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I made it, I made it to
the pyramids and, wow. They’re cool like they’re huge big piles of rock.
So what’s not to like, right? so this is a very short and sweet vlog
about what it’s like to visit the pyramids in Giza there are three main
big ones, they’re four and a half thousand years old – and a little bit about the
actual kind of process and you know your day trip to the pyramids what it’ll be
like… so don’t wanna spoil the fun for you but you’ve got Cairo over here which
is, you know, a huge city and I didn’t realize how big Cairo was to be honest
Cairo is huge it’s ten million people it’s about 50
miles wide so just to get from one end of the city to the other is about an
hour drive. Now Giza and the pyramids are kind of just on the, what
the southwest end of the city so you come here I’m actually staying in a
hotel right next to the pyramids you can see them from the hotel which is really
nice but to come here you do have to buy a ticket to enter the actual area which
is kind of bit weird but the whole thing, the whole city’s in the walls so like
there’s really no other way of getting in and then you pay extra to go in the
tombs now just a little bit about my experience really I came in and I got…
I got very much (hassled) I guess by lots of different people horses, camels horses, camels,
ride horses come and look at my perfume shop do you want a guide
do you want this do you want that and I said look I just want to come here, I just want to
walk I quite like walking. The horses looked like they could do with a rest
anyway but that’s a different subject and so yeah there’s lots of people who
are very friendly shall we say. the people are friendly as well – when you
come here the pyramids are amazing they’re huge. Like, that doesn’t
really capture the size of it they are they are huge they’re so big and so old
and it’s quite incredible just to kind of experience it and
be here to be honest so about 30 seconds after I just
finished the last little chat I could hear in the distance someone
shouting to me, I turned around there’s a guy dressed in red – Egyptian guy and he
asked me what I was doing filming here well that took about 10 minutes but he
walked over he looked unhappy that I was here because I guess I’m off the beaten
track literally I’m off the beaten track the beaten track is behind me and I’ve
just walked off I’ve seen this spot thought that’s a good place to shoot and
I’ve come and sat here and I look a bit I stand out basically I stand out from
the crowd and of course that’s not necessarily a good thing so he came over
and actually to be fair he was absolutely fine I thought he was gonna… he wanted
to see my ticket I thought he might be, you know asking me to leave or
something but I was pretty friendly he said do you speak Arabic I said yeah
little, he made a phone call and then a couple of other women came over and they
just asked me what was doing I said I’m taking some pictures making some videos
and they said oh it’s fine it’s no problem and then he gave me some
chewing gum so, pretty nice guy so, what’s happened since I last checked in
so, I’ve shot some Arabic lessons I’ve been asked twice to move from where I was sitting by the
police but you know what once I explained I was just there taking some
pictures making some videos and the fact that I spoke
Arabic really helped… and I’ve just gone on an amazing ride
with this guy behind me, he’s called Syed lovely guy and he took me on a trip
around the pyramids I’m actually gonna put that in a whole different separate
video because I think it deserves it’s a whole video just to get that full
experience of riding around the stunning amazing, breathtaking huge structures
these ancient four-and-a-half five thousand-year-old wonders of the world
– the only remaining ones left something which I wasn’t expecting was
the lack of tourists – to the extent where when Egyptian – mostly kids to be honest
see me, they they want a picture with me and this hasn’t just happened once or
twice it’s happened three times now and I’ve only been here for about an hour so
yeah like first of all it was a group of girls and it was a group of boys I don’t
know if it was the fact that you know they saw some people taking pictures and
it’s kind of like that ‘oh look he’s they’re having picture with him I want one
too’ kind of thing but I really don’t see other many other kind of, I guess British
people so I guess you kind of stand out lots of Chinese here, a couple of
Europeans, quite a lot of Germans because those Germans they get everywhere don’t they
they just travel, they travel they travel but I wasn’t expecting to be quite
so in the minority as a British guy basically you know I never actually realised how
huge camels actually are I’m just gonna kind of make my way
towards back down the hill now see some of the city you know how it is but yeah
I think that will probably conclude the please support my channel on please support my channel on

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