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The unrivaled Arabic prince Ⅰ, Ⅱ [Hello Counselor / SUB : ENG,THA / 2017.10.30]

Here are today’s guests. Actor Oh Jiho. (Handsome as always, actor Oh Jiho) She was here last week, too. She has so many talents. Actress Seol Ina. (Talented actress Seol Ina) Entertainer Park Seulgi. Hello. Nice to meet you. Hello. Actor Do Jihan. (Handsome actor Do Jihan) Welcome. It’s been a while since Oh Jiho has been here. You were here 7 years ago, right? On the first episode. Yes, it was in the first episode. At the time, Lee Yeongja wasn’t here. That’s why he was here. (It’s been a long time since the hug, Jiho…) We only saw the two on the video clip. We’ve asked you to come so many times. Did you really not come because of me? Not at all. I came today to see you. Really? Then are we reenacting that video? I’ve come prepared. (Perfect pants for those naughty hands) Sit down. (Do they rewrite history this way?) You’re in a play? Yes. But that’s not why I’m here. Of course not. I’m here to see Yeongja. It’s titled “The Apartment.” It’s based on the movie released 20 years ago. Please show us one of the key lines. Yes, please. In the play, I’m Max. The female character’s name is Lisa. Lisa? There’s a scene where I cry out after she leaves. Lisa leaves you? – She’s gone. / – Yes. Lisa. Lisa. That’s it. That was the key line. – How can you do that so quickly? / – I was shocked. I think anyone can do that. Lisa. Lisa. (I sound desperate, right?) I’m so jealous of Seulgi. You got married. Yes, I did. Hello. (Newlywed) Don’t you have any concerns about your husband? I’m starting to have some concerns. You need to wash before you go to bed, right? We have things to do, too. But… Things to do. My husband works until late and is very tired. He often goes to sleep without washing. I see. Isn’t that weird though? You just got married. He comes home exhausted. – He doesn’t want to come home. / – No way. That’s slander. – Don’t be mean. / – I’m sorry. Do Jihan stars in “Lovers in Bloom.” You’re a straightforward man. He’s been an actor for a long time. He debuted 10 years ago. – Little Jang Donggun. / – His childhood role. When I was in a movie with Donggun… I actually look more Indian or Arabic than he does. Jiho looks more Arabic than you do. (The unrivaled Arabic prince) Seol Ina. You were here last week, too. The viewers are seeing you for 2 weeks in a row. She got emotional last week like it was her story. It felt like we were one big family and we were discussing each other’s concerns. Oh, so that’s what happened. We gave advice.

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