, Arabic, Persian. And al-Khawarizmi like to wet his beak in the knowledge
that he had to offer. He studied the ambitious math at the Greek scientist
Ptolemy for example who had tried to measure the world, but al-Khawarismi discover Ptolemy’s
calculations were wrong so he corrected and reorganized all the data. With new
coordinates in the help of some seventy geographers under his direction, he
compiled a book called The Face of The Earth. A complete explanation of the geography and cartography of the known world thought to be the first of its kind. He was also the official
astronomer of the court in Baghdad. And as part of his duties he compiled charts of the track the moon in five planets. These tables turned out to be so useful and accurate that centuries later they would be translated into Latin and Chinese and circulated around the world. But his real passion was for mathematics and he eagerly
accepted a commission from Muslim leaders to come up with a text for the general public about how to do
basic calculations like for conducting traded and making measurements. The result was a text with the inevitable name, the Compendius book on calculation by completion and balancing. In it al-Khawarizmi explains how to solve linear equations in quadratic equations with
what he called al-Jabr or completion by subtracting
or dividing an amount from both sides to find a missing figure. You know solving for x. It’s not that he
invented algebra though he’s certainly refined our understanding of it. Instead he codified knowledge from a whole bunch different traditions especially Greek and Indian to make life easier for the ninth
century equivalent of English majors everywhere. In this regard by far his most lasting
achievement came from his study of ancient Indian text. In age 25, he published on the calculation with Hindu numerals where he described everything he learned about Hindu mathematics. It was a weird system with digits from 0 which meant like
nothing to 9. And it used decimal places to
denote increments of tens hundreds and so on. The book didn’t exactly fly off the shelves of the Baghdad`s Barnes & Noble but it would turn out to be one of the most influential books in history. Because three hundred years later a copy of it was discovered by an English monk who fascinated with Muslim scholarship, translated the research of al-Khawarizmi now called algorithme into Latin. Soon Europe
scholarly elite was eating it up. The Hindu system was way easier and more intuitive than Roman numerals. Which to use database 10 for counting and a base 12 for fractions and had no concept of zero. Men of science began advocating for the use of what became known as Arabic numerals. Chief among them Italian mathematician Fibonacci. who wrote a whole book about them in 1202 but of course medieval Europe, it wasn’t really all about the new
ideas with all burning people that sticks in the inquisitioning. In 1299 the city of Florence, Italy
actually passed a law forbidding the use of the numerals, not because
some anti-Muslim bias. But because Arabic numerals were just too easy to
change. You could make a 6 into an 8. Or throw a couple zeros after something and make a big profit. It was just a fix of the quill. It wasn’t until the 1500 that the
numbers began to take hold among merchants as well as scholars. But by that time al-Khawarizmi was forgotten to history. Which is why we still call the numbers that the whole world
uses today Arabic numerals despite the fact that the guy we have to thank for
them wasn’t Arab and the numbers themselves were Hindu. Thanks for watching this episode of SciSchow. If you have any questions, comments or ideas for us, you can leave them on Facebook or Twitter down in the comments. And if you wanna keep getting smarter
with us, you can go to youtube.com/scischow and subscribe.

100 Replies to “The Weird Truth About Arabic Numerals”


    The title of the book he wrote translated to On Calculation With Hindu Numerals. He was instrumental in introducing Hindu numerals to west and middle east. Hindus as Indians were known back then obviously created those numbers.

  • MJ _10 says:

    I can say أن in Arabic yay ?

  • alAL 03 says:

    I’m not mad at you I’m just disappointed, you’re one of my favorites in YouTube and you hurts my feelings with this ridiculous video, the (الموالي) class is considered as arab, he is one of them and he wrote all his work with Arabic language, In the early Islamic centuries, many people from many nations adopted customs, culture and Arabic language, so they were Arabs,They even called other nations the same name that the Arabs called them (العجم) its mean (the things that Can not express itself) they meant every one who can’t understand arabic “I’m sorry but that includes animals” , because Arabic language is the best thing that ever happened to humanity, and it’s your fault to not learn it

  • DKdahiya DAHIYA says:

    When british people came to india to conquer india, they still used roman numbering. Can you please explain why the british people did not use the 0 when it was already known by most of the europeans before they came to india?

  • indiannboyy says:

    well said in the video! Proud to be Hindu and Indian! Jai Hind

  • Dr. K K Singh says:

    The Arabic numerals are actually Indian numerals. Algebra was also first introduced in India. Almost all inventions by Egyptians, Indians, Chinese etc are mistakenly credited to Arabs.

  • Vegan Lifestyle says:

    Yes we Muslim gave them 0 n they became hero

  • morteza eslami says:

    kharazmi was persian not arab

  • Salšabįl Ęł says:

    Wooow amazing ❤️

  • amiralkook1 says:

    He was not Arab but Persian or Iranian if you want. His name is Kharazmi not “Al”Kharazmi. Persians or IIranians were forced to become Muslims a sms change their name (like Mohamad Ali did by his own from Cassius Clay. )under killings, rapes , or heavy taxes. ( you can read this in history book called TARIKH TABARI) So it’s not because you have English name that you are American or British. Mexicans are not Spanish but they have Spanish name. When you are forced to covert to Islam you must have a Muslim name. A French friend of mine just married Muslim woman so converted to Islam and changed his name from Raphael to Rafigh. Anyway Iran have never been colonized, had never changed his language. All countries invaded by Arabes have been forced to become Muslims or speak Arabic.All people from syria , Lebanon, to North Africa are not Arabs they are Berbers and had their culture only Spain resisted against the religion and language and Iran for language and kept also its Zoroastrian traditions. Kharazm was a région of Iran at that time. Kharazmi as his name is showing is from Kharazm. I hope it’s clear now.stop making videos if you have not enough studies.

  • Why am i here? I dont know. says:

    Oh come on lets just stop this religious war and live a life with peace i mean these kind of things are what will lead us to world war 3. Lets just say that every religion did something for this world not every religion is bad its just the people are creating a bad image of its relegion :/ i m a 12 years old girl who is asking for peace who would agree with me?

  • Mustang Sally says:

    The Hindu-Arabic system was invented by a politician. It was Al Gore's

  • Muhsin Mohammed says:

    Proud to be a Muslim and an Arab! 😀

  • bete bet says:

    0:43 he really goes out the way to say he was not Arab…. ok racism hidden.

  • Artin says:

    Khwarizmi was Iranian and he was Zoroastrian (majoosi) he was not arab or muslim. Brain dead arabs and muslims need to stop saying he was a "muslim" scientist.

  • Fargo 701 says:

    All humans are capable of greatness and knowledge if educated and willing to learn and experiment.

  • Pep Abukas says:

    Some video which is not bias..

  • Ali Sheikh says:

    Not Just America & Europe wants to steal from the arabs but also jealous Persians hindus & Greeks want to steal the culture.
    Is there any nation on earth who doesn't opposes arabs?

  • Ali Sheikh says:

    When the word "arab" comes in the whole world disagrees & start refering to him as "human".

  • Roosje Keizer says:

    That's  odd. What about this Indian scientist Aryabhata who lived a millennium before Muhammed?
    Explanation of lunar eclipse and solar eclipse, rotation of Earth on its axis, reflection of light by moon, sinusoidal functions, solution of single variable quadratic equation, value of π correct to 4 decimal places, diameter of Earth, calculation of the length of sidereal year

    Kuṭṭaka is an algorithm for finding integer solutions of linear Diophantine equations. A linear Diophantine equation is an equation of the form ax + by = c where x and y are unknown quantities and a, b and c are known quantities with integer values. The algorithm was originally invented by the Indian astronomer-mathematician Āryabhaṭa (476–550 CE) and is described very briefly in his Āryabhaṭīya.

     Muslims inevented/discovered nothing coz allah, aka Muhammed forbade them to think for themselves.. All they did was copying and pasting matters into Arabic.

  • Star Mark says:

    45% of the comments- khawarizmi was Persian.
    Another 45%- modern numerals are from India
    10% praising your video. I'm here.

  • cops de27 says:

    Do you deny Arabic numbers currently known?

    If you say that al-Khwarizmi is not an Arab but a Persian, so most American scientists are mostly not Americans, but Europeans, Asians, and Latins, but America takes credit for their appearance.

    If you mean that they are in America and the atmosphere of America and knowledge of America and the language of America, I remind you that Al-Khwarizmi wrote his books and took his knowledge in Arabic, not Persian, so check your information.

    Then when did the Americans love the Persians? Ah, because the Arab benefited from the Persian and vice versa, here America, even in the field of science and history says that the Arab has nothing to do with the Persian, but in the war America fights them all and says: they are all Muslims.

    It is not in this hostile manner that we write history.

  • cops de27 says:

    Fibonacci came to life 380 years after AL-Khwarizmi who develop numbers scriptures, so how see in others videos that Fibonacci invented numbers!!! We are not saying that the Arabs are the builders of the world, but we say that the Arabs, like the others civilizations, contributed to the development of humanity, and must not deny their virtues.

  • العربية 313 says:

    هذه العالم من العراق من ولايتي البصره

  • MaL3K_XD says:

    Why weird ???

  • Eastern Star says:

    He was Persian

  • A. H. Sofia says:

    Indian long time ago were good just like Al jabbar because they really follow their holy book which is Veda,na tasya pratima asti.for god no image no statue no idol.but now it has been corrupted just like a Bible..

  • richard de leon says:

    Kid!!! Cut down on the sugar!!!

  • Mystic Réa says:

    Racial stuffs down there ??
    Don't read the bullshits.
    Everyone cares about racial stuffs more than knowledge, don't waste ur time.

  • Ibn Canaan says:

    These numbers 01234 are Arab, indian numeral system is different and doesn't look like the numbers we use.
    0123456789 arabic
    ०१२३४५६७८९ hindu

  • Juji Grace says:

    Why is this weird? In addition to this the Morrs introduced the telescope in those “toilet paper rolls”

  • Juji Grace says:

    Whether he was an Arab or Persian is utterly. He spoke Arabic..

  • Chico DaUno says:

    He was a Moor & was a Moslem

  • Seddini Mohammed says:

    Arabic numbers came from North Afric(Algeria or Morocco)

  • k.o. ed says:

    Another YouTuber who should research better. This is a sad research. You are suppose to seek truth.

  • fahd f says:

    Many of the Arab characters have been robbed of its proportions and history until the Prophet Mohammed Sargu Arab ratio frankly I did not see more and more brazen than some of our neighbors of Muslims stole the proportions of personalities and scientists, even the Apostles and the Arab prophets??

  • samuel barry says:

    Why did you start by saying he wasn't an Arab, it sounded an awful lot like a racist and stupid thing to say. You have a problem with Arabs?
    You had no reason to tell your audience he wasn't an Arab.True he wasn't an Arab, he was a Muslim, and nobody ever claimed that Islam is for Arabs,.Since you wanted Arabs, try Ibn Al Haytham then, right?
    He was an Arab "Born" in Iraq. It's like saying an Englishman born in the USA.
    Since the ethnic background is so important to you and your ilk, Oh He was born in Uzbekistan that's closer to "Europe" so he can be a genius.I can give you a list of great Muslim minds who were Arabs / and Muslims.So pathetic.

  • vaibhav says:

    Arabs translated & shared the Hindu numerals to the west. They're the middle men not inventor!

  • Nikolay Andreev says:

    Wow. I just corrected a fundamental fact in my knowledge of the world and expanded it. Thank you.

  • ᖇᗩ乙0229 says:

    Origin of YouTube Algorithm described here

  • سعد الذبياني says:

    We were kings of the lowest in our time

  • Rogin says:

    ١ ٢ ٣ ٤ ٥ ٦ ٧ ٨ ٩ ٠ are another Arabic and Persian vriaety of Indian numbers.
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 are Arabic style numbers was called ghubar in medieval used by Arabians and then by the world.

  • kam night says:

    Buttblasted arabs in the comment section lol.

  • Rogin says:

    the shape is Arabic not Indian 1234 is Arabic style numbers arabs before Indian system of numbers and early Indian shape was used Arabic numbers vriaeties one is similar to roman system other is similar to Indian system then they used Indian numbers then they changed it to Arabic shape numbers ( called gubar).

  • Luv Dwivedi says:

    Copied as pasted from BHARAT(INDIA)

  • Props Mr says:

    My opinion: it's not about being Arab or not. Muslims don't have a race. Everyone could be a muslim. And this was a muslim so I dont understand why people shifting the discussion to arab or non arab. What I discovered so far is that islam or a Muslim is not restricted to a race. In the last surmon it's very clear that racism/discrimination is not allowed. Do you research. What baffles me is that a lot of history is changed or kept secret. We learn different stuff on school. We all know "Colombus" and "Marco Polo", but I never knew that "Ibn Battuta", travelled around the world for almost 30 years more than 120.000 miles and did a lot of discoveries before the two mentioned above. Why didnt we learn this at school? It's like people rewriting history for some reason.

  • King Ijaz MaliK : 1996-2096 says:

    Al MaliK

  • wizzi61 says:

    the indians created the numerical system which was adapted by us , the reason its called the arabic numeral is because we introduced to the rest of the world, simple give credit where credit is due. not just arguing to show that one race is more superior. each contributed a part

  • Kobe Lebron says:

    its a dark time for the muslim world today.

  • Malek Boum says:

    I dont know who is the donkey told you alkhawarizmi is a persian….. elkjawarizmi is arab

  • Rene Guenon says:

    "University" is not invented by arabs as this Abdullah Darwish- guy claims. The arabs stole almost all great things and wisdom from higher nations and cultures like the persians and of course the hindus. And by the way, the description of Europe here is completely wrong. Read for instance Sylvain Gouguenheim. (In the medieval Europe there were also not a thing like witch- burning. Witch- burning started in the Renaissance, not earlier!)

  • Garima Mishra says:

    Indian knowledge was copied and pasted by many people including the Arabs. One should be able to comprehend that easily unless they don't want to.

  • Garima Mishra says:

    Scishow proved itself to be a bunch of idiots.

  • Shak Roo says:

    I'm PhDs .  and I thank Arab and Muslim civilisation for their invention which come solid bases to us today to run and operate math, medical, astronomy and
    Ethical behaviour.

  • Shak Roo says:

    Indian civilization and Roman civilization did not contribute to the advancement and preparation of mankind.
    The first was the aggression of Bintit founded on race and cross, and the second pagan believes in cow worship and does not believe in natural sciences.

  • Dallas Boring News says:

    Al Gore and algorithms have a lot in common: inconvenient truths are often dismissed

  • David Dore says:

    Maths not math which is singular.

  • Marwan Manowar says:

    3.4k butthurted didnt want to hear the real history of math ?

  • Salah -Eddine says:

    History of Math + Islamophobia

  • Beth Bartlett says:

    Bothers me when Science folks refer to a Subject as "first"
    They so don't know this – Ever.
    Fibonacci – Rocked!

  • Soomhh Yafei says:

    Arab ✌️

  • Soomhh Yafei says:

    You bastards, why do you hate the Arabs? ???

  • NovaRanger says:

    Way to go, he butchered all the names of places and people with that pronunciation. 😐

  • mahesh karthick says:

    When did Hindu became Arabic, it's india which invented number system. Like paper which was stolen by Arabs from Chinese to the western world these too stolen by the invaders, at least give credit where is due!

  • Student Student123 says:

    Raju before coming here and start barking like arrogant Indian dog you must know that Muslims of medivial times not only borrowed knowledge of Science and Maths from India but also from Greek and Persia. You must also know that major, in-depth and intellectual contributions in the field of Science,maths, medicines and astronomy were made by Muslims.

    Who was the 1st Physician in the world ?

    Who was the 1st Chemist in the world ? He is also known as father of Arab chemistry.

    Who was the 1st explorer in the word?

    Who calculated the surface area of the earth ?

    Who discovered the circulation of blood in a body?

    Who invented the 1st astrolabe?

    Who made the 1st world map with South Pole on the top and North Pole at bottom?

    Who introduced and proposed the method for calculating the radius of earth using trignometry?

    Who worked on the cure for miseals and small pocks?

    Who invented algorithm and algebra?

  • Student Student123 says:

    Raju even highly educated and learned Western people admit that major contributions in science,maths and medicines were done by Muslim Scientists and Researches .We are thankful to them for appreciating the facts.

    Do you even know that most of the books which is read in the Universities of West have names mentioned like AVICINA and GABBAR , do you even know who actually GABBAR and AVICINA were? They were Muslims and their real name was JABIR IBN-E-HAYYAN and ALI IBN-E-SINA. Do you know anything about these two Muslims of medivial times? Do you Indians even know what is medivial times ?

  • Student Student123 says:


    Most of the Physicians in medival times were Muslims.

    Most of the Philosophers in Medivial times were Muslims.

    Most of the geographers ,historians ,encyclopedists in medival times were Muslims.

  • Student Student123 says:

    Raju I have also read an article about a speech of director of HP Company , she clearly said in her speech to the audience siting there in auditorium that If these muslims of medivial times would not have contributed in the field of Science and Maths then these major break throughs in modern science and technology would not have been possible.

  • Student Student123 says:

    Raju their is a library in USA called NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINES which is considered as the biggest library of USA. In that Library they have devoted a section where they have kept manuscripts of medicines which was written by Muslim Physicians and doctors of medival times.

    It was Muslim doctors(traditionally called hakeems) of Medival times who worked on MEDICAL SCIENCE and recorded HISTORY OF MEDICINES.

    It was a Muslim doctor of Medivial Times who 1st treated cactus in an eye.

    It was Muslim doctors of Medival times who discussed about transmission of disease and germs from 1 body to another ,nobody in the west and other parts of the world knew about transmission of disease at that time .When people in. Medival times and before medival times use to catch any disease or sickness ,people use to consider it as a spell or magic.

  • Student Student123 says:


    Do you Indians even know who 1st introduced the concept of postal service?

    Do you Indians even know who developed the concept and system of health care?

    Do you Indians even know who brought social and administrative reforms in India ?

    Who built Qutob Minar,Lal Qila(Red Fort) ,Taj Mahal and other great historical buildings in India?

    Who made Delhi city the capital of India ?

  • TheTraffic247 says:

    What they are missing in this video is how indians got a hold of these numbers. Islamic holy book, the Quran mentions all the numerals in perfect harmony. It was not a creation of the indians but taught to the indians through the Quran. A history lesson lost on western historians. The arabs brought the lessons of the Quran to the indians. Look up miracles of number 19 for example. Blows your mind.

    Many muslim scholars relied on the Quran and voraciously studied it and used it for the knowledge that exists in today's world. Again, what the dorky fella got wrong was there was anti Islamic sentiment amongst the non muslims of the time. Bagdad was destroyed by the west and all the scrolls of knowledge were stolen and muslim scholars publicly killed. Once the scrolls reached europe they started changing and attributing the success of all fields with western scholars and wiping muslim names off of the educational and scientific contributions they made. Very few places on earth preserved the history of how Islam enlightened the world.

  • 98勢 says:

    "Arab" is not a race, it's an ethnicity. He might not be an Israelite or an Yaroub but he is still a Semite from the Mid.East. So calling him an Arab or a Persian or both is 100% correct

  • THE ANGRY says:

    '…when europeans were staring into the sky through toilet paper tubes'…. meanwhile centuries before Al-khwarizmi, back in Europe, Erasthostenes (276-194 BC) whilst strolling around in his favorite toga sipping on his ouzo, decided it'd be a good idea to calculate the circumference of the earth, then calculate the angle of the tilt of the earth….
    Then with the spare few minutes he had left, he decided for a bit of fun to chart on a map the known world of his time, thus becoming to many, the father of geography.
    Again…. centuries before Al-khwarizmi.
    Our modern numbers are not from the arabs or persians, they are thanx to the brilliance of the mathematicians of ancient India (the vid got it correct)..

    We all in gratitude to the Persian genius that was Al-khwarizmi but come own ….. enough with the pandering

  • KZ. says:

    Ahhh the religion of peace and also the inventors of what helped us make all this technology nowadays and yet no one is greatful. SMH

  • I NSA says:

    khawarizmi is turk Uzbek,,, not Persian

  • I NSA says:

    I don't know why Persians are lying !!

    khawarizmi is turk Uzbek,,, not Persian

  • Zafarbey official says:

    Wooowww. I live about 15 miles far from where he was born ???

  • TBE TBE says:

    These were maghrebic (berber) numbers made in algeria, so not hindu or arabic

  • Rohit Sawant says:

    Actually indian mathematician
    Aryabhatta discovered shape of Earth and Circumference of earth
    And gave idea of heliocentrism

  • King Ilasaros says:

    You are RACIST

  • siva chetty says:

    Ancient Indians never patiented or copyrighted their inventions….Greeks and Arabs stole their inventions and discoveries and owned them…

  • siva chetty says:

    Muslims leaders had Ibn al-Haytham under house arrest ,i quote ''During many years living in Egypt, ten of which were spent under what we may now call protective custody (house arrest), he composed one of his most celebrated works, the Kitab al-Manazir, whose title is commonly translated into English as Book of Optics but more properly has the broader meaning Book of Vision.''

  • Vive l'Iran says:

    Khrazwmi Was Persian From Kharazm greater Iran Region In Center Asia

    arabs and turks both claim him because He Used to speak arabic and modern day Kharazm Is Part of Uzbekistan Independent Soviet Republic

  • Merky Me says:

    Hahaha your a stupid guy for making a stupid lie you stupid

  • leq says:

    Remember folks, the ENEMIES OF ISLAM are everywhere out there. Let's pray to Allah for safety and protection from these ignorant and paranoid ISLAMOPHOBE bigots in this comment section whose hearts filled with vile hatred and evil mindset and devoid from any humane dignity…Amen!

  • leq says:

    Remember folks, the ENEMIES OF ISLAM are everywhere out there. Let's pray to Allah for safety and protection from these ignorant and paranoid ISLAMOPHOBE bigots in this comment section whose hearts filled with vile hatred and evil mindset and devoid from any humane dignity…Amen!

  • Kevin Casino says:

    So the only reason why they detest desert culture, is War against Math Education?

  • Kevin Casino says:

    …I can make my own numeral system…

  • Sabeer Rostone says:

    Is a great man many people do not know about him

  • Mark Bane says:

    It's actually Hindu numerals that the Islamists stole!

  • Rizky Radcliffe says:

    Rap god 2.0

  • Saeed Qanei says:

    I see Arabs desperately try to glory hunt Persian and Indian achievements. During the so called "Islamic golden age", the number of "Arab scientists" were so small as compared to Persian ones that we can simply call it Persian golden age.

  • 3KBS Channel says:

    It's interesting what Islam does when it rules vs what Christianity does when it rules. Just saying

  • Shaimaa Wafa says:

    Arab uses Hindi now and it is bad here is it ١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩ they look ? ?

  • محمد العنزي EC3 says:

    It wasn't Hindu, it was an arab, a lot of mistakes in your vid.

  • Rayan 99 says:

    it's arabic not hindu xD and Aljebra is a muslim scientist.

  • Rayan 99 says:

    the numbers are arabic, just study them dude

  • Rayan 99 says:

    this is a better video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRkNaF0QvnI

  • Martias Nero says:

    The si called arabisch numeral are in truth Indian numerals from india

  • X says:

    What is wrong with these Indians.

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