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The letter O song | Alphabets Song | ABC Song | Learning Street With Bob Kids TV

The letter O song | Alphabets Song | ABC Song | Learning Street With Bob Kids TV

“Hey kids!” “Guess who’s here!” “yes its me” “Bob” “Join me for Learning Street with Bob” “Oh what a lovely day it is today!” “Oh dear! Oh dear!” “Hello?” “OVER here… ” Ola Bob! I was thinking of bringing my OWL to your class. But he won’t come down from the OLIVE tree. Can you help me?” It’s ok, Ms O. I think the owl is a bit shy. Why don’t we bring him to class another day?” “Hmmm …OK…you’re right. He is a shy guy. Shall we go straight to the class then? I have a lot of things to share with them…” “Outstanding! The kids are over excited to meet you.” “Hey Kids. Let’s give a warm welcome to the ONE and ONLY MS. O!……” “Good morning Miss. O.” “Ola kids. Are you ready to OPEN the door to a new world of learning today?” “ Yessssss!” “So let’s begin. Ms. O, can you tell us some things which ONLY start with the letter O?” Of course Bob. Like my pet Owl Otto…I wish he was here to say hello to you kids. But you see he is shy..” “O!!…” “Oh Otto…I am overjoyed to see you” “Ox” “Oval” “ORANGE ” “And my other favourite pet THE OCTOPUS.” “OOOOOOO…” “That was outstanding Ms. O. Could you go through it once again please? Owl Ox Oval Orange Octopus “Thank you so much Ms. O. Today’s class has been an OCEAN of knowledge.” “Thank you for the OPPORTUNITY Bob.” “Now, Shall we teach the kids how to write the letter O?” “OF COURSE! Let’s do it” “Johnny, shall we begin.” “I’m ready Bob.” “Start at the top and go round, “, in a longish circle.. an oval…. yes. that’s Letter O“ Outstanding! Now wasn’t that easy?” “That was the easiest letter we have written! Can I try it again?” “OF COURSE. Let’s do this again kids.” “I’ll start at the top and go round in a longish circle. .. an oval And that’s letter O!” You kids are outstanding. Thank you ONCE again Bob. This has been no ordinary day You are no ordinary letter either Miss O. ONLY you could have taught the kids letter O so well. To say a special thank you, we would like to sing you a song. OOOOOOH yes! Oh oh oh oh oh oh You have a big and open heart Oh oh oh oh oh oh OOO
You are cool and really smart Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh You are outstanding too
Oh oh oh oh oh oh OOO When you’re around we don’t feel blue Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Take a bow my dear friend O Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh OOO There is only one like you… There is only one like youuuuuuuuu… Oh my, I am OVERWHELMED by these kind words. You are a special ONE, Ms. O. Bye kids We will be back soon to say OLA with another letter of the alphabet. And loads of fun. Good bye kids. I leave ONLY to see you again soon Hey kids, watch the video again. And count the number of words that start with the letter of the alphabet in this episode . Don”t forget to put your answers in the comment section below. “THANK YOU”

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