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The Largest Handwritten Family Tree in the World

The Largest Handwritten Family Tree in the World

(enlightening music) – [Narrator] The River
Ganges in Haridwar, India, is a holy pilgrimage site
for millions of Hindus and is visited by hundreds of
thousands of people each year. (crowd cheering) It’s also home to the largest
handwritten family tree in the world. (enlightening music) For centuries, a sect of
priests known as Pandits have updated and maintained
comprehensive paper records on each visitor. – [Narrator] Each of
the records are sorted by family lineage and
include reports of births, deaths and other important events, many of which span hundreds of years. – [Narrator] While talks
are underway to digitize these records, the Pandits take great care to preserve each delicate
page in hopes of maintaining family histories for generations to come.

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  • VOICE OF HINDU says:

    I love India ❤️❤️

  • shivam sharma says:

    I remember getting mine written in when my grandparents died. I saw the names of 5 generations before me (they had older ones also). I felt really bad after seeing the condition of their house.

  • sujith54 reddy says:

    Only 100's of years??? No 1000's of years??? Yeah forget the religion of piece followers destroying and ransacking more than 95% of our History,Civilization, Knowledge in Hindustan(South Asia) 😢😢😢

  • Jeatherlyy says:

    My great-grandparents doesn’t even know where their parents are and who was before them…

  • SnoopyDoo says:

    Plot twist: Many of the names are duplicates due to reincarnation.

  • Miikhiel Aali says:

    Hm! How very interesting!

  • Loki says:


  • TheBoredEngineer says:

    So amazed how dedicated are they in preserving history…I hope that the records are stored in the best way possible

  • Akatsuki kara says:

    Now , i am going there for sure

  • Anonymous Guy says:

    0:42 he does realise only people with hair do that right?

  • Read Quran 4:27-28 And 13:28 says:

    Interesting. I also have my family tree dating back 1400 years to the prophet Muhammed(saw).

  • Image Kid says:

    "Accidentally drops lighter"

  • Strelitzia Covers says:

    0:41. He does realize he doesn't have hair right?

  • Zain Chupacabra says:

    How do they look up who your ancestors are? Also, is there some sort of a fee or something?

  • Zack_szh says:

    That river is super dirty, trust me.

  • firefist kid says:

    This place is 2-3 hours far from where i live😬

  • Jouxx says:

    0:43 to 0:45 😝🤣 wtf

  • Lee & tHE Machine says:

    Is that the Macondo family from 100 hundred years of solitude?

  • Ventus Nemesis says:

    0:40 puts back hair

  • Appicildio says:

    Damn, how long is that fanfic.

  • Dylan Fernando says:

    Why tf are they worshipping fire

  • Lucifers Infant says:

    Show bob & vegine!

  • Wet Lettuce says:

    might fuck around and throw a match in there

  • Mg Modi says:

    Nice ,, very very impressing ,,it’s happen only in India , Proud

  • Deekshansh Pathak says:

    Oh, man..that older form of Devanagari looks amazing!

  • Nirad802 says:

    river gangs the best gangs

  • amazing_dude says:

    0:42 when you trying to look cool..

  • Natalie Lam says:

    How could they possibly find a name in those gigantic note????

  • rosemariewildflower1 says:

    Being Jamaican seeing this brought tears to my eyes. As the descendant of former slaves, I can only dream of having this kind of information. Sure, I can do one of those ancestry tests and get a questionably accurate idea of where my ancestors came from. However, the lost ability to attach names to my genealogy (past my great grandparents) is irreplaceable.

  • Kier Arque says:

    You can also search for Salt Lake Granite Mountain.

  • Tsetsi says:

    So who are they recording?

  • kristeen Chaston says:

    They shouldn’t have been writing on leaves 200 years ago. We had scrolls in the BC era.

  • RK FARDIN says:


  • Tony Bobay says:

    Tippmann Family has a book written about our American ancestory. My grandma was the oldest of 18 children who each had an average of 9, so the law of exponential return is on our side. We're still only in the ~1000 of second cousins range, but being one of the largest families in American history, we may be there in a few years.

  • hiddenoyster says:

    0:41 you see him touch his hear when he dousnt even have it xd

  • Skycar Aviation says:

    Paper cuts, damn

  • Sidhant Garg says:

    I've went there. They do have records of every male member of the family. Records of female members may or may not be there.

  • WoN blaCk says:

    thier videos was kinda amazing😍

  • Austin Dinh says:

    0:42 bruh he don’t got no hair

  • lala sinaga says:


  • Jon Snow says:

    This is indeed true. I have been told by my mother that the last 22-26 generations of our family have it's record here. These records are made not just in Haridwar but in other most holiest places as well .

  • Mr Roy 18 says:

    Its6 true..

  • Mr Roy 18 says:

    My grandfather , his grandfather,his grandfather, …..,….kéep going…. All anchester visited that place

  • Woshi Fatpig says:

    And now is my turn to end it 🙂

  • *insert witty username* says:

    I have a record of my family tree as well… 🙂

  • Sown Intergral says:

    I found out that I am related to one of the main head ministers of the pala dynasty of Bengal 😎😎😎 and we were huge landlords in 1700s and 1800s and early 1900s but someone betrayed us and we became poor for about 70 yrs. We actually are from Jessore. (Present Day Bangladesh).

  • Hamburger Man says:

    Imagine if a kid was gonna give the records to a museum and it accidentally fell into the water

  • Cakey says:

    I love how the Ganges river is sacred to them yet its one of the most polluted rivers in the world lmao

  • Liliene Alleje says:

    That moment when they documented their entire family tree and you be like not realizing the guy you just had a crush on is your cousin

  • carlo gilbert zamora says:

    India is very rich in culture, tradition and the Hinduism.. but they should also learn to take good care of the Ganges River.. its very polluted

  • Shantanu Deshmukh says:

    Would like to record my ancestors Bob's n vegene comments from Instagram

  • Jafer Last Name says:

    I don't even know the name of my grandfather

  • Albert E says:

    bet they had indoor plumbing back then NOT!

  • Beomtan Unnie says:

    This is so fascinating💖💖💖

  • Mukesh Maheshwari says:

    As similar to this there is also a group named"Jagaa" mainly they maintaines the record of the "Maheshwari" families from more than 1000 years ago … After every 10years they update their data of all families with the profession and business records by roaming all the cities in the India and abroad where the Maheshwaris are fragmented…

  • The Computer says:

    Too bad the river is dirty as hell.

  • I am a Homo sapien says:

    Bruh props to these guys for spending so much time putting down these records, and preserving them.

  • Shah Haleem says:

    Is it really a family though?

  • Sun Light says:

    Probably his Hands would be Sore..

  • megara V. says:

    These titles are so misleading. I thought it was gonna be for one family only. 👎👎👎👎

  • PATU says:

    would be such a shame if someone were to…


  • Darkshadow • 30 years ago says:

    Well, that's is a lot of exam

  • Karen Tanoyo says:

    I cant go farther than my great-great grandparents

  • bleh bleh says:

    Imagine if there would be a fire there and then everything they wrote would just burn to flames

  • Apoorva Swamy says:

    I love my india 😊

  • Benazir Fernandes says:

    i am indian

  • Alex says:

    Nice try NSA

  • Darth WarMac88 says:

    Wow, so cool!

  • zanza kuro says:

    Anyone who is born in india but not listed in one of these books is possibly a bastard

  • cattleNhay (aka Eggman) says:

    Mine goes back to about 1550..myself and my ancestors were not filthy public poopers though: we were poor Swiss farmers.

  • Smakk Makk says:

    I have a family bible and the way a family bible works is it will have a bible at the beginning and at the end you have a catalog for writing down your family tree and it goes back to Joanna zachow my great great great great great grandmother she was born in the late 1700s

  • FinHazel says:

    how long is t-series' dic family tree

  • mad Rascal says:

    My name is also written there . When my grand father died

  • Game Pirate says:

    If the time comes to digitize these records, I'd gladly help without second thought!

  • Sebastian Perez says:

    Me: Huh who can beats our 161 people in the family tree
    Also me: ;-;

  • Tony Toons says:

    In my city we even don't have trees.

  • Daddy Squidward says:

    The only family members I know is no one. I have no family.

  • ethan teo says:

    T GAY

  • Jasper/Miles/Walter says:


  • HOBBIT cadillac says:

    bhoj patra is older than paper

  • R M says:

    For the love of god… digitize them. All records get destroyed, its not a matter of if but when.

  • Jam says:

    This is super cool, but I really hope they manage to digitalise it simply because if one thing goes wrong the whole thing is lost

  • general cupcakes says:

    Damn i can only trace my family tree 50 years back

  • Murari mandal says:

    Incrible india…!!!!

  • stupid fat fuck says:

    0:44 he doesn't even have hair 💀💀

  • Outlaw says:

    Lol I don't even know my grandpa's name

  • Alex Sunderland says:


  • Pato Swag says:


  • Cheeki Breeki says:

    A family tree that long makes Alabama look like a joke.

  • Ricky Cheng says:

    Hell naw I ain’t going in that dirty ass water

  • Anonym User2 says:

    In Alabama their Family tree is a circle.

  • Darksolstice 17 says:

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  • Deepak Karkera says:

    This for arrange marriage purposes..

  • Jethro Sutherland-Stephenson says:

    नमस्कार, मेरा नाम "जेथ्रो सदरलैंड-स्टीफेंसन" [“Jethro Sutherland-Stephenson”] (जन्म 1992), का बेटा "एंड्रयू सदरलैंड" [“Andrew Sutherland”] (जन्म 1961) और "देबोराह स्टीफेंसन" [“Deborah Stephenson”] (जन्म 1967 – मृत्यु 2017), का और 2018 से मैंने अपने प्यारे भारतीय पति से शादी की है "सुधीर शर्मा सदरलैंड-स्टीफेंसन" [“Sudhir Sharma Sutherland-Stephenson”] (जन्म 1996).

    2008 के बाद से मैं अपने वंश पर शोध कर रहा हूं वर्तमान वर्ष (2019) तक,

    मेरे पति सुधीर का पालन-पोषण हरियाणा के उत्तर भारतीय राज्य में हुआ था, एक हिंदू के रूप में "ब्राह्मण" जाति में और मैं उम्मीद कर रहा था कि हरिद्वार में ब्राह्मण पुजारी (पंडित) मेरे पति की वंशावली का दस्तावेजीकरण कर सकते हैं!

    जैसा कि मेरे पति और मैं पश्चिमी सिडनी में रहते हैं, ऑस्ट्रेलियाई राज्य न्यू साउथ वेल्स में, हम अपने पति के वंश पर स्क्रॉल के लिए पंडित की तलाश करने के लिए खुद हरिद्वार की यात्रा करने में असमर्थ हैं, लेकिन मैं विशिष्ट स्क्रॉल खोजने के लिए जानता हूं , जाति, गोत्र तथा गांवों की जरूरत है

    मैं इस जानकारी को इस उम्मीद में साझा कर रहा हूं कि कोई पंडित की तलाश कर सकता है और जो जानकारी मैं चाह रहा हूं उसे आगे भेज सकता हूं, ताकि मैं इसे अपने पति के लिए एक परिवार के पेड़ बना सकूं [Family Tree]

    यह मेरे पति की पैतृक जानकारी है जो वर्तमान में मेरे पास है:

    – मेरे पति "सुधीर शर्मा सदरलैंड-स्टीफेंसन" [“Sudhir Sharma Sutherland-Stephenson] की जाति "ब्राह्मण" है और उनका गोत्र "भारद्वाज सांडोलिया" है; उनका जन्म 1996 में उत्तर भारतीय राज्य हरियाणा के करनाल शहर के पास उचाना गाँव में हुआ था; "लक्ष्मी नारायण शर्मा" [“Laxmi Narayan Sharma”] और "संतोष शर्मा, देवी" [“Santosh Sharma, Devi”] का बेटा

    – मेरे ससुर "लक्ष्मी नारायण शर्मा" [“Laxmi Narayan Sharma”] की जाति "ब्राह्मण" है और उनका गोत्र "भारद्वाज सांडोलिया" है; उनका जन्म 1966 में उत्तर भारतीय राज्य हरियाणा के करनाल शहर के पास उचाना गाँव में हुआ था; "अमरनाथ शर्मा" [“Amarnath Sharma”] और "भर्तो शर्मा, देवी" [“Bharto Sharma, Devi”] के पुत्र

    – मेरी सास "संतोष शर्मा, देवी" [“Santosh Sharma, Devi”] की जाति "ब्राह्मण" है और उनका गोत्र "पराशर" है; उनका जन्म 1966, 1967, 1971 या 1974, आदि में हुआ था – रिकॉर्ड के आधार पर, उत्तर भारतीय राज्य हरियाणा के करनाल शहर के पास, चोचरा गाँव में; "लखी राम शर्मा" [“Lakhi Ram Sharma”] और "भोटी शर्मा, देवी" [“Bhoti Sharma, Devi”] की बेटी

    – मेरे दादाजी "अमरनाथ शर्मा" [“Amarnath Sharma”] की जाति "ब्राह्मण" है और उनका गोत्र "भार द्वाज सांडोलिया" है; उनका जन्म उत्तर भारत के हरियाणा राज्य के करनाल शहर के पास उचाना गाँव में हुआ था; "सरदा राम शर्मा" [“Sarda Ram Sharma”] या "अन्ता राम शर्मा" [“Anta Ram Sharma”] के पुत्र और ??? (उसकी पत्नी)

    – मेरी दादी "भरतो शर्मा, देवी" [“Bharto Sharma, Devi”] की जाति "ब्राह्मण" है और उनका गोत्र "बिलास" है उनका जन्म उत्तर भारतीय राज्य हरियाणा के पबाना गाँव में हुआ था; "रामानंद शर्मा" [“Ramanand Sharma”] और "बिलो शर्मा, देवी" [“Bilo Sharma, Devi”] की बेटी

    – मेरे नाना"लखी राम शर्मा" [“Lakhi Ram Sharma”] की जाति "ब्राह्मण" है और उनका गोत्र "पराशर" है; उनका जन्म उत्तर भारतीय राज्य हरियाणा के करनाल शहर के पास चोचरा गाँव में हुआ था; "मोलू राम शर्मा" [“Molu Ram Sharma”] का बेटा और ??? (उनकी पहली पत्नी, "सुनहरी" [“Sunhri”] से शादी करने से पहले)

    – मेरी दादी " भोति शर्मा, देवी" [“Bhoti Sharma, Devi”] की जाति "ब्राह्मण" है और उनका गोत्र "???" है; उनका जन्म उत्तर भारत के हरियाणा राज्य के गांव गोली में हुआ था; "अबना राम शर्मा" [“Abnna Ram Sharma”] या "आभा शर्मा" [“Aba Sharma”] की बेटी और ???? (उसकी पत्नी)

    कृपया मेरे YouTube चैनल "जेथ्रो सदरलैंड-स्टीफेंसन" [“Jethro Sutherland-Stephenson”] को SUBSCRIBE करें और हमें जानने के लिए वीडियो देखें अधिक!

  • Deus Volk says:

    Must be nice to have a strong racial culture that can be traced back hundreds of years. Thankfully we western white people don’t have that. That would be racist.

  • Jad the Magnificent says:

    Truly amazing!

  • Thracian Princess says:

    Har Har Mahadev!

  • Ghastly Ghandi says:

    Yea! India, represent!!!

  • CONSTANTIN says:

    "A sect of priests known as pundits." She really needs an education!

  • Kit Arvin says:

    Chinese also has similar tradition.

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