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The Little Pianist: Learn Arabic with subtitles – Story for Children “”

The Little Pianist: Learn Arabic with subtitles – Story for Children “”

The Little Pianist By Brij Kothari There was once a little boy named Azul. He loved to play the piano and dreamed of becoming a pianist some day. Every Sunday, Azul went to his piano class, and practiced every night at home, just before going to bed. Azul became good at it because he was so sincere. He would forget to brush his teeth but would never forget to practice playing the piano! One day, Vicki, Vicki, his piano teacher told him, “Azul, you will perform tomorrow in front of a large audience. You are getting to be quite the pianist! Your fingers move like a squirrel on the piano keys. But there is something missing.” “What is it?” Azul just had to know. He really… really wanted to be, not just a good pianist, but a great pianist. Vicki smiled. She whispered into Azul’s ear a piano teacher’s secret. “Play with your heart, not with your fingers.” As always, Vicki pulled out her box of stickers. Azul held out his hand and Vicki stuck on it, a gorgeous sticker of a butterfly. “There, think of this butterfly when you want to play with your heart,” she said. That day, when all the children played in the park, Azul just stared at his butterfly. He wondered, “I can play with my fingers because I can move them. I can touch the piano keys. How can I play with my heart? I can’t even see my heart.” For the first time, in a long time, Azul went to bed without playing the piano. The night before his performance, he did not practice because he did not know how to play with his heart! When Azul woke up, he looked for the butterfly sticker. Oh no! The sticker was gone too! Now Azul was nervous. Really nervous… He tried playing the piano, but his fingers would just not move! However, that did not stop the clock from ticking. the clock from ticking. Soon it was performance time. The piano was in the middle of a round stage, surrounded by rows of people. Azul walked onto the stage, sat on the piano bench and closed his eyes for a second. Remembering Vicki’s words, he thought of the butterfly. In the quiet of the auditorium, Azul heard the flutter of wings. A butterfly sat on his shoulder and started to hum a tune. His fingers began to move by themselves. His heart began to play the butterfly’s song.

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  • enkidu360 says:


  • bookboxinc says:

    Thanks for your comment. We are transferring to the proper department for evaluation.

  • smartengineer24 says:

    -at 0:44 كان يذهب ازول..و يتمرن
    – لكن .. تكتب بهذه الطريقة وليس لاكن
    -2:30 ًتذكر هذه الفراشة
    – بحث عن اللصاقة
    – متذكرا كلماتِ

    مع الشكر

  • Nguyễn Duy Anh says:

    Why haven't you translated more and more clips in Aracbic??? I really need them. Coz I'm studying Arabic and i wanna improve my skill listening with your clips.

  • bookboxinc says:

    We are in the process of translating more stories into Arabic, so stay in touch. You can subscribe to our channel to be updated when we post more stories. Please also share with friends and family so that they might learn any of the 30 languages we have to offer 🙂

  • Xdangful says:

    There is series and movies in arabic u can listen to improve your arabic , i will send u a message with links

  • RandomPower says:

    can you send me too, please 🙂

  • bookboxinc says:

    Hi Duy.

    We are in the process of translating the stories we have. Take care 🙂

  • Omar Othman says:

    I am a native Arabic speaker and I'm willing to participate in verifying all the subtitles in Arabic. There are too many mistakes. Also, please change this narrator because she is most probably not a native speaker, she pronounces some letters in a silly way and falls in some grammatical mistakes while narrating.

  • bookboxinc says:

    Hi Omar,

    We will be very interested in your participation with BookBox. PLease write to us at this email "[email protected]" and we can take it further from there. Thank you

  • RandomPower says:

    I will buy your products as soon as you CHANGE THE NARRATOR! All my Arab friends say she is probably not a native speaker! They also say she speaks Egyptian dialect! According to me she pronounces some consonants weird! Your concept is great but this narrator makes studying with you impossible. Can you please make sure your next narrator is dialect free! Arabic is not a language ANY native speaker can read, you have to find a real professional!

  • bookboxinc says:


    Your Suggestion is duly noted and we will look into having these stories re-read by a professional. If you know of any person who speaks perfect Arabic and would be interested in working with us please write to us on "[email protected]". Thanks

  • NinaschLupa says:

    Hello, I would be so grateful if you'd send me the link as well! 🙂

  • Random says:

    Thank you very much very helpful,  although would be easier to Arabic with biger font.

  • Random says:

    and a little bit slower as well please.

  • Moamen Nabeel says:

    I love these BUT unfortunately this translation is not accurate. 
    We never say كان مرة instead we say كان يا مكان 
    And we don't say لعب البيانو we say عزف البيانو 
    And saying لاعب بيانو is awfully wrong , this is like saying "Piano Football Player"
    It should be عازف البيانو. 
    Also the narrator is not pronouncing ط correctly, she's making it sound like "T". 

  • SuperCompilator says:

    Hello bookbox, can you please tell me which software you're using from subtitling? Thanks in advance

  • norma bonilla says:

    I love this story and my girls too.

  • ALi Al kassab says:

    >:●( she isnt pronounced this right

  • ALi Al kassab says:

    1: she does not pronounced things right , you say kain ya makain in the biggening of a story. 2: she makes the Tah into a T. And please make the subtitles english, (this is NOT a guy typing this, well my fater is very good in aribic, but im not, im from Canada, My fater is from Lebanon, and he knows a lot of arabic, this is the daughter typing this I know she is not saying this right because when there is a Tah in one of the words, she made a mistake, shes making it into a T………)So this is alll the information I have told, so please get another person to read this stoy, make shure she says this right.

  • ALi Al kassab says:


  • ALi Al kassab says:

    Thank you. +Book Box I love your storys!!!! >:D I think your storys are awesome!!!!!

  • ALi Al kassab says:

    I really like them!!

  • Brury Rosally says:

    الموسيقى هرام

  • H Vlogs says:

    How are you guys sooo good at Arabic?

  • Abdul El-Pasha says:


  • Sara Elkilany says:

    The translation into Arabic is not accurate.

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