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The Subtle Art of Emography

– [Narrator] The subtlety of art depends on the artist’s ability to deliver their message in a single brushstroke. With 50 years of experience
studying and practicing traditional Korean calligraphy, artist Huh Hwe-Tae has
subtlety transformed Hangul into a universal language
by blending emotion and calligraphy into a new
art form called Emography. (speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] In 2005, Master
Huh created Emography. He begins his process by
finding inspiration in nature and also in the subtleties
of Korean culture. Master Huh envisions which
characters he’ll use to tell his story and channels his
emotions into his brush. (drumming music) Master Huh uses hanji ranging in size, often over six feet in length. Using his enormous horse hair brush, Master Huh quickly moves
from one side to the other creating a giant picture comprised of lines both big and small. The messages Master Huh
creates are designed to read as Korean letters, but
subtly appear as images that can be universally understood
outside of Korean culture. In this piece, Master Huh
writes the Korean word for seed. Looking deeper at the piece, the letters subtly transform into a landscape with trees and plants. Each of Master Huh’s works
combines letters and imagery that represent beauty,
Korean and Western traditions and the power of nature. Without speaking, Master
Huh is able to communicate these experiences to his audiences as a sensual and emotional form of art. (speaking foreign language)

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