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The Most Luxurious Pencil – Pentel Orenz Nero

The Most Luxurious Pencil – Pentel Orenz Nero

In my recent trip to Japan I picked not just
one but two of these $30 mechanical pencils. The Pentel Orenz Nero. An anti-breaking, auto-extending, ultra-thin
0.2mm lead pencil, all in this beautiful minimal design. Although I don’t sit down and write that
often anymore. Part of me still has a great appreciation
for a well-designed mechanical pencil. Maybe it’s the therapeutic value of using
primitive technology, the really clever engineering that goes into a pencil to solve such a simple
problem. Or the nostalgic vibe of writing with pencil
on paper that brings me back to my childhood. Whatever it may be, mechanical pencils still
continue to fascination me, as I grow my collection. Hi I’m David and this is the Pentel Orenz
Nero. An absolute masterpiece for a mechanical pencil. This pencil involves several different little
mechanics that make this such a unique experience. A single click and the sleeve pops out and
it’s ready to start writing. You’ll notice that unlike with traditional
pencils, the lead doesn’t extend past the sleeve, instead as you apply pressure the
sleeve automatically retracts slightly to reveal just enough lead to write or draw. This is an important design when using these
ultra thin 0.2mm or 0.3mm lead, being much more fragile than the standard 0.5mm. Without this it would be much more prone to
breaking. The draw back to this design though, is the
protective sleeve can catch or scratch the page, this is especially more noticeable with
the slimmer 0.2mm. and if you tend to write at an angle on softer paper. The second mechanism is the auto-extending
feature. With a typical mechanical pencil as you wear
away at the lead, you normally need to stop and click to extend the tip. The Orenz Nero will automatically do this
on its own. The sleeve is spring loaded to extend out
when you lift off the page and also pulls out some additional lead along with it. This means you can continue to write or draw
with a single piece of lead until it runs out without needing to stop and reextend with
the button on the back. And finally with such a delicate and thin
sleeve, for storage you can lock the sleeve inside the case so you don’t need to worry
about damaging it during transportation. Beyond the clever mechanics, the design is
absolutely gorgeous and feels great in the hand. It has a clean and minimal industrial design. Constructed with a combination of metal and
plastic casing. This is by far the classiest looking pencil
I own, that feels just as premium as that price tag demands. Opening up the pencil reveals the simplicity
in the in-genius design. The spring loaded sleeve that also grips the
lead in place. The chuck that only holds the lead in one
direction. So, it can easily slide out but is prevents
it from sliding back into the chamber. And the standard cap and eraser to wrap up
the rest of the pencil. So that’s the Pentel Orenz Nero mechanical
pencil. It can be hard to find outside of Japan, and
it’s a little pricey but well worth having in my collection. Or if you want a cheaper more accessible ultra-thin,
anti-breaking solution, you could also just look at Pentel’s Basic Orenz collection. But those pencils won’t have the auto extending
feature or the same premium feel and design as this one. But hope you guys enjoyed this one. You know what to do. And I’ll see you in the next video.

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