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The Furry Alphabet (w/ Bolt Mutt)

The Furry Alphabet (w/ Bolt Mutt)

Bolt: I look like a sloppy mess, but whatever. *Boing* Bolt: Hey, you guys, What’s up Bolt: My name is Bolt Bolt: And today, me and my friend Majira Bolt: Mahooba Bolt: Mjagina Bolt: Majaruana Bolt: Mag.. Mag… Mag Bolt: Magnumite Bolt: Today we’re going to be doing the Furry Alphabet Bolt: Because… Bolt: I dunno Bolt: Its part of his Christmas Sh*t Bolt: I forget the name Bolt: But also, many of you know me as Bolt Mutt Bolt: Like Bolt like Bolt Bolt: Bolt, that’s me Bolt: I’m f*cking tired Bolt: Okay, so you know how the Alphabet goes… Bolt: So we don’t gotta… Bolt: ..Well if you dont… Bolt: Sh*t, I mean *Majira Intermission* Majira: That was a cute try, Bolt Majira: But lets leave the Intro’s to the Professionals Majira: Hi everyone, its Majira Majira: And I am joined by my friend, Bolt Mutt Majira: And today we are doing something called: Majira: The Furry alphabet Majira: We came up with a furry term Majira: That goes with every letter of the alphabet Majira: And were going to just like kinda describe to you what those letters are Majira: And what those terms mean. Majira: So lets get started! Majira: Awoooooooooooooo Majira: Awoooo is kinda like that noise that Majira: Annoying Furries make when… Majira: They’re at conventions and.. Majira: They wont shut up Bolt: BOOP Bolt: Yeah like… *Boop* *Boop* *Boop* Bolt: Boop is like the sound that Bolt: Like you hear when you touch something Bolt: with your Nose! Bolt: I mean well it like it Bolt: It dont got to be your nose, it can Bolt: be like your Paw or your… Bolt: …Your tounge or something Bolt: I dunno anyway.. Bolt: Just y’know go like *Boop* *Boop* Majira: Cuddle! Majira: Cuddle is when you Majira: Hold somebody else Majira: Really tight and.. Majira: its fun… Majira: …and Fluffy Bolt: Digigrade Bolt: So digigrade is those Bolt: fursuits that have the really.. Bolt: ..the really curvy legs Bolt: y’know Bolt: I dont know how else to explain it. Bolt: So usually full suits… Bolt: Its like the padding.. Bolt: ..In the legs. Bolt: Y’know like the *Burp* Majira: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Majira: This is kinda just like an excited.. Majira: Thing that Furries use. Majira: On twitter and stuff, they like.. Majira: They’re really excited so they will.. Majira: express their excitement with Majira: this letter over and over and over again. Majira: I don’t really get it but, y’know Bolt: Furpile! Bolt: A furpile is essential just like a bunch of furries just like.. Bolt: on top of each other Bolt: I mean not in that type of way.. Bolt: Like, y’know Bolt: When you *dead* Majira: Greymuzzle Majira: So a greymuzzle is just uhh… an older furry Majira: Yeah thats about it… Bolt: Hiiiiiiiii :3 Bolt: Hi is like… Bolt: Hey, like.. Bolt: Hello but.. Bolt: You have to have more than five ‘I’s Bolt: You can be like: Bolt: Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Bolt: So like uh, Bolt: Elongated sentance Bolt: Its like a sentence made out of one word like: Bolt: Hiiiiiiii Bolt: Y’know Majira: Inanimorph Majira: So ‘I’ was kinda a hard letter so we just went with this one. Majira: So what this is, is kinda like furries actually Majira: But a little different. Majira: Is giving anthropomorphic traits to inanimate objects instead of to animals Bolt: J, Uhh Bolt: F*ck, I dunno [How about JayNaylor ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )] Bolt: Only thing that comes to mind is: Bolt: That’s a fursuit creator.. Bolt: Y’know with a nice butt Bolt: That’s Jill Costumes! Bolt: I guess… Bolt: Go check out Jill Costimues *laughs at the end* Bolt: #sponsored but not sponsored Majira: Kitsune! Majira: I don’t know if I pronounced that right.. Majira: But it’s the Japanese word for Fox. Majira: And alot of furries use when they really want to sound Supercute and stuff [also is a furry music artist on Lapfox Trax] Bolt: Lifestyler! Bolt: A lifestyler is someone who.. Bolt: Hurts the furry fandom in their everyday life Bolt: Y’know what I mean, like: Bolt: They wake up and they’re like: Bolt: Furries, they go to the supermarket with their fursuit on.. Bolt: They go like… Bolt: They go like… their wedding Bolt: FurryKO’s Majira: Murr~ Majira: Murr is kinda just like a sound Majira: That furries make when their like: Majira: Like y’know Majira: Feeling a little frisky 😉 Majira: like if someone says something Majira: and then you’re like ‘Oh that’s kinda hot’ Majira: You’re just kinda like, Ohh Murr~ Majira: That’s kinda cringy Majira: Oh god.. Bolt: A Nuzzle! Bolt: A nuzzle is like Bolt: Y’know what a f*cking nuzzle is, its like.. Bolt: Nuzzle into someone or something Bolt: Y’know you got to kinda like nuzzle into the… Bolt: Y’know its the.. Bolt: So cute, Ahhhhhh Majira: OwO Majira: What’s this… Bolt: Pawing! [oh pls no] Bolt: Like Pawing off… Bolt: I.. I didn’t want to say this one.. Bolt: Pawing… *Mental Breakdown* Majira: Queen! Majira: So this isn’t really a furry term.. Majira: I mean its just like.. Majira: If you’re like “Hey Queen, What’s up?” Majira: Like it just seems like.. Majira: Their like the Queen. Majira: Y’know, they’re royalty.. Majira: Duh Bolt: RAWR! Bolt: Like.. Bolt: lol, xD, Rawr Bolt: Rawr means I love you in dinosaur [era the t-rex reference] Bolt: LOL, Eksdee Bolt: Eksthree Bolt: 333333 Bolt: RAWR! Bolt: RAWR! Bolt: RAWR! Bolt: Oh F*ck Majira: Scritch. Majira: So don’t do this to people, It ruins fursuits.. Majira: DONT. SCRITCH. FURSUITERS. Majira: Scritching is like when you just scratch Majira: Like the ear or whatever.. Majira: I’ve seen peoples fursuit’s literally get destroyed from doing this.. Majira: Soooooo don’t do that K Thanks. Majira: Byeee Bolt: Tail! Bolt: Y’know what a tail is.. Bolt: whether you have a curly tail or Bolt: or like a long tail or Bolt: like a.. Bolt: spiked tail or like a.. Bolt: a lobster tail Bolt: You got a tail.. Bolt: If you got nubs or like a stub.. Bolt: But a tail, just.. Bolt: Y’know what a tail is.. Bolt: The little thing in the bottom or the top of your back but.. Bolt: Thing.. Majira: Ursine.. Majira: I…. Majira: I know I pronounced it wrong… Majira: I dunno, but Majira: It’s a scientific name for a bear. Majira: I used Google to make alot of these… Majira: I am sorry.. Bolt: V stands for.. Bolt: I don’t have a V so.. Bolt: Vore Bolt: lets go with Vore! Bolt: V stands for Vore.. Bolt: Consuuume… Majira: Wags.. Majira: So wagging is just like when you move your tail Majira: back and forth really fast.. Majira: You can do it when you’re really excited, or Majira: you can do it if your just wanna wag your tail like Y’know. Live your dream.. Bolt: x3 Bolt: lol, eksthree Bolt: Its like xD but like a cat face.. Bolt: So like x3 Bolt: I dunno its just a f*cking emoticon Y’know Bolt: like with your face.. Bolt: and your typing and whatever.. Bolt: just like x3 Majira: Yiff… Majira: You’ll know what Yiff is while your watching this video.. Bolt: Zootopia Bolt: Let me see if I can find my Zootopia.. *groan* Bolt: Zootopia.. Bolt: Zootopia is a furry movie.. Bolt: Yeah this guy, Nick.. Nick Wilde Bolt: F*ck Bolt: Nick come back.. Bolt: Yeah, you got Nick Wilde.. Bolt: which is me, I am Nick Wilde.. Bolt: Back to Vore. Bolt: Zootopia actually broke the furry fandom.. Bolt: Okay? Bolt: It like broke the fandom… Majira: Okay, so that’s about it for the Furry Alphabet.. Majira: I know this is kinda weird and different Bolt: But I thought it would be really fun to do.. Bolt: aand Thank You Bolt Mutt for being in it Bolt: Make sure to check out Bolt Mutt’s channel. Bolt: Go comment and Subscribe Bolt: To.. t.. Majira Bolt: and I Bolt: I am Bolt Mutt.. Majira: I’ll see you guys tomorrow! Majira: Byeee. English CC’s by CHACKAL ( Bolt: Ha, this is so awkward… Bolt: Cause I’m probably going to send this to Kyle, unedited. Bolt: So… Bolt: You’re going to get to see how f*cking awkward I am recording on a seat…

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